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Vegan Jello Shots

Ever since I made my fruity vegan jello, I’ve had it in mind to make vegan jello shots! And now is a great time for this because it’s party seaso...
12-12-2017 21:48

Gingerbread Cake with Orange Frosting

This gingerbread cake with orange frosting is just too good! And it only came about because a reader requested it (so go ahead and request things!). ...
07-12-2017 21:45

Microwave Peanut Butter Fudge (Vegan and Gluten-Free!)

I couldn’t actually believe how well this microwave peanut butter fudge came out! I mean it just seemed too easy. I am such a big fan of fudge, I L...
05-12-2017 21:47

Recipe Round Up – November 2017

Well hello there! Hope you had a lovely November and Thanksgiving and start of the holiday season! We have been loving life as the weather gets warm ...
02-12-2017 21:47

Vegan Coffee Cake with Kahlua Frosting

I just found out a super surprising (to me anyway!) fact about coffee cake. Apparently, folks in America often call something a coffee cake when itâ€...
30-11-2017 21:49

Easy 3-Ingredient Vegan Nutella

When I first thought about making a vegan nutella for the blog, I thought I would do a super simple and quick 2-ingredient version. I had it in mind ...
28-11-2017 19:52

Vegan Pad Thai with Tofu (Gluten-Free)

So one of my favorite things to order at a Thai restaurant is pad thai! If you ask for a veg version with tofu instead of chicken and tell them to le...
25-11-2017 21:44

Easy 5-Ingredient Vegan Pumpkin Fudge

I was so keen on making this pumpkin fudge that I even made my own cashew nut butter to use in it! And it was ultimately delicious! This pumpkin fudg...
21-11-2017 21:47

Vegan Pumpkin Muffins (with Pecans!)

These vegan pumpkin muffins came out just so well. I based the recipe on our vegan pumpkin cupcakes, which also, came out just so well! The main chan...
16-11-2017 21:47

Vegan Pumpkin Soup – 30 Minutes!

This vegan pumpkin soup ticks all the boxes! Its rich, creamy and ultimately satisfying. And best of all, it’s super easy, and ready in 30 minutes ...
14-11-2017 21:52

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin Spice Frosting

So as you can probably tell, we’re big into the pumpkin stuff right now! And since I made a pumpkin cake, I thought why not pumpkin cupcakes too! A...
09-11-2017 21:46

How to make Cashew Butter

Wanna know how to make cashew butter" It’s too easy. 2-ingredients and about 10 or so minutes and you have beautifully creamy homemade cashew butte...
07-11-2017 21:45

Recipe Round Up – October 2017

Hi folks! Happy (belated) Halloween. Hope you had a good time and ate all the candy! I’m in a bit of a fog today as I was up until 2am this morning...
02-11-2017 21:45

Vegan Pumpkin Ice Cream

This pumpkin ice cream is ultra creamy and perfectly textured. It’s smooth, rich, and has just the right amount of pumpkin (and pumpkin spice) flav...
31-10-2017 21:44

Vegan Pumpkin Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting

Ooooh this pumpkin cake you guys! Soooo good. I searched high and low in our small town for some canned pumpkin because when you’re making pumpkin ...
26-10-2017 21:44

Vegan Funfetti Cupcakes

Funfetti cupcakes are cupcakes with sprinkles baked into them. So they’re super pretty and cute and multicolored inside and of course you top them ...
24-10-2017 21:46

Ultra Cheesy Vegan Mac and Cheese

Mmmm mac and cheese! So wonderfully cheesy and hearty and comforting. The perfect comfort food really! And if you thought you had to give that up wit...
19-10-2017 21:47

Easy Thai Pumpkin Curry

In honor of pumpkin season, we are doing ALL the pumpkin recipes right now, and what better way to put pumpkin to good use than a delicious Thai pump...
17-10-2017 21:45

Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I first saw these photographs I said to Jaye: ‘Shouldn’t we redo these pictures" Not because of the photography, but because of the actual s...
12-10-2017 21:49

