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bomb cyclone black sesame cake

When I moved to New York a few summers ago, I did nothing but complain about the incessant heat. Erlend often rolled his eyes at me. "Wait until winte...
16-01-2018 21:57

an accent wall for #casahummingbirdhigh

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I hung up wallpaper in #casahummingbirdhigh some time at the end of last year.I never thought tha...
11-01-2018 21:54

sumac creme caramel

Is everybody settling into the new year okay" Personally, I'm doing okay, just okay. I got hit with a nasty bout of food poisoning right before Ch...
08-01-2018 21:59

#weeknightbaking leftovers vice cream

So... similar to my last recipe for champagne glazed shortbread cookies, today's post was supposed to be a completely different post. I tend to pl...
03-01-2018 21:56

hummingbird high's 2017 review

Can you believe another year has come and gone, just like that" Time for my annual lookback, where I review your favorite recipes and my favorite reci...
31-12-2017 21:54

champagne-glazed chocolate shortbread

Confession time: these were originally going to be champagne s'mores cookies. Chocolate shortbread cookie layers wrapped around a pink, fluffy cha...
27-12-2017 21:59

dulce de leche brownies

Erlend and the cat are finally arriving in Portland this week and I am beyond excited! I've spent the last few months living by myself in #casahum...
18-12-2017 22:12

dark and stormy sugar cookies

This post was done in partnership with Pampered Chef because of their awesome selection of kitchenware. Thank you for supporting Hummingbird High and ...
11-12-2017 21:47

winter botanicals

Can I share a secret with you guys"I don\'t really do the whole Christmas tree thing. There\'s no rational reason and rhyme behind why not. I have no ...
07-12-2017 21:45

a holiday cookie swap with friends!

This post was done in partnership with Pyrex products in my kitchen almost every day. As a special thank you to my readers, ...
04-12-2017 21:49

lemon, black tea, and vanilla bundt cake

This post was done in partnership with Pure Leaf, who sponsored this recipe by providing the tea in this recipe and the compensation to make this post...
29-11-2017 21:49

purple sweet potato pie

Happy Thanksgiving week, y'all!Does everybody have their Thanksgiving menus planned" Or is everybody feeling calm and settled and ready with a gam...
21-11-2017 21:46

a cozy autumn dinner party

This post was done in partnership with Macy's, who sponsored this party by providing the compensation and beautiful wares from their Martha Stewar...
16-11-2017 21:46

hummingbird cake + six years of hummingbird high

Happy sixth birthday to Hummingbird High!Today is my blog's sixth birthday! I still can't figure out if six years counts as a lifetime or is j...
06-11-2017 21:45

matcha cream fruit tart

This post was done in partnership with Pure Leaf, who sponsored this recipe by providing compensation and the tea that I use in this recipe. As always...
01-11-2017 21:50

gingerdead men cookies

This post was sponsored by Crisco® invited me to a "Bake It Better" Bootcamp in New York City, I was initially hesitant because with Patti Paige), so ...
25-10-2017 21:43

apple cider crullers

Last year, when I first moved out to New York to join Erlend, I told myself that we would take advantage of living out on the East Coast. It was close...
11-10-2017 21:49

vietnamese iced coffee cake

Here's a little secret about me: I am not a serious coffee drinker.I'm embarrassed to say that, especially given that I come from one of the m...
04-10-2017 21:49

overnight babka french toast

I often times wish that I could build a city that would take all my favorite parts and elements of all the places I've lived and combine them all ...
27-09-2017 21:52

white chocolate and espresso bean cookies

Today's post will be short and sweet, as I'm still recovering from ...
20-09-2017 21:53

butterscotch blondies

Not to be a major drama queen or anything, but doesn't it feel like the apocalypse is nigh" First there was Charlottesville, and then a series of ...
13-09-2017 21:50

clementine and almond syrup bundt cake

As I'm sure you guys know by now, I'm back in Portland.The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of unpacking boxes, random moving-related erra...
06-09-2017 21:46

blueberry sumac slab pie

I have a question for all you lovely babes: how do you decide which blogs to read"Because real talk: doesn't it seem like there's a lot of con...
30-08-2017 21:42

chocolate chip cookie cake + big news!

