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Grilled Apricot, Yogurt, Honey & Pistachio

I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite iconic brands, Libby’s, last year…and I’m so excited to be continuing our partnership for ...
24-05-2018 22:00

Sweet Beef & Rice Bowl

I am always looking for SOMETHING NEW to feed my family. I swear, I have never made more meals in my life! Toddler meals 24/7 around here. So when I f...
18-05-2018 22:09

Playroom Bath Makeover

As we wait for the arrival of our new little one, I have been in major nesting mode! Actually, Matt has too! One of the things I always had on my to d...
17-05-2018 22:05

Ryan’s Okra Recipe

I have posted about Ryan’s love for stewed okra a few times on my IG story and I am always surprised at the response! I guess this is a strange vegg...
10-05-2018 22:03

Ryan’s 3rd Birthday

I can’t believe I am writing about Ryan’s 3rd birthday! It feels like we just had her 1st Fiesta party!!! Nothing makes me happier than watching ...
07-05-2018 22:05

Nursery vibes.

We are in the final stretch of my pregnancy and are getting sooo excited to bring home our new little girl! We spend lots of time talking about the b...
04-05-2018 21:59

Celebrating Baby #2!

This past weekend my sister threw me the most relaxing and intimate dinner to celebrate our second little one! It was everything I could have ever im...
02-04-2018 22:11

Thai Carrot Soup

Happy New Year! Like most of you I am trying to kick off the new year by eating healthy and taking good care of myself and my family! Making a good so...
02-01-2018 22:03

Ceramics & Bells

I have a new home obsession and thought I would share it with you guys today! It has been awhile since I did any “home” postings…not sure why! M...
05-09-2017 21:35

Lentil Shepard’s Pie

I can feel the change of the season biting at my heels! Fall is on it’s way and I am sooo ready. As much as I love these sunny and warm Summer days,...
22-08-2017 21:38

Mandarin & Beet Salad

I have a major love affair with tangerines and mandarin oranges…always have! I scooped up a huge bag of them at the farmer’s market this past wee...
19-08-2017 21:35

Cookies from Mrs. Thinsters

I am always looking for fun and creative ways to mix up the treats I give my daughter! She is cookie obsessed and sometimes we can go a bit overboard....
20-06-2017 21:35

Thai Kale Crunch Salad

I don’t know about you, but I crave the combination of ginger/ponzu/carrot/sesame on a regular basis! I love the citrus flavor paired with the nutty...
17-06-2017 21:38

Super Yummy Mother’s Day cocktail with Bailey’s!

Most of you already kinda know my philosophy about food…keep it balanced! I try to balance out the occasional naughty indulgences by eating healthy ...
09-05-2017 21:36

Unicorn Fruit Cones

Now that Ryan is two, I am always looking for healthy snacks that have a fun twist to them! She loves bright colors and sugary things- like cookies an...
27-04-2017 21:36

Italian Soup

All this rainy weather has me craving soups BIG TIME! I have to be honest…I have been hard at work on a really exciting new project and just finish...
08-02-2017 21:32

My Wellness Resolution

Happy 2017! I can’t believe the new year is here! I planned to write an “end of the year letter” but between the holidays, family time and a bi...
11-01-2017 22:05

New Years Day: Black Eyed Peas

“Southern tradition holds that the first food to be eaten on New Year’s Day should be black-eyed peas for luck and prosperity — specifically, on...
30-12-2016 21:31

Maple Roasted Roots

I talk a big game about greens all the time, but the truth is, I love a root vegetable! Carrots, turnips, parsnips, rutabagas, beets…gimme!! I alw...
30-12-2016 21:31

Balsamic Blackberry Brie

I am constantly asked about my favorite way to whip up a quick but impressive appetizer, especially around the Holidays, and my go to answer is alwa...
03-12-2016 21:30

Here Come The Holidays

Here come the holidays and I just can’t wait! I have to tell you that I feel a bit guilty that Thanksgiving seems to have just flown by but I am suc...
30-11-2016 21:31

Northern White Bean Soup

All of a sudden Los Angeles is in the dead of Winter and I LOVE it! I am finally bundling up in to my favorite sweaters that only get worn a few time...
30-11-2016 21:31

Southern Style Gravy

Gravy is one of those classic holiday recipes that is a staple for your table but everybody also always has their own way of doing it! We always kep...
25-11-2016 21:33

Turkey Giblets

I thought it might be helpful to show you just exactly what giblets are…the first time I roasted a turkey I didn’t know to take them out and roas...
25-11-2016 21:33

Wet Turkey Brine

Dry brine or wet brine" Everybody’s got their something. Well, turns out" I’m in to BOTH! Last year I shared my favorite DRY TURKEY BRINE plus...
21-11-2016 21:32

Slow Cooker Mac n’ Cheese

When it comes to Thanksgiving/ the Holidays in general, I am always looking for ways to free-up my oven! There are always way too many dishes that req...
21-11-2016 21:32

