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What is Sushi Robot"

Sushi is popular all around the world, whether eating at a high-end sushi restaurant or getting takeout from a deli in a grocery store. Sushi is a for...
15-01-2018 21:19

Best Japanese Chef Knife

A good sharp kitchen knife is one thing that everyone needs in their kitchen, whether you are a professional chef at a top-notch restaurant or a home ...
15-12-2017 21:18

The Best Sushi Making Kit

Did you know you can make sushi at home" These sushi making kits will make it a lot easier for you to create the perfect sushi roll at home. There are...
22-11-2017 22:16

The Best Japanese Rice Cooker Guide

You may know by now, but rice is a staple food in Japanese cuisine. The Japanese have very high standards when it comes the rice, since they eat it ev...
21-11-2017 22:19

Best Tamagoyaki Frying Pans

Contents: What is Tamagoyaki" Tamagoyaki Frying Pan How to Make Tamagoyaki Best Tamagoyaki Frying Pans and Tools What is Tamagoyaki" Tamagoyaki litera...
07-11-2017 22:15

Best Donabe Rice Cookers

Contents: What is Donabe: Japanese Clay Pot" The Benefits of Using a Donabe Seasoning the Donabe Best Donabe Rice Cooker What is Donabe: Japanese Clay...
07-11-2017 22:15

Best Japanese Snack Box

Japanese Dagashi Candy and Snacks Have you ever tried Japanese dagashi before" Dagashi means cheap candy or snacks and are similar to American penny c...
03-11-2017 22:21

Tofu Cream

Tofu (Soy) Cream Tofu cream is easy to make and low in calories. It’s an almighty condiment that can be used from pasta dishes to sweets. Tofu cream...
19-09-2017 22:29

Eels (Unagi)

Eels for summer! During the height of a hot summer season, let’s eat eel rich in vitamins to give oneselves added vigor. Currently, a Japanese food ...
19-09-2017 22:29

Soba-Noodles of Japan

Soba is a unique noodle dish that’s enjoyed throughout the year. This well-known Japanese favorite is actually very simple. Soba noodles are made fr...
19-09-2017 22:29

Mirin Kasu (sweet sake lees)

Mirin kasu is born from the brewing process of mirin (sweet sake) and is made of sweet rice, malted rice, and shochu. The sweet rice gives it stickine...
19-09-2017 22:29

Seafood in Fall: Oyster, Sockeye Salmon, Salmon Roe, Sea Urc

When the weather becomes cooler, people tend to have bigger appetites. Let’s eat nutrition-rich food to shake off the fatigue remaining from the hot...
19-09-2017 22:29

Japanese Cuisine as an Intangible Cultural Heritage

Japanese Cuisine as an Intangible Cultural Heritage -Learn more about the Japanese cuisine- As everyone knows, Japanese cuisine has been gaining in po...
19-09-2017 22:29

Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) with Kaiseki-Ryori (Japane

The traditional Japanese multicourse meal can broadly be categorized into the following forms: kaisekiryori, served before a tea ceremony (tea kaiseki...
19-09-2017 22:29

What is Wasabi (Japanese radish)"

Wasabi is an essential accompaniment to nigiri sushi and sashimi. The wasabi plant is a spicy aromatic vegetable associated with Japanese food. The sh...
14-09-2017 22:23

Japanese Hamburger (Hambagu) Steak Recipes

Japanese hamburger steak is one of the most popular meals among children. Japanese hamburger steak is different from the U.S. version of the dish, bec...
14-09-2017 22:23

What is Umeboshi (pickled plum)"

Umeboshi, which means pickled plum, is prepared by pickling ume fruit in salt to dry, and then pickling the dried ume in vinegar with shiso leaves. Va...
14-09-2017 22:23

What is Murasaki-Imo (Purple Sweet Road)"

A New Breed of Murasaki-imo Everyone Is Talking About: “Purple Sweet Road” At Nijiya, you find satsuma-imo shipped directly from Nijiya Farm. As y...
21-07-2017 22:16

Best Japanese Style Chicken Recipes

Many of the classic Japanese dishes are made with chicken, such as karaage (fried chicken), yakitori (Japanese style skewered chicken), oyako don (chi...
06-07-2017 22:19