Okay friends, I've been keeping secrets from (most of) you. I've hinted in past blog posts that some big life changes were happening, so witho...
23-08-2017 21:44

white chocolate and raspberry sheet cake

One of my favorite things about New York is how, despite the city's enormity, you can take a corner of it and really make it your own. It also hel...
16-08-2017 21:47

black tea and peach creamsicles

This post was done in partnership with Pure Leaf, who sponsored this post by providing compensation and the tea that you see in this post. As always...
09-08-2017 21:48

sour cherry streusel cake

I once spent a summer biking across the country. I did it through a program that raised money for Habitat for Humanity; along with 29 other kids from ...
02-08-2017 21:44

overnight new orleans style iced coffee

This post was done in partnership with Gevalia Coffee, who sponsored this post by providing the compensation and cold brew concentrate ingredients in ...
26-07-2017 21:45

a picnic cheeseboard

Remember ...
19-07-2017 21:46

cherry frangipane tart

I am not a summer person.It's the heat. I hate the humidity, the scorching pavements, and funky smells of the city. While everybody else is having...
12-07-2017 21:43

strawberry and black peppercorn italian cream sodas

Today's post will be short and sweet, mostly because it's summer and I don't want to bake in the 90-degree heat. Plus, my mom was in town ...
05-07-2017 21:40

strawberry yellow cake pudding pops

Popsicle Week is here, just in time for the last week of marbled galaxy surfaces, more. I figured that if he was successfully turning his ice cream ba...
27-06-2017 21:43

pink champagne oreos

When I was in my early twenties, trends came into my life easily. I was all about the latest music, and pretty much attended every worthwhile indie co...
21-06-2017 21:42

30th birthday chocolate cake with lavender ruffle frosting

Today is the big day! I am officially 30 years old. Happy Birthday to me!!!I don't actually have anything wild or crazy planned for the day itself...
16-06-2017 21:45

birthday cake blondies

It's birthday month here on Hummingbird High! I am turning 30 next week and I am celebrating each week with a birthday cake themed baked good. Thi...
07-06-2017 21:44

lisbon and porto food guide

above: view of lisbon from são jorge castleIf you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that Erlend and I recently just got back from a trip to Port...
31-05-2017 21:42

rhubarb mini pot pies

Currently as I write this, I am in Portugal on a train from Porto to Lisbon! The sun is shining, and I am halfway through several books on my Kindle. ...
24-05-2017 21:44

sparkling cucumber basil lemonade

Lemonade.That's how I knew Lily and I were cut from the same cloth. No, not this recipe. But Beyoncé. That Lemonade.Let me backtrack ? I don't...
10-05-2017 21:46

sumac sugar jelly donuts + a mother's day giveaway

PSA: Mother's Day is coming up on May 14th! Are you ready"Truth be told, I always get a little bummed when Mother's Day rolls around. My mom a...
03-05-2017 21:45

pretzel stout cupcakes

Hi, hi, hi!It has been a whirlwind of activity around these parts! A few weekends ago, I got to hang out with all my bestest blogging babes at Cherry ...
27-04-2017 21:42

dinosaur fossil cookies

Do you guys remember what you wanted to be when you grew up"This was something I found myself asking a ton of my friends as I started writing this pos...
19-04-2017 21:42

caramel rum banana bread + dining at eleven madison park

A few weeks ago, I spontaneously bought reservations to Eleven Madison Park.If you're unfamiliar with Eleven Madison Park, here's a quick summ...
12-04-2017 21:50

no-bake peanut butter cookies (vegan + gluten-free)

The other day, while sitting at a coffee shop with a friend, she looked over to my laptop and saw that I was running through my subscription of food b...
05-04-2017 21:38

classic yellow cake with chocolate crème fraîche frosting

Spring is sorta here (despite that weird snowstorm we had a few weeks ago), and it seems that everybody is ready to play! After spending the winter in...
29-03-2017 21:43

chocolate chip cookie sticks

Does it seem like the mood has been kinda gloomy around here lately" First this grumpy post, followed by a failed recipe. Bah! It's time to cheer ...
22-03-2017 21:43

winter break in portland, oregon

above: softserve sundaes from wiz bang barSince we moved away from Portland two years ago, I make it a habit to visit as often as I can. One of the pa...
17-03-2017 21:39

hummingbird low: beef and guinness stout pie

Before we get started on the regular programming, I just wanted to give a shout-out to all the wonderful folks who sent me a response?whether by comme...
14-03-2017 21:38

tahini and halva floss brownies

In the last few weeks, several major food publications and leaders have finally stood up and recognized (what I like to call) their unbearable whitene...
07-03-2017 21:39

the absolute best birthday cake in new york city

The Project Which Will Not Be Named started as a fantasy; something to text my friends about while we exchanged woes about work and the state of the c...
01-03-2017 21:43

crepe expectations

I like New York, but there are days in which a bout of homesickness will hit me hard. Innocuous activities or insignificant landmarks will suddenly re...
22-02-2017 21:40

blood orange curd linzer cookies

Happy Valentine's Day!Does anybody have special Valentine's or Galentine's Day plans" Erlend and I do NOT have any, and I am more than oka...
14-02-2017 21:46

