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Apple Fritters

Here’s a delicious fall breakfast recipe: Apple Fritters Fall means one of two things for me? Either pumpkin or peaches start to take over my k ...
30-09-2015 21:32

Join Chef Cat Cora at Macy’s in Union Square!

Disclosure:This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency; as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. For my readers in the San Francisc ...
30-09-2015 21:34

BLT Fried Rice Recipe

Fried rice ? is there anything better" I love how you can take innocent, singular ingredients and turn them into so much more. It’s funny how much ...
30-09-2015 21:33

My natural skin care

In my twenties, I got some great advice on skin care: Never use soap. *Gasp!* If you?re like I was then, this may come as quite a shock. But the truth ...
30-09-2015 21:36

Feast Portland 2015 ? Night Market

One of the absolute highlights of Feast Portland is the Night Market event. An evening of small bites inspired by Night Markets from around the world ...
30-09-2015 21:36

Italian Wedding Soup

It’s funny how some things come about. For example this recipe stemmed from a conversation I had with some of our neighbors. We got on the topic of ...
30-09-2015 21:33

Gluten Free Apple Crescent Rolls Recipe

It’s the time of year when all the apple recipes come out, and this gluten free apple crescent roll recipe is a perfect addition to your autumn reci ...
30-09-2015 21:36

Squash Blossom & Walnut Pesto Pasta Salad

Squash blossom & walnut pesto pasta salad can be served warm or cold. I shave in baby summer squash for a little crunch. Add some warm rendered pancet ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Pig Roast Sides: Dragon Lingerie Succotash & Hot Bacon V

Listen you weirdos, ‘Dragon Lingerie’ is a type of bean okay" It’s not lacy sleepwear for winged fire-breathing vixens…. Dragon Lingerie Succ ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Which Spunky Coconut Baking Mix Do You Want First"

// one scoop of mix, throw in some ghee or coconut oil and a little bit of honey, mix it up, pop them in the oven for 15 minutes, and boom! Done! An ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Snickerdoodle – Cinnamon Sugar Cookie goodness

Our popular snickerdoodle cookie recipe from 2009 has a new video and photo update. It’s soft, chewy and slightly crispy on the edges. You might ju ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Dining and Drinking: 48 Hours in… Los Angeles

First, you head north past Los Angeles\' Hasidic Jewish neighborhood and onto the posh boutique-lined Beverly Boulevard for a bite at Petty Cash, an u ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Smashed Parsnips and Rutabaga with Bay Leaf Olive Oil

Every time I buy either parsnips or rutabagas at the store, without fail, some one always asks me what do with them. Sunchokes too. No one seems to kn ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Cookie Dough Fudge

I posted a question on Instagram last night, and here is what you asked for, Cookie Dough Fudge! I’m sharing this recipe with permissionfrom Clea ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

Chocolate Banana Bread photo Stu Spivack Ingredients: 1 Little Aussie Bakery Chocolate Cake Mix (get it at select H-E-Bs or order online) ?cup dai ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Daily Blender Exclusive: Restaurateur and Agritopia Founder,

I was too hungry to notice when Joe Johnston walked through the door of Joe?s Farm Grill. It was later in the morning than I usually ate breakfast, an ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Berrylicious Jam Jar Cobblers

Jam jar cobblers are a fun farm-to-table dessert! I make these with ...
29-09-2015 21:39

French Potato Salad

I have been making this French Potato Salad since the 4th of July. The recipe came about after having a friend’s version over the long weekend. It ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Roast Pork Loin with Prickly Pear Glaze

Any excuse to use my last name in a recipe ? and ‘Glaze’ really is my last name! As mentioned in my last post on nopales I am having a fun time ex ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Super Bowl Spareribs with Guajillo BBQ Sauce

Yes, over half the country is experiencing record freezing weather, while we spoiled Californians are lying out on roof decks sun tanning and enjoying ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Mushroom Risotto

Even without the addition oftraditionaloil, butter, cheese, and salt, risotto can be verysatisfying and delicious. This classic Italian rice dish i ...
29-09-2015 21:39
29-09-2015 21:39

Ros Poached Salmon, Lemony Parmesan Cream & Pommes Anna

I missed posting this for Easter ? good thing Mother’s Day is right around the corner! How about ros wine poached salmon infused with herbs and sau ...
29-09-2015 21:39

BELLA Rocket Extract Pro Plus Blender Review & Giveaway

BELLA Rocket Extract Pro Plus Blender($48.99) for a test run last week.Mom loves to make sauces, spices and seasonings from scratch, so the differen ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Fermented Salsa

One of the most important ways to keep your gut healthy and happy is to give it plenty of natural probiotics. When your gut is healthy, the opportun ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Gluten Free Eggroll Recipe