Japanese Style Pork Recipes

Contents: What is Breton" Why is duBreton Pork Different" The Amazing Power of Pork-kun! Nijiya?s Recipe Recommendation Japanese Style Pork Recipes Wh...
19-06-2017 18:48

10 Best Japanese Restaurants in Portland

Japanese-People Approved Best Japanese Restaurants in Portland Portland is known for coffee and beer. Do you know who loves coffee and beer" Hipsters....
19-06-2017 18:48

Nijiya Market

Contents: About Nijiya Market Store Location Nijiya Brand ~Quality Product~ USDA-Certified Nijiya Products Nijiya Farm ~From the Field of an Organic F...
19-06-2017 18:48

10 Best Japanese Restaurants in Boston

Japanese-People Approved Best Japanese Restaurants in Boston College town Boston has no shortage of Japanese restaurants, from affordable college budg...
19-06-2017 18:48

Japanese Style Egg Recipes

There are many different types of eggs: There are white-shelled eggs, brown-shelled ones, those with rich, golden yolks or pale-yellow yolks, etc. The...
19-06-2017 18:48

Best Grilled Japanese Salmon Recipes

Salmon is a fish that is widely consumed all over the world. Salmon are high in nutrients and have many healthy benefits such as protein, omega-3 fatt...
19-06-2017 18:48

Let’s Make Dried Vegetables!

Contents: Japanese Dried Vegetables Let?s Make Dried Vegetables! The benefits of dried vegetables Why not try this once you?re familiar with the proce...
19-06-2017 18:48

10 Best Japanese Restaurants in Texas

Japanese-People Approved Best Japanese Restaurants in Texas Pecan trees, BBQ and Tex-mex. Those are some of the food items that many of us associate w...
19-06-2017 18:48

What is Zakkoku (Mixed Grains) "

Zakkoku has become increasingly popular these days. Cooking regular rice with a blend of zakkoku can boost its taste and nutritional value substantial...
19-06-2017 18:48

Find your Japanese roots at Necco Japanese Tapas Restaurant

Necco Japanese Tapas Restaurant in Los Angeles What if there was a Japanese restaurant where you can eat like real Japanese people do" Not just sushi,...
19-06-2017 18:48

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Fluffy Cornbread Pancakes – Oil-Free, G...

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Homemade Hummus with Roasted Red Pepper

Homemade Hummus with Roasted Red Pepper

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Gluten-Free Goddess Zucchini Bread

Gluten-Free Goddess Zucchini Bread

Delicious gluten-free zucchini bread.A Bread Even Gluten-Eaters Will LoveSharing a favorite summer recipe here on Gluten-Free Goddess-- a cinnamon laced tea bread made with garden fresh zucchini. You'll love it. And so will everyone else.GFG... -
Decadent Chewy Cashew Caramels

Decadent Chewy Cashew Caramels

. Decadent Chewy Cashew Caramels — seriously sweet, rich, and delicious, you’d never know they’re made without the heavy cream, butter, white sugar and corn syrup!  Refined sugar free, dairy free and vegan caramels"  Ohhhh yes  ?? A... -
Gluten Free Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns Recipe

Gluten Free Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns Recipe

Making gluten free hamburger or hot dog buns might seem like a Herculean task, but I promise you that it’s easy! I use these little hot dog bun pan is also a great investment if your family really loves their dogs! *For more information on bun... -
Raw Cookie Dough – To Eat With A Spoon!

Raw Cookie Dough – To Eat With A Spoon!

Raw cookie dough that is completely safe to eat – no eggs or flour! Raw Cookie Dough Recipe No ratings yet. Ingredients 1 can (or 1 1/2 cups cooked) chickpeas or white... -
8 Super Healthy Easter Recipes

8 Super Healthy Easter Recipes

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Qu’est-ce qui décore votre Salle-de-bain "

Qu’est-ce qui décore votre Salle-de-bai...

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Thai Peanut Salad Cups

Thai Peanut Salad Cups

A few weeks ago I had my first baby shower. Yes, I had two. We decided to have one in Chuck?s hometown as well as my own to make it easier for people, especially the older ladies to attend. The first one was held at my dear friend Amanda?s house for... -
Vegan Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Vegan Chocolate Sugar Cookies

When I was getting ready to make these vegan chocolate sugar cookies I went for a casual browse in google images to see what some other chocolate sugar cookies looked like. Well…. I don’t know what kind of magic these folks are wielding. How... -

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