apple and pear mini pies

A few weeks ago, I headed to my friend Erin's apartment to weave these beautiful, herringbone mini pies. She'd posted the photo. I kept trying...
08-02-2017 21:41

shake shack sliders + feast portland 2016 memories

I'm going to Portland in a few short weeks and I am beyond excited! I have my dentist and optometrist appointments all lined up, and I've got ...
01-02-2017 21:42

black tahini morning buns + a kitchen tour

I've been trying to share more of my life outside baking on Instagram, to varying success. You guys don't seem to be as one of these types of ...
25-01-2017 21:39

a banana bread with less sugar

I promised myself I wouldn't overdo it over the holidays, but when I stepped on the scale at the start of January, it quickly became apparent that...
18-01-2017 21:37

dulcey white chocolate macadamia cookies

As the years go on, I'm finding it harder and harder to write about my life here in this space. At first, blog posts used to come easily, and it s...
11-01-2017 22:11

red wine hot chocolate black tap milkshakes

Happy 2017!Does anybody have any resolutions they want to share" I used to be super gung-ho about very specific goals and resolutions, but now I'm...
04-01-2017 21:39

hummingbird high's 2016 review

Can you believe another year has come and gone, just like that" Time for my annual lookback, where I review your favorite recipes and my favorite reci...
30-12-2016 21:41

funfetti buttermilk chess pie + 12 months of #humhipieamonth

Did everybody have a good Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa" Mine was pretty wonderful! On Chrismukkah Eve, Erlend and I saw the new Star Wars movie at the f...
27-12-2016 21:36

overnight eggnog waffles + a holiday brunch

Can I share a little secret" I didn't love New York when I first moved here this summer. The city was a swamp, with funky garbage smells and such ...
22-12-2016 21:37

chocolate truffle cookies with sea salt caramel chips

I've partnered with HERSHEY'S Kitchens Baking Chip adds a burst of delicious, salty caramel flavor to each wonderful bite. Happy Holidays, y&#...
16-12-2016 21:37

yellow cake toast

I have a lot of ideas for my blog, most of which either a) I forget about or b) I don't do anything about because I don't have the time, motiv...
13-12-2016 21:36

three easy vegetable sides for holiday dinners!

I once read an article summarizing a study that found that October was the month in which we would be at our lowest weights. From then on, it would be...
07-12-2016 21:37

sarah kieffer's picture perfect cheesecake

I told Sarah that I would be making her coffee cake.It was the first thing I'd made from her new cookbook, The Vanilla Bean Baking Book. I didn...
02-12-2016 21:40

cake decorating 101

I've partnered with ...
29-11-2016 21:40

pumpkin meringue pie for friendsgiving!

Hi friends! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!Neither Erlend nor myself come from very traditional families, so we usually just spend Thanksgiving with each...
23-11-2016 21:40

maple orange amaranth granola (vegan + gluten-free)

A quick note before I get back to the regular programming: I just wanted to thank everybody who supported my last two posts (about blog burnout and la...
14-11-2016 21:40

this week

On Tuesday night, I watched, in stunned silence, as the unthinkable happened. One by one, slowly but steadily, the electoral map turned a bright, bold...
10-11-2016 21:40

the best red velvet cake + five years of blogging

Today is my blog's fifth birthday, and I can hardly believe it. Five freaking years, indeed!And as per tradition, every year my blog's birthda...
06-11-2016 21:43

weeknight dinner: orange freakin' chicken

Hihihi! Happy Halloween!!!Do you follow me on Twitter" If so, do you know about copycat Panda Express orange chicken recipes and the back of a Trader ...
31-10-2016 21:39

chocolate sugar cookies

I've partnered with HERSHEY to give you guys a quick tour of my pantry and bring you this recipe for chocolate sugar cookies! These chocolate suga...
27-10-2016 21:41

maple pear pie with a cream cheese crust

When I told folks that I was moving to New York City, I usually got two reactions. The first, usually from friends who either lived in New York or had...
24-10-2016 21:40

italian rainbow cookie salad

"Where are you" And why are there hamburger and artichoke stickers everywhere"" "I'm at the Taste Talks awards with Molly! We are drinking ...
19-10-2016 21:39

chocolate pretzel tart

I?ve partnered with HERSHEY to create this intensely bittersweet glazed chocolate ganache tart on a salty, crunchy pretzel crust. Chocolate lovers, th...
12-10-2016 21:39

cream cheese kolaches

Most people assume that I grew up in Portland because I call it home and speak of it so fondly, but here's a fun fact: I actually went to high sch...
05-10-2016 21:47

bacon apple cheddar pie

Wandering around the aisles of supermarkets, it's easy to feel disconnected from your food. The overflowing bins of shiny and uniformly shaped app...
28-09-2016 21:38

weeknight dinner: spaghetti aglio e olio

I came home this Monday exhausted from two weeks of travel in the Pacific Northwest. When I left New York, we hadn't fully decamped from our tempo...
21-09-2016 21:39

mini funfetti donuts

Are you the kind of person who gets motivated or un-motivated after a vacation" I'm a big believer in taking vacations as early and often as possi...
07-09-2016 21:37

potato salad hot dogs

Happy Labor Day Weekend, folks!Summer's nearly over, but my travels are just getting started! Last week, there was a quick trip to Denmark for the...
03-09-2016 21:35