Vegan Dulce De Leche

This vegan dulce de leche sauce is simply divine. It’s made from coconut cream, coconut milk, brown sugar and a little salt. That’s it! A 4-ingre...
10-10-2017 21:45

Vegan Snickers Bars (Gluten-Free)

These vegan snickers bars have some serious wow factor! In fact I can’t even believe how much they taste like the ‘real thing’. Especially sinc...
05-10-2017 21:43

Recipe Round Up – September 2017

Howdy doody folks! How’s it going" Hopefully better than me! I’ve been sick with some awful chest infection that has had me down for the count! I...
03-10-2017 21:46

Vegan Banana Cream Pie (Irresistibly Good!)

No sooner had we finished making this vegan banana cream pie the other day, and the doorbell rang. It was my sister and her hubby popping by to colle...
28-09-2017 21:49

Cheesy Garlic Vegan Alfredo (30 Minutes)

When researching this recipe, I was trying to find out what pasta alfredo really is! Is it a cream sauce or a butter and cheese sauce" It seems that ...
26-09-2017 21:47

Raw Vegan Pecan Pie (Deliciously Rich!)

When I first thought about making a vegan pecan pie, I had it in mind to do a baked version. But after scouring many recipes online and seeing that w...
21-09-2017 21:50

Vegan Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

Chocolate and peanut butter may be a match made in heaven, but you know what’s also a match made in heaven" Banana and peanut butter! So when I dec...
19-09-2017 21:52

Vegan Almond Butter Cups (3-Ingredients!)

So right after making some homemade almond butter, what do you think sprang immediately to mind" Well, if you guessed vegan almond butter cups then y...
14-09-2017 21:46

Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

OH the double chocolate chocolatey deliciousness is here! Vegan chocolate chocolate chip muffins at your service! Deliciously warm fudgy brownie styl...
13-09-2017 21:50

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Squares

I so love it when recipes are simple. And these vegan peanut butter squares are so perfectly simple. The actual squares are literally just 4-ingredie...
07-09-2017 21:42

Golden Brown and Crispy Vegan Banana Waffles

Put bananas in anything and it’s pretty much guaranteed to make it more delicious! Banana bread anyone" Chocolate chip banana bread" Banana bread m...
05-09-2017 21:47

Recipe Round Up – August 2017

Wow! So we made it! We are once again residents of South Africa aka ‘Home’. And it’s so awesome to be back! But sheesh, last month I was telli...
02-09-2017 21:40

Deliciously Simple Vegan Brownies

Oh wow, these vegan brownies you guys! Fudgy and rich and everything a brownie should be! Topped with vegan whipped cream and drizzled with melted ch...
31-08-2017 21:42

3-Ingredient Chocolate Mint Crunch Cups

If you add crunchy things to chocolate it always makes it even better don’t you think" Rice krispies in chocolate is the best idea ever. Which is w...
29-08-2017 21:44

Vegan Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes

These vegan green tea cupcakes use matcha powder for the green tea part and have the most deliciously subtle flavor. Topped with a green tea frosting...
24-08-2017 21:47

How To Make Almond Butter

If you want to learn how to make almond butter then you’ve come to the right place! And it could not be easier. And the benefits" It can save you q...
22-08-2017 21:47

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats

So who doesn’t love a good dose of rice krispie treats! I know they’re usually made with marshmallows, which quite honestly I’d be down for! Iâ...
17-08-2017 21:45

Vegan Coconut Cream Pie

If you love coconut, then this vegan coconut cream pie is your dream pie! The crust contains dried coconut, the filling contains coconut milk and coc...
15-08-2017 21:45

White Russian Cocktail

I was listening to this excellent Ted talk the other day about how (and why) dieting doesn’t work. And in this video she mentions the four things t...
11-08-2017 21:39

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pancakes

So, in another post recently I was talking about how peanut butter just makes everything better. And really, when I look at these pancakes I just kno...
08-08-2017 21:57

Vegan Peanut Butter Ice Cream (Ultra Creamy)!