Follow this base gluten free eggroll recipe to make any kind of eggroll you like. It’s way simpler than you might think, and the gluten free wonton ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Jimmy Nardello Peppers with Burrata

I am excited to share some news with everyone. I will be writing and sharing favorite seasonal recipes for Rodale’s Organic Life. For those of you ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Blood Orange & Castelfranco Radicchio Winter Salad

How totally snobby does this salad sound: Cara Cara Blood Orange & Radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco Salad" I would burst out laughing if I saw that ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Chicken Adobo Recipe

Photo credit: Marvin Gapultos, The Adobo Road Cookbook In this Chicken Adobo Recipe, you’ll learn: ClassicFilipino Chicken Adobo recipe from The ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Divvies Dairy-Free Brownie Cookie Sandwich

  I stumbled upon this Cookie Sandwich from Divvies at my local Wegmans, and without a second thought tossed it into the shopping cart. At the time ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Mini Gluten Free Baked Apple Pies

Afraid of trying to handle a gluten free pie crust" Worried your gluten free crust will be tough and overworked" These mini gluten free baked apple pi ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Peanut Butter Oatmeal “No Bake” Bars

Okay, so if you love no-bake cookies, these peanut butter no bake barsare even better than no-bake cookies? because they are even bigger than no-bake ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

These roasted fingerling potatoesare insanely easy to make and are the best side dish. Ever. ?The produce here is gorgeous!? proclaimed my friend Ja ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza Recipe

This pizza takes the ingredients of a Philly cheese steak sandwich and places them on a delicious pizza. The sauce is alfredo and you can use your fav ...
29-09-2015 19:24

Taco Bell Chicken Burrito Recipe

The chicken burrito from taco bell is one of my favorite items on the menu. This is a copycat recipe for the chicken burrito from Taco Bell restaurant ...
29-09-2015 19:24

The Impossible Banana Bread – NO Flour, No Refined Sug

We need to talk about this banana bread? Adapted from my Chocolate Banana Bread, which was the #1 most repinned recipe on my website for the month o ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Sponsored Post: Spiced Rubbed Pork Chop with Maple Blueberry

AJ was incredulous when I told him that I was making pork chops with blueberry sauce. Sure he was excited about pork chops. The man loves a juicy cut ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Tamarind Scented Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Pomegranate &

This is a sensuous soup with earthy flavors that hit all the right spots. Tamarind lends a sweet n’ sour finish to the pured caramelized cauliflowe ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Flaky Pie Crust

“Statistics are to baseball what flaky crust is to Mom’s apple pie” (Harry Reasoner) Call it what you will: pie crust, shortcrust, orpte bris ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Dining and Drinking: 48 Hours in… Austin

For this round of "48 Hours in...", I asked my friend, and locale expert, Evan Strange, to point us in the right direction. Though I originally met Ev ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Shrimp Salad Appetizer

Here’s a pretty pastel appetizer for Easter ? bay shrimp salad with fennel & radish. I use medium size scallop shells to plate this recipe when ser ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Pig Roast Sides: Cowboy Up Cattle Beans

There’s no such thing as a pig roast without a plethora of sides. Lucky for me when I cook at Tunitas Creek Kitchen on Potrero Nuevo Farm I have a s ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Vanilla Toasted Coconut Bars

Dude… it’s been rough times at my house. While Andy and Zoe were in Colorado for a few days I got glutened and I’m still dealing with it. Then ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Oven Roast Zucchini Flowers Stuffed with Bacon, Mushroom &am

When we were first dating way back in 1996, our collective fascination and love for food was intense. Even aside from our busy 6-days-a-week work sch ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Game Day Jalapeo & Shrimp Poppers

For Game Day I’m not so much a ‘wings’ fan as I am an everything-else-fan. Shrimp stuffed jalapeo poppers included! And yes, I realize that thi ...
29-09-2015 21:39

5 Minute Blender Enchilada Sauce

Quick and easy sauce, quick and easy post. I use this sauce or similar variations of it in so many recipes – it’s definitely time for this little ...
29-09-2015 21:36

1979: Giving Thanks & Growing Up in Restaurants

The year is 1979. Musically speaking ‘My Sharona’, ‘Bad Girls’, and ‘Le Freak’ (Chic) are topping the charts. ‘Da Ya Think I?m Sexy’ i ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Mexican Meatloaf from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook

This meatloaf is so good!Ridiculously good. It’s also ridiculous that I took a photo of it, because the photo in the book and all of the other pho ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Gluten Free Halloween Cutout Cookies

Halloween Cookies Bruce Szalwinski Ingredients: cup shortening (we like guar gum 1 tsp salt tsp gluten free baking powder Vanilla icing glaze ...
29-09-2015 21:39

A Taste of Mexico City [SPONSORED]