Last week, Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival invited Adrianna of A Cozy Kitchen, Yossy of Apt. 2B Baking Co, and myself to Denmark for a few days to ...
31-08-2016 21:34

watermelon and mint agua fresca

As I write this post, the National Weather Service has issued an "Excessive Heat Warning" for New York state. It's 93 degrees in city. With the hu...
24-08-2016 21:37

rainbow chocolate nonpareil cookies

When I travel somewhere new, the first thing I do is check out a supermarket. I love roaming the aisles to discover new ingredients, snacks, and food ...
17-08-2016 21:35

you're still worthwhile

Last Monday, Saveur announced the finalists for Saveur\'s Best Food Blog Awards, and it seemed like the food blogging world exploded. There was the us...
14-08-2016 21:36

blackberry and passionfruit curd pie

This is going to be a funny thing for me to complain about, but so far, one of the most difficult things about moving here is that there's too muc...
10-08-2016 21:38

lemon drizzle bundt cake

For me, one of the most stressful things about moving is getting to know my new kitchen. We're staying in Erlend's parents' apartment for ...
03-08-2016 21:37

triple chocolate banana cake

I sometimes worry that I've lived out west too long and that my sensibilities will never match the ones here. As I get more settled into a routine...
27-07-2016 21:35

egg yolk chocolate chip cookies

Welp, we did it! This past Monday, we officially signed a lease for a 2 bedroom apartment in a Brooklyn townhouse. I am in LOVE. Although it's no ...
20-07-2016 21:35

passionfruit and blueberry cream tart

Hi hi!I've been in New York for nearly two weeks, and I am ready to make some lists.Things That Are Awesome About Living in New York- The subway s...
13-07-2016 21:35

frankenstein cake

Hello from New York City!I got here last Thursday at 6:30AM, bleary from my red eye flight and dehydrated from a slight bout of food poisoning (from r...
06-07-2016 21:39

american flag pie

By the time you read this, I will have hopefully left San Francisco and arrived in New York City (just in time for 4th of July and Erlend's birthd...
01-07-2016 21:36

candy cap blondies

As my move to New York slowly but surely comes closer, I've been Marie Kondo-ing the SHIT out of my apartment. All my furniture is being sold, any...
23-06-2016 21:37

pineapple and peach pie with a coconut oil crust

Sometimes I get ideas stuck in my head. Song lyrics, cravings, and recipes are the worst offenders. It's an itch that can only be scratched by lis...
21-06-2016 21:38

princess bakery funfetti cake

Hey guys! It's my 29th birthday today! It's scary to me that, although I'm turning 29, I still feel as nomadic and unsettled as I did when...
16-06-2016 21:38

avocado toast, three ways

Now that my days in California are numbered, I'm trying to take advantage of all the sunshine and produce this place has to offer. I think one of ...
08-06-2016 21:39

a long weekend guide to portland, oregon

above: portland rose festival carnivalThe moment my plane touched down in Portland, a smile never left my face. My friend Meredith welcomed me with a ...
05-06-2016 21:33

gianduja chocolate chip cookies

With my move to New York in sight (at the end of this month ? yipppeeee!), I'm starting to be more mindful about what's in the apartment that ...
01-06-2016 21:37

summer fruit pies (and some news!)

This time last year, I was packing up my house and preparing to move from Portland to San Francisco. I was nervous about the move, and wasn't 100%...
25-05-2016 21:40

toasted sesame and sweetened condensed milk bundt cake

Erlend's in town this week and I am beyond stoked. It's easy to stay in touch and feel connected through all our modern technologies, but real...
18-05-2016 21:36

a giant chocolate chip skillet cookie

I'm the kind of person who likes to reread books and rewatch movies and TV shows. I don't really know why. I think I'm just wired this way...
11-05-2016 21:37

mother's day tea party

Hey friends!Mother's Day is this weekend, and I'm here to remind you: BE NICE TO YOUR MOMMA. Send a card, an email, nice flowers, or whatever ...
04-05-2016 21:38

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