My mom made one of our ice creams (I think it was the vanilla) for her non-vegan partner. She doesn’t even have an ice cream machine so instead use...
05-08-2017 21:41

Super Creamy 5-Ingredient Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Whoever invented smoothies should get a medal. Really. Thanks dude/dudette. Smoothies are how you get to drink what tastes like the most delicious mi...
02-08-2017 21:44

Recipe Round Up – July 2017

What a whirlwind you guys! Moving internationally is not for the faint hearted! You know they say (I don’t know who ‘they’ are, but they do say...
30-07-2017 21:45

Vegan Blue Velvet Cake

I love everything about cakes. I love making them, frosting them, decorating them and of course, eating them. But I mostly stick to very, very simple...
27-07-2017 21:44

No-Bake Vegan Banoffee Pie

This vegan banoffee pie is no-bake, raw vegan, super easy and fun! This is what you make when you want to please EVERYONE, it’s gluten-free, refine...
25-07-2017 21:44

Vegan Chocolate Sugar Cookies

When I was getting ready to make these vegan chocolate sugar cookies I went for a casual browse in google images to see what some other chocolate sug...
20-07-2017 21:43

Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

So I love mint, always have, pretty sure I always will. But when I was thinking about making this mint chocolate chip smoothie, I had it in mind to m...
18-07-2017 21:53

Coffee Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream Frosting

Oh wow, these vegan coffee cupcakes with coffee buttercream turned out better than I ever expected! And the color was a surprise! I was expecting the...
13-07-2017 21:48

Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

I’m in love with these vegan blueberry pancakes. They are deliciously light and fluffy yet filling and satisfying! The blueberries add so much flav...
11-07-2017 21:42

Vegan Chocolate Fudge

Ever since I mastered my basic vegan fudge recipe I wanted to make a vegan chocolate fudge. But in the way that fudge likes to make you work hard for...
06-07-2017 21:45

Recipe Round Up – June 2017

I have some big news! We are heading back to South Africa at the beginning of August! I can’t tell you how excited we are! We’ve been away for 10...
03-07-2017 21:43

Vegan Peanut Butter Pie

I’ve made a vegan peanut butter pie before you know. Specifically, it was my vegan chocolate peanut butter oreo pie! And that was a VERY good pie. ...
29-06-2017 21:45

Vegan Banana Cake with Lemon Frosting

So banana cake. It’s similar to banana bread, but not the same. This vegan banana cake with lemon frosting (and walnuts, let’s not forget the wal...
27-06-2017 21:43

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Bars (Bounty Bars)

These vegan chocolate coconut bars are my take on the Bounty bar! Just in case you’ve never had a bounty bar, let me explain! A bounty bar is a can...
22-06-2017 21:43

Vegan Cornbread Muffins

One of my favorite comedy shows ever is a British show called ‘Miranda’. In one episode she bites into a muffin and spits it out immediately, hor...
20-06-2017 21:43

Vegan Chocolate Donuts with Chocolate Glaze

Oh my! I think this is my favorite donut recipe ever! Ever since I made my baked vegan donuts, I wanted to try making some vegan chocolate donuts. An...
15-06-2017 21:48

Vegan Blueberry Waffles

Since we bought our new waffle machine, I have been so keen to make waffles! Like all the time! I told you when I made my classic vegan waffles recip...
13-06-2017 21:43

Vegan Oreo Milkshake

Vanilla ice cream and oreo cookies together, you know it’s going to be good! I knew it when I topped my homemade vanilla ice cream with golden oreo...
08-06-2017 21:39

Spicy Vegan Carrot Soup

This vegan carrot soup is so unbelievably good I almost don’t know the right words to describe it! It’s spicy, it’s creamy, it’s rich, it’s...
06-06-2017 21:43

Recipe Round Up – May 2017

Wow, it’s the beginning of summer today! Which means it’s that time of year where you feel like you are actually going to melt walking the short ...
01-06-2017 21:46

Chocolate Steel Cut Overnight Oats

So ever since hearing about the wonders of overnight oats from my sister, I have been a big fan! And I was wondering if you can get the same awesome ...
30-05-2017 21:43