Mexico City. The heart of a multi-faceted, history-rich country spanning lifetimes. A city so full of life and adventure, from city streets to city ea ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Eating on the Road

Eating on the road while maintaining our usual healthful habits can be a challenge. Toward this I thought I’d share how we ate on a recent camping t ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Christmas Cutout Cookies

Spectrum Organic) 1? cup cup sugar 3 Tbsp light-flavored oil (we use Pomace) 2 tsp vanilla extract 2 cups Little Aussie gluten free flour tsp veget ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Banh Mi Pork Burger

We never pass up the opportunity to make what we think is a kick-ass burger. When Kita, Girl Carnivore extraordinaire, invited us to be part of this ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Green Garlic & Nettle Vichyssoise

Green garlic & nettle are the heralds of Spring! Both are exceptionally mild so don’t let the ‘garlic’ part of the title scare you away. I know ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Turning 40, Letting Go, and Loving Life

This story has been sitting in the field for a few months and needs to get cut off the leash before it composts away in our warm Winter sun and before ...
29-09-2015 21:39

MIXED Conference Ticket Give Away

Wanted to share a very fun event that we will be speaking at in October, it is the MIXED Conference in Houston. Our first MIXED experience was three ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Roasted Beet & Cara Cara Salad with Orange Blossom Vinai

I’ve got to squeeze in the end-of-Winter-citrus recipes before Spring blankets us in sweet peas, strawberries, and rhubarb! Cara Cara & beets salad ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Sticky Sriracha Chicken Wings

Back by popular demand, we made a new video for our original sticky Sriracha chicken wings post in 2009. Enjoy them for game day, every day or when ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Zucchini & Pepita Muffins (Grain Free)

  Day to day, things can get a little chaotic to say the least. Time runs away, mealtimes are sometimes snatched on the run, and before you know it i ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Gluten Free Farmer’s Market Cornbread Casserole

I love hearing from readers who put their own spin on my recipes or share with me totally new creations using my mixes or flour. Recently this reader ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Hami Melon & Avocado Salad

Hami melon is my latest and greatest discovery of the summer. It’s sweet & salty like cantaloup. Crisp & juicy like watermelon. And refreshing and d ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Custom Chef’s Knife Giveaway ($899)

I’ve been using New West Knifeworks knives for the past 7 years. They’re made in the U.S.A. and are of an exceptional quality. Why are their chef ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

We’re on holiday in Perth, peeps!!! Ok, I’m also running five Quirky Cooking seminar classes while I’m here, so I’m working as well, but we ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Gluten Free 7 Layer Magic Bar Cookies (Hello Dollies) Recipe

Maybe you haven’t heard of 7 Layer Magic Bar Cookies" Did your grandma (like mine) call them Hello Dollies" If none of these ringsa bell, then pull ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Refined Sugar Free Chocolate Cake | Vegan, GF Options

Okay, so let?s talk chocolate cake – a luxurious refined sugar free chocolate cake so moist and soft… and all forunder 200 calories per serving! ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Berry Tart with Blueberries, Strawberries and a Crisp Corn C

This easy summer berry tart has juicy blueberries and strawberries wrapped in a free form crisp corn flour crust! I?ve said it before but Summer groc ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Egg and Pepper Roll – Created by my 5-year-old

  This Egg and Pepper Roll was the creation of my 5-year-old. His latest favorite thing to eat is pepper and egg sandwiches, and today he suggested ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Easy Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

When I shared this easy gluten free pumkin bread with a group of dubious tween-agers, I knew I had nothing to worry about. There is something about th ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Flourless Pumpkin Blender Muffins – Vegan & Oil-F

Pumpkin season is in full swing, and these simple vegan pumpkin muffins?just 115 calories each?might become a new favorite! The blender takes care of ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Sponsored Post: New England Inspired Shrimp Summer Rolls

San Francisco is notorious for having a cool summer but when late summer and early fall comes around, so does the heat. When that happens, I try to s ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Pomegranate Swordfish with Romanesco Couscous & Labneh D

I create recipes for five Mediterranean restaurants that are Persian inspired so it only makes sense that our cuisine reflects that influence. The fla ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Gourmesso Bolivia Pura Mezzo & Giveaway

We’re big fans of Gourmesso, the Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules! I had the chance to chat with CEODaniel Buelhoff last week about Gourmesso a ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Olive Oil Zucchini Layer Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Butter

Let’s talk cake. We’ve had some in-depth conversations about some of our favorite desserts and why they always make their way onto our table. Cak ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Quick Spin: Chef Richie Nakano of Hapa Ramen

San Francisco chef Richie Nakano is as widely known for his opinions as he is for his ramen. An online biography describes the cocksure chef as ?the e ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Spring Radish & Snap Pea Salad with Sumac Vinaigrette

