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Derniers Articles Recipes

Fesenjan - Persian Stew

Fesenjan - Persian StewA fabulous Persian stew of pomegranate molasses, walnut and chicken. A truly delicious and fragrant dish and pretty simple to m...
21-02-2018 22:03

Butter Chicken Curry

Butter Chicken CurryA wonderfully rich & fragrant butter chicken curry ? very, very tasty, quick and easy to make!Serves 4Prep time:  5-10 minutesCo...
19-02-2018 22:03

Prawn & Chorizo Rice

Prawn & Chorizo RiceA delicious, quick & easy dish to make!  Chorizo and Prawns are a match made in heaven!Serves 4Preparation time:  10 minutesCook...
10-02-2018 22:01

Vegan Banana Pancakes

Vegan Banana PancakesThese banana pancakes taste absolutely amazing, you would never know that there are no eggs or dairy.  A perfect quick & easy br...
08-02-2018 22:04

Spicy Sausage & Chorizo Penne

Spicy Sausage & Chorizo PenneThis is a very quick and easy to make pasta dish with sausages, chorizo, tomatoes, red wine, chillies & garlic... delicio...
07-02-2018 22:05

Vegan Shawarma Kebab Flatbreads with Pomegranate Tabbouleh

Vegan Shawarma Kebab Flatbreads with Pomegranate TabboulehThis vegan kebab is absolutely bursting with flavour ? it is so delicious!  You must try th...
07-02-2018 22:05

Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie

Chicken, Ham & Leek PieAn absolutely delicious and succulent chicken & ham pie - when you need something warm and comforting after a long day, there?s...
23-01-2018 22:04

Chestnut, Pork, Parmigiano Reggiano & Herb Stuffing

Chestnut, Pork, Parmigiano Reggiano & Herb StuffingA great all-round stuffing made with the ?King of Cheeses?.This stuffing is absolutely delicious an...
14-12-2017 21:58

Parmigiano Reggiano Biscuits

Parmigiano Reggiano BiscuitsThese biscuits made with the King of cheeses are so light and crisp, make lots because they are extremely moreish!  Make ...
07-12-2017 21:56

Cauliflower & Chestnut Gratin with a Parmigiano Reggiano Cre

Cauliflower & Chestnut Gratin with a Parmigiano Reggiano CreamThis decadent cauliflower gratin made with the King of cheeses is the perfect addition t...
29-11-2017 22:01

Goats Milk Yogurt & Oat Savoury Waffles topped with Poached

Goats Milk Yogurt & Oat Savoury Waffles topped with Poached Eggs & Guilt-Free Yogurt HollandaiseAn absolutely delicious way to start the day!Light, Cr...
27-11-2017 21:36

Banana Loaf Cake

Banana Loaf Cake A delicious and moist banana loaf cake with a wonderful banana frosting topping! This is a perfect cake for afternoon tea.Serves 8-1...
25-11-2017 21:32

The BEST Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

The BEST Slow Cooked Beef StroganoffThis is a beautiful melt-in-the mouth dish that tastes better if you cook it a day in advance!Serves 6Prep time: ...
24-11-2017 21:34

Ham & Lentil Soup

Ham & Lentil SoupThe perfect soup for a chilly day, make the day before as it tastes even better the next day!Serves 8-10 servingsPrep time:   15 m...
23-11-2017 21:35

Spaghetti with Green Olive Puttanesca

Spaghetti with Green Olive PuttanescaThis is a wonderfully tasty quick and easy mid-week meal. Chilli, Capers, Anchovies, Olives and Tomatoes - what a...
22-11-2017 21:36

Beef & Ale Casserole with Horseradish & Stilton Dumplings

An extremely simple to make beef and ale casserole which is full of flavour!  The dumplings make this dish... this is a definite must try!Serves 4Pre...
17-11-2017 21:37

Curried Scotch Eggs

The spiced sausage meat is a welcome addition to this classic snack!  They taste absolutely delicious ? maybe the best I?ve ever tasted!Serves 6Prep ...
16-11-2017 21:34

Sausages braised with Cider & Smoky Bacon

A very simple but very delicious dish to make ? pork and cider were made for each other!  This dish is best served with a hearty pile of mash!Serves ...
14-11-2017 21:38

Spiced Red Lentil & Root Vegetable Soup

Spiced Red Lentil & Root Vegetable SoupThis soup is really hearty and filling - perfect for a chilly day!Serves 4Prep time: 10 minutesCooking time: 40...
13-11-2017 21:35

Cheese & Marmite Scones

Cheese & Marmite SconesThe best way to eat these is to warm them up and add lashings of butter.Serves 8-10Prep time:  10 minutesCooking time:  10-12...
11-11-2017 21:33

The Best Chicken Enchiladas

The Best Chicken EnchiladasThese have to be the best chicken enchiladas that I have ever tasted!  They are quite spicy so if you don?t like a dish to...
10-11-2017 21:34

Delicious Penne with Prawns

Delicious Penne¬†with PrawnsWonderful light & delicious penne with prawns, wine, tomato & crŤme fraiche ? a fantastic combination!Serves 4Prep time:¬†...
08-11-2017 21:34

The Best Beef Casserole

The BEST Beef CasseroleA perfect recipe for winter evenings - the magic for me is definitely the red wine!Serves 4Preparation time: 15 minutesCooking...
02-11-2017 21:34

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Thai Green Chicken CurryThis curry is incredibly easy to make and will suit all tastes as you can make it as sweet or as spicy as you want... This Tha...
28-09-2017 21:39

BBQ Belly Pork with Noodles

BBQ Belly Pork with Noodles Try this mouth-watering crispy pork belly & noodle recipe for an easy way to enjoy pork that tastes delicious!   Make su...
18-08-2017 21:32