Vegan Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream Frosting

These vegan lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting and lemon zest are so divine, they are my latest favorite cupcake in the whole entire worl...
25-05-2017 21:46

Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Caramel Tarts

These vegan no-bake chocolate caramel tarts are just pure decadence. I got the recipe idea from a Tasty video I saw on facebook, and thought – hey!...
23-05-2017 21:44

Black Bean and Corn Salad

There’s not much that’s easier than a black bean and corn salad! For starters the main ingredients are black beans, chickpeas and sweet corn. So ...
16-05-2017 21:45

Vegan Thin Mint Cookies

I love mint. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, cupcakes with mint buttercream frosting, mint cream brownie pie, chocolate mint squares, and now – I am...
11-05-2017 21:45

Easy Vegan Falafel Recipe

Since Jaye and I have been living in the Middle East (Dubai) for 9 years now, let me tell you, we’ve eaten a LOT of falafel. One of my favorite thi...
09-05-2017 21:44

Classic Vegan Waffles

I’ve been a big fan of waffles since I was 14 and working in an ice cream parlour. One of the items on the menu was waffles topped with ice cream. ...
04-05-2017 22:05

Kahlua Coffee

A kahlua coffee is basically an Irish coffee with kahlua instead of whiskey. Since kahlua is already coffee flavored it goes fabulously well in coffe...
02-05-2017 21:43

Recipe Round Up – April 2017

Hey there! Welcome to April’s recipe round-up! All the good stuff we posted in April and some extra bits and pieces that have nothing to do with re...
30-04-2017 21:44

Vegan Peanut Brittle

Making peanut brittle is remarkably similar to making honeycomb crunchies! You most definitely need to own a sugar thermometer to get the job done ri...
27-04-2017 21:42

Almond Butter Overnight Oats

My older sister is quite the power woman. She has two young kids and a highly demanding professional career. Really, when I think about how much she ...
25-04-2017 21:47

Vegan Lemon Pie with Ginger Cookie Crust

This vegan lemon pie started out as an idea for a lemon meringue pie. But I must confess to not yet being brave enough to attempt the meringue part. ...
21-04-2017 21:48

Thin-Crust Hawaiian Vegan Pizza

So, pizza is my favorite food. Like ever. For the first 10 years of my life I lived in a tiny little village. There were no restaurants in town. Ther...
18-04-2017 21:41

Vegan Gingersnap Cookies

I’ve long been a fan of gingersnap cookies. I love crunchy cookies, and the level of crunch these ginger cookies need to have is quite apparent fro...
13-04-2017 21:41

How To Make Almond Milk

Knowing how to make almond milk is a great skill to have! And it’s a skill that translates to making pretty much any kind of nut milk you like! Iâ€...
11-04-2017 21:54

Vegan Blueberry Muffins

I’ve been baking for a while now. So maybe I was starting to get a bit full of myself. Who knows. But these vegan blueberry muffins came along to c...
06-04-2017 21:43

Classic Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce

I suddenly realized that we didn’t have a fabulous cashew cheese sauce – that you can use to drizzle over things – on the blog yet! So I had to...
04-04-2017 21:37

Recipe Round Up – March 2017

Howdy doody! Hope things are great with you! Can you believe our blog is 18 months old already" It seems like yesterday that we started! And here we ...
02-04-2017 21:44

Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus

Roasted butternut squash is one of my favorite foods. And hummus is another of my favorite foods. So a roasted butternut squash hummus" Is heaven! Th...
28-03-2017 21:51

The Easiest Vegan Sugar Cookies

You know, I love simple recipes. Whenever I consider any recipe, the first thing I’m thinking of is what ingredients I can remove and how I can sim...
23-03-2017 21:40

Vegan Split Pea Soup

Are you surprised that this vegan split pea soup is yellow" Did you think it should be green" I did! I kind of had the idea that I would have a brigh...
21-03-2017 21:41

Oreo Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting and Oreo Sprinkles

When I first started thinking about making some oreo cupcakes, I wasn’t sure how exactly one would do this. Would you put oreo pieces into your cak...
16-03-2017 21:42