Finally Spring is here! Yay for the verdant greens of baby lettuces, peas & asparagus and the popping pinks of radishes & strawberries! Here’s anoth ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Mini Quiche Lorraine Appetizer in Egg Shell Cups

What to do with these gorgeous Tunitas Creek Organic eggs" How to preserve the color and shape without just handing my guests (at our very exclusive p ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Street Tacos Recipe

These are steak tacos just like you can find from a food truck on the street. These tacos include carne asada steak, queso fresco cheese, onion and ci ...
29-09-2015 19:24

Grilled Branzino with Green Harissa

Grilled Branzini stuffed with mint, parsley and lemon Branzini is the plural form of branzino, did you know that" After all these years of cooking ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Pig Roast Sides: Sauted Greens with Pine Nuts

You just need some simple greens at a pig roast amidst all the heavy dishes. Sauted greens from the farm to the frying pan. Jay Jackson Photography ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Our Visit to Primal Pastures

At Primal PAstures, looking out to the Santa Ana Mountains in the west. Hi all!It’s Andrew, Kelly’s husband, here to tell you about our recent vi ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Dining and Drinking: 48 Hours In… Indianapolis

This round of \'48 Hours in...\' was penned by my dear friend, Erin Edds. A fellow entrepreneur, Erin and her husband, Stephen, are the operators of t ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Easy Tortilla-less Soup

It’s been crazy ’round hear. I’vedoing my thing with the kids, then working until midnight every night to get my new book ready to print, AND ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Lemon Ginger Cheesecake Recipe

Ingredients: 2 cups crumbled GF ginger cookies (get them here) cup melted butter 3 cups softened cream cheese 3 teaspoons finely grated lemon rin ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Three Bean Taco Casserole

Not your typical Taco Tuesday post; I know. Actually this recipe goes against all my beliefs of a good taco, which does not typically include all th ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Chili Mac and Cheese

Bursting with chili taste and mac and cheese goodness. This one pan dish can be yours in only 30 minutes. I love a good mac and cheese but sometime ev ...
29-09-2015 21:38

Prickly Pear Margaritas!

This just in: prickly pears are PRICKLY!!! Cactus Pear Margarita with rose & lime…sublime Yes, they are aptly named. Can you believe it" Well I co ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Pecan Pie

If you’ve ever celebrated Thanksgiving outside the United States you know how valuable this pie is. Pecan Pie Pecans are worth more than gold in P ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Crushing On

Do you feel Labor Day weekend is saying good-bye to summer" We don’t have kids, so we do not know the hustle bustle of getting ready for school. O ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Spoonbread! (It’s Gluten Free)

This gluten-free cornmeal souffl is without a doubt the most satisfying creation I’ve feasted upon since giving up all wheat products. I baked one ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Grape, Brie and Arugula Bruschetta to Welcome Fall

The change is in the air, we can feel it. Even with our recent heat wave and surprise dumps of much needed rain showers, the anticipation of Fall is ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Are Nonstick Pans Safe"

As a cooking instructor, I get asked frequently about the safety of nonstick cookware. Users of nonstick pots and pans love them because nothing stick ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Coconut Tres Leches Cake Recipe

This scrumptious treat has been one of the favorites in the cake cabinet since the day we opened. Tiers of fresh baked white cake soaked in coconut mi ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Cooking Classes at Pie Ranch!

Are you interested in cooking organic just-picked produce and preparing local and sustainable meat & fish in a farm setting" NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Come ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Woodzee x Maker?s Mark Collaboration & Woodzee Karlie S

We’re so excited that two “Made in America” brands have collaborated to create something extraordinary! Woodzee, based in California, was found ...
29-09-2015 21:39

High Energy Mango and Macadamia Smoothie

My 16 yr old son is NEVER full these days. He eats a main meal three times a day (plus fruit, nuts, smoothies, eggs, leftovers and whatever else he c ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Gluten Free Potstickers or Dumplings Recipe

Gluten free potstickers or dumplings aren’t likely to be found on your neighborhood Chinese restaurant menu, so let’s make our own! It’s not har ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Healthy Zucchini Recipes – 15 easy and delicious ways

Zucchini is one of my absolute favorite summer vegetables. From appetizers to desserts, there are literally millions of ways you can use this versatil ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Carne Asada Tacos

What a weekend it was, and not necessary in a good way; maybe we are in retrograde. I felt like everything that we had planned fell through at the l ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Budsies Review & Giveaway

Budsies is providing the giveaway prize. There aren’t very many kids’ toys that I find exciting enough to write about. That’s why I’m thrille ...
29-09-2015 21:39

Dairy-Free Lemon Custard Pie

  Dairy-Free Lemon Custard Pie serves 6-8 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 1/2 cup sugar 4 large eggs 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (canned, no ...
29-09-2015 21:39

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