Plum Drizzle Cake

Plum Drizzle Cake Wow, this is now my new favourite cake!  It is very easy to make and just so scrummy ? it won?t last long.  I made it with plums f...
18-08-2017 21:32

The Best Chicken Tagine

The Best Chicken Tagine This simple chicken tagine is great made a day before and left so the flavours can infuse ? a one-pot wonder! Serves 4 Prep ti...
15-08-2017 21:33

Scotch Eggs with a Pork Crackling Crumb

Scotch Eggs with a Pork Crackling Crumb I have made many Scotch Eggs but by adding Mr Trotter?s Great British Pork Crackling you are adding an extra d...
11-08-2017 21:31

Baked Cod with a Chorizo Crumb served with New Potatoes, Par

This is a simple and quick dish with great flavours!  The chorizo crumb gives the cod another dimension whilst the Parma ham and lemony vegetables c...
11-08-2017 21:31

Seafood & Chorizo Spaghetti

Seafood & Chorizo SpaghettiA wonderfully delicious pasta dish full of flavour & freshness ? my boyfriend?s favourite!Serves 2Preparation time: 10 minu...
08-08-2017 21:48

Skinny Chicken Caesar Salad

Skinny Chicken Caesar Salad This salad is so tasty you won?t realise it is low in fat!   Serves 2 Prep time:  10 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes ...
04-08-2017 21:35

Tuna, Pasta & Pesto Salad

Tuna, Pasta & Pesto SaladThis is a fantastic recipe that is perfect for a summer supper, packed lunch or picnic!  Serves 4Prep time:  10-15 minu...
21-07-2017 21:38

Healthy but Tasty Full English Breakfast

Healthy but Tasty Full English Breakfast An absolutely delicious and healthy alternative to a traditional Full English ? such a tasty dish with a kick...
27-06-2017 21:34

Belly Pork Slices in Barbecue Sauce

Belly Pork in Barbecue Sauce An extremely delicious meaty and juicy dish which is very simple to make. Serves 4 Prep time:¬† 5 minutes Cooking time:¬...
26-06-2017 21:36

The Best Quiche Lorraine Recipe

The Best Quiche LorraineThe key to the perfect quiche is simplicity!  Serves 6Prep time:  20 minutes, plus chilling timeCooking time: 45-50 minut...
09-06-2017 21:35

Stilton, Bacon & Mushroom Quiche

Stilton, Bacon & Mushroom QuicheQuiche always goes down well, delicious served hot or cold. If blue cheese doesn?t take your fancy then you can use ch...
09-06-2017 21:35

Lemon Meringue Tarts

Lemon Meringue Tarts An absolutely delicious dessert ? little bites of heaven! Serves 4 Prep time:  15 minutes plus overnight chilling time Cooking t...
05-06-2017 21:35

Bistro-Style Roast Chicken

Bistro-Style Roast ChickenDark golden crispy skin and tender juicy meat makes this chicken a weekly must.  Serves 4Prep time:  5 minutes Cooking ti...
01-06-2017 21:36

The Best Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

The Best Chicken Tikka MasalaA great British favorite!  If you love curry you will absolutely adore this dish!Serves 4Prep time:  10 minutes (plus 2...
08-05-2017 21:35

Sticky Chocolate Loaf Cake

Sticky Chocolate Loaf CakeA deliciously gooey sticky chocolate cake that stays moist for days!Serves 10-12Preparation time: 20 minutesCooking time: ...
05-05-2017 21:35

Soufflť Baked Potatoes with Cheddar

Soufflť Baked Potatoes with CheddarThis is a deliciously comforting main course or can be served as a side! Serves 4Preparation time:¬†¬†15 minutesCoo...
21-03-2017 21:32

The Best Coq au Vin Recipe

The Best Coq au VinA delicious and rustic French classic!  Red wine, brandy, pancetta, shallots, mushrooms, herbs & a pinch of chilli what a wonderfu...
20-03-2017 21:29

The BEST Cottage Pie

The BEST Cottage PieThis has to be comfort food at its best. A perfect family meal!Serves 6-8Prep time:  20 minutesCooking time: 1 hour 15 minutesIn...
17-03-2017 21:29

Penne Amatriciana

Penne AmatricianaA simple but classic pasta dish with a rich tomato sauce and a good chilli kick!Serves 4Prep time: 15 minutesCooking time: 1 hour 1...
02-02-2017 21:31

Bangers and Mash with Roast Onion & Red Wine Gravy

Bangers and Mash with Roast Onion & Red Wine GravyThis is comfort food at its best! This dish is full of flavour, you will make this time after time.S...
18-05-2016 21:29

Spicy Chorizo Penne

Spicy Chorizo PenneThis is a very quick and easy to make pasta dish with chorizo, tomatoes, ?just add wine*?, chillies & garlic... delicious!Serves 4P...
17-05-2016 21:30

The Ultimate Spaghetti Bolognese

The Ultimate Spaghetti BologneseA delicious rich and slowly simmered sauce, which tastes even better the next day ? if you can wait that long!Serves 4...
06-05-2016 21:56

Chicken, Chorizo & Prawn Jambalaya

Chicken, Chorizo & Prawn JambalayaChicken and rice is always a really satisfying combination - with the addition of a bit of spice, chorizo & prawns i...
04-05-2016 21:30

The Ultimate Chilli Con Carne with Steak & Chorizo

The Ultimate Chilli Con Carne with Steak & ChorizoThis truly is an amazing chilli and is a fantastic dish to serve friends or family for a casual get-...
03-05-2016 21:29

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