Easy Vegan Raisin Bran Muffins

When I was 16 and working in my first ‘proper’ job at a law firm (yes I did start young!), one of my duties was to run errands for some of the mo...
14-03-2017 21:38

Vegan Peanut Butter Milkshake

Oooooh this peanut butter milkshake is soooo good. It’s actually ridiculous how good it is. Don’t make this unless you’re ready for some seriou...
09-03-2017 21:41

Simple Vegan Oatmeal Cookies

I love the look of these vegan oatmeal cookies. They have such a wholesome vibe! I mean they just look like they’re right out of your grandmothers ...
07-03-2017 21:40

Best of February 2017

Hey there! How are things" Hope you had a good February! I started doing these monthly recipe round-up posts because you might have missed a recipe t...
02-03-2017 21:42

Quinoa Salad with Sesame Soy Dressing

So, quinoa is all the rage because it’s healthy. Even people who prefer not to eat grains love quinoa. Because it’s not a grain, it’s a seed! B...
28-02-2017 21:43

Easy Vegan Banana Bread Muffins

There is nothing that smells better than banana bread when it’s baking! Even if these banana bread muffins were not delicious (but oh wow they are!...
23-02-2017 21:38

Creamy Roasted Garlic Hummus

This roasted garlic hummus is easy, delicious and healthy! Nothing beats hummus when it comes to high protein, high fiber healthiness. With raw veggi...
21-02-2017 21:38

Midnight Blue Velvet Cupcakes

It was about 7pm on a Saturday night. The night before my niece’s 6th birthday. I’d had a busy week and though I had had it in the back of my min...
16-02-2017 21:38

Butternut Squash and Black Bean Vegan Enchiladas

Until I made this fabulous dish of vegan enchiladas I must confess to not really knowing what they were! I thought they were some kind of noodle thin...
14-02-2017 21:46

Caramel-Swirl Cheesecake Ice-Cream

I’ve been wanting to make this vegan cheesecake ice cream for a while now. Ever since I made my salted caramel ice cream in fact. This is because w...
09-02-2017 21:36

Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Don’t you just love the color of this strawberry mango smoothie! I am crazy about it. It’s such a pretty shade of pink. Or is it orange" Somewher...
07-02-2017 21:50

Caramel Fudge Vegan Chocolates

With Valentines Day coming up, it’s the perfect time for some caramel fudge vegan chocolates! It can be difficult (and costly) to get a nice box of...
04-02-2017 21:42

Best of January 2017

Hey! How are you" How’s 2017 treating you so far" Good I hope! How are those New Years Resolutions" I saw this meme on facebook, you know the pictu...
02-02-2017 21:40

Butternut Squash Curry Bowls

These butternut squash curry bowls are a regular dinner favorite for us. They’re filling and richly delicious while being simple and super healthy ...
31-01-2017 21:42

Shortbread and Raisin Chocolate Tiffin

Chocolate tiffin is a fabulous dessert that consists of a base of crushed cookies and raisins surrounded in rich chocolate with a thick topping of me...
26-01-2017 21:42

Vegetable Skewers (Kebabs)

Ooooh these vegetable skewers (or kebabs) are so pretty! I wasn’t sure what to call these, because naming conventions are different from place to p...
24-01-2017 21:39

Vegan Chocolate Cookies

What I love about cookies is that they’re so easy and quick to make. These vegan chocolate cookies bake in 10 minutes! I mean really! So if you’r...
19-01-2017 21:46

Easy Cheesy Kale Chips

Kale chips. Exactly what you need when you want something very healthy that also tastes like delicious junk food. Well… maybe I’m overstretching....
17-01-2017 21:38

3-Ingredient Vegan Caramel Sauce (Raw Vegan)

This vegan caramel sauce is just ridiculous. It’s 3-ingredients, takes just a couple of minutes to make and is not only vegan, it’s raw too! Itâ€...
14-01-2017 21:33

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Caramel Fudge Vegan Chocolates

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