Nanny’s Dressing

Nanny’s dressing…(which really is more like her Aunt Goggy or even Eulla Bell’s dressing) has been one of our family classics for a very long ...
21-11-2016 21:32


The holidays are my favorite time of year and I couldn’t be happier that they are just around the corner! It is the perfect time to unplug a little,...
15-11-2016 21:34

Brown Sugar, Ginger & Garlic Roasted Chicken

I have had quite a few of you write in to me and ask for an easy solution to preparing a beautiful Thanksgiving meal without making a big huge turkey...
15-11-2016 21:34

Haylie’s Fall Harvest Salad

Is there anything better than a big gorgeous salad with lots of goodies on top" Sometimes that all I really want to eat but don’t think that means...
13-11-2016 21:32

Savory Bread Pudding

Bread pudding" You instantly think of vanilla or bourbon (yup, I have a recipe for that too…you can find it here) but what about a savory bread pud...
11-11-2016 21:34

Haylie’s “Prairie Pie”

If you loved the “Prairie Pie” from tonight’s episode of ‘Haylie’s America’ but you were like “Damn, I need a step by step” don’t yo...
21-10-2016 21:33

Haylie’s “Prairie Pie” Pecorino Crust

So as you guys know…baking is NOT my strong suit. You can imagine my shock when I got the call to rep Ms. Ashwell in this pie competition. I had to ...
21-10-2016 21:33

Holiday “Hot Punch”

Soon I’m kind of in love with this recipe. Our Nanny/ everything in life (Claudia!) taught me how to make this delicious holiday cocktail and I fee...
15-10-2016 21:32

Carrot & Chorizo Pork Tenderloin

I am always looking for new ways to infuse unique flavors in to my family meals and this pork tenderloin has quickly become one of our favorites! Ch...
15-10-2016 21:32

Baked Apple Chips

Apple chips are a great way to give your little ones a little something sweet AND crunchy without giving them junk! These couldn’t be any easier…...
06-10-2016 21:32

Curry Aioli Steak Sandwich with a Charred Jalapeo

Most of my recipes are a “beginning to end” type of thang! But this one is more of a “hey I have leftover steak and want to make a great sandwi...
02-10-2016 21:32

Sparkling Baked Apple Cocktail

According to the rules, it’s FALL, right" Like, we aren’t supposed to wear white and we are supposed to start craving holiday flavors" Well, it...
01-10-2016 21:30

Epic Turkey Sandwich

I am all about BIG flavor when it comes to my choice in sandwiches. I want texture and excitement! Is that too much to ask"" If you are looking for ...
01-10-2016 21:30

Afternoon With Applegate!

In honor of all the kiddos heading back to school (or even heading to school for the first time!), I thought it would be fun to throw a Sandwich Soir...
01-10-2016 21:30

Just chill mama…

Ahhh…September! I can’t believe it is almost halfway over too! What a whirlwind it has been… The premiere of ‘Haylie’s America’ has been ...
20-09-2016 21:30

Short Rib Lentil Stew

As September rolls around, I am instantly ready for Fall!! I love the chilly months and look forward to the change of more than just my wardrobe…th...
19-09-2016 21:30

Haylie’s America Series Premiere!

Last night was so exciting for me…becauuuse I finally got to share my second baby with you guys! ‘Haylie’s America’ has been such a fun n’ ...
10-09-2016 21:30

Stone fruit Sangria

As summer is coming to a close I am trying to find all kinds of ways to enjoy the last of summer?s beautiful bounty. Stone fruits are one of my favo...
04-09-2016 21:28

Cleaning My Act Up…

This post sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive Opinions are my own. I share a lot with you guys…what I cook, eat, parenting issues, favorites find...
01-09-2016 21:29

Open Faced Ice Cream S’more

OK, let’s be real…y’all know me by now…you know I don’t do the dessert thang very often… But when I do, I like to get real down and ...
11-08-2016 21:29

Root Beer Float

This isn’t really a recipe, I guess, It’s more of a celebration of a fantastic classic treat and on NATIONAL ROOT BEER DAY of course! I mean, whe...
08-08-2016 21:29

Herb Compound Butter

Flavored butters are such a treat! They are a really fantastic way to use up herbs that would otherwise go bad…and can be used for so many differen...
08-08-2016 21:29

Ginger Mint Lemonade

I grow a handful of things in my yard…herbs, veggies, figs…but I have an ABUNDANCE of lemons!! I’m always so grateful when out trees put out ba...
03-08-2016 21:30

Chinese Long beans & Eggplant

I first experienced the true joy of Chinese long beans during the filming of season 1 of Real Girl’s Kitchen in Brooklyn. It was at a tiny little ...
01-08-2016 21:29

Chipotle Kale Slaw & Pork Tacos

Sometimes a recipes is so good, it needs to be praised, doted and embellished upon…the slow cooked oven pork shoulder is that recipe…and the toma...
01-08-2016 21:29

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