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Vinho Verde Wine: Our Everyday Favorite

Hands down, one of our favorite everyday white and rosé wines to drink is Portuguese Vinho Verde wine. We can’t stop talking about how this has bec...
28-05-2022 21:33

How to Cut Watermelon { 3 ways }

Do you ever wonder how to cut watermelon on that’s easy to eat" Or how to slice watermelon in a way that’s simple to serve for parties" We have th...
25-05-2022 21:36

Vietnamese Caramel Pork & Eggs – Th?t kho tr?ng.

Vietnamese caramel pork is very special to me. If I could name one of the many comfort foods in Vietnamese cuisine that brings back warm, delicious me...
17-05-2022 21:35

Spicy White Bean Dip

Our spicy white bean dip has so much Asian-inspired flavors. It’s a quick and easy go-to dip anytime you need a great appetizer to share. Or make it...
12-05-2022 21:33

Roasted Cherry Tomato and Sweet Onion Dip- The Hot Mess

Our roast tomato and sweet onion dip recipe was originally published in 2014 and re-published in 2022 with some updated photos. It’s an oldie but g...
03-04-2022 21:33

Broiled Miso-Glazed Salmon

Love roasted or broiled salmon" Our simple and flavorful miso glazed salmon recipe is perfect for a quick weeknight meal. The savory glaze is fantast...
01-04-2022 21:36

Sticky Honey Garlic Chicken Tenders

It’s the fish sauce that makes this honey garlic chicken strips recipe so delicious.  But you can certainly use soy sauce. Funny how scary fish sau...
08-02-2022 21:34

Garlic Chicken Spring Rolls

These chicken spring rolls are light, flavorful and fantastic. Loaded with fresh vegetables and a light rice paper wrapper, these chicken summer rolls...
10-01-2022 21:35

Creme Fraiche (or Sour Cream) Dried Onion Dip {Homemade}

Our dried  onion dip mix recipe is way better because it’s homemade and you can adjust your seasonings to your preferred taste! Homemade is bette...
05-12-2021 21:36

Asian Sweet and Sriracha Spicy Roast Pulled Pork

Our juicy sriracha oven roast pull pork is a reader favorite. Make a batch of this Asian pulled pork recipe for your next party, Taco night or Game Da...
05-10-2021 21:35

Everyday Basil Pesto

Everyone should have a bottle of homemade pesto in their fridge. Our pesto recipe is an indispensable condiment to have on-hand because it’s the del...
28-08-2021 21:37

Vegetarian Grilled Broccoli with Parmesan & Lemon

There’s so much flavor in our grilled broccoli recipe, you must give this a try. The charred edges on these pieces of bbq broccoli is fantastic. Gr...
12-07-2021 21:38

Moist Zucchini Bread with Cream Cheese-Sour Cream Frosting

Love zucchini bread" Our recipe is flavorful, moist and has an awesome cream cheese frosting with sour cream. Zucchini Bread Recipe This this time of...
08-07-2021 21:38

How to Pick a Juicy Ripe Watermelon- “Spank It!”

We have our tips on how to pick a sweet watermelon inspired from our road trip to Hermiston, Oregon. This region is known for their juicy, super sweet...
05-07-2021 21:37

Grilled Prawns with an Asian Citrus Garlic Butter – Al

We’re obsessed with this grilled prawns recipe in citrus garlic butter. It’s flavorful and amazing. But it’s the bright citrus and asian inspire...
29-06-2021 21:35

Peach and Heirloom Tomato Salad

This peach heirloom tomato salad is a wonderful way to taste and celebrate Summer. It’s fresh and always perfect as a potluck party dish. Peach Hei...
25-06-2021 21:35

Favorite Gifts, Kitchen Tools and Finds

As life starts getting back to normal we’re filling our calendar with friends and reasons to celebrate. Best of all, we get to attend parties and ga...
19-06-2021 21:36

Traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee & a Modern Style wi

If you walk into our house or work with us in our studio, you’ll end up sipping one of our favorite coffee drinks. It’s a Vietnamese Iced Coffee o...
05-06-2021 21:34

Korean Cut Short Ribs w/ Ginger-Soy Marinade

For those uninitiated, Korean Cut short ribs refers to a butcher style of cross-cutting the ribs so that they are about 1/2-3/4″ thick.  This is, o...
03-06-2021 21:35

Roasted Zucchini Flowers Stuffed with Bacon, Mushroom &

When farmers markets are loaded with these blossoms, we’re making stuffed zucchini flowers. Roasted and flavorful these are always a perfect Summert...
26-05-2021 21:39

Easy Strawberry-Blackberry Pudding (Dairy Free)

This dairy free berry pudding recipe is perfect when you have extra Summer berries hand. It’s also gluten-free but double check to make sure your co...
11-05-2021 21:38

What is an Air Fryer"

What is an air fryer" We get this question so much that we wrote an air fryer resource and tips about this handy appliance. Everything from how to use...
22-04-2021 21:42

Roasted Radish and Greens with Balsamic

Our roasted radishes recipe is an oldie but goodie. It’s great this time of year when radishes are at their peak. Roasted Radishes Recipe We were t...
16-04-2021 21:42

Easy Quiche Lorraine with Spinach, Bacon

This easy quiche recipe is fantastic for breakfast, brunch and dinner.  Easy Quiche Recipe Quiche is one of our favorite morning foods. We eat it sev...
02-04-2021 21:39

How to Blind Bake a Pie Crust

What is Blind Baking" Blind baking refers to partially baking or fully baking a crust before adding the filling. It is not about blind folding someon...
31-03-2021 21:38

Magic Custard Cake

What is Magic Custard Cake" When I saw a magic custard cake recipe on Pinterest two weeks ago, I was floored. I mean, it left me in a state of delicio...
28-03-2021 21:33

Lemon Pie Recipe with Our Meyer Lemons

Lemon Pie Recipe It’s always this time of year that we’re flooded with gorgeous citrus and we’re scrambling to figure out how to cook with it a...
26-03-2021 21:35

Chopped Roasted Beet Salad with Feta and Lemon Zest Vinaigre

Chopped Beet Salad The rain has been such a welcome treat over the last few weeks. Our garden suffered the consequences of drought over the last few...
18-03-2021 22:13

Shakshuka: Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce on Toast {make this

Eggs in Tomato Sauce Recipe {Shashuka Recipe} How much more perfect can this simple concept be" The rich tomato sauce, nurturing the egg-poached-heave...
13-03-2021 21:37

Blood Orange Chocolate Muffins with Blood Orange Glaze

Blood Orange Chocolate Muffins There are few morning treats better than a pastry fresh out of the oven. Nothing makes me happier than cooking ...
21-02-2021 21:35

Vietnamese Caramel Braised Pork Belly Banh Mi – Nail S

This Vietnamese pork banh mi recipe and story was originally published in 2010 and re-shared in 2021 with new photos and a video. My mother has reti...
13-02-2021 21:37

One Pot Stovetop Creamy Kale Mac and Cheese : For the Adult

Kale Mac and Cheese Yes, adding kale can justify mac and cheese being “healthier”, can’t it" Please say yes because that’s what my conscience ...
10-02-2021 21:41

Roasted Potatoes w/ Fried Sage, Brown Butter – A Heali

s  Roasted Potatoes with Sage I’ve often wondered what value my Ethno-botany days at the University have on my current career now. Back in my colle...
09-02-2021 21:36

Deep Dish Oatmeal Raisin Cookie a la Mode – “Piz

Deep dish Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Way back in 2009 we shared our love of “pizookie” style deep dish cookies on the blog. They were always fresh and...
03-02-2021 21:37

Blood Orange Gin and Tonic

This blood orange gin and tonic recipe was originally published in 2014, an oldie but goodie! With fresh blood oranges in season, it’s hard to not e...
29-01-2021 21:35

Spicy Smoky Kale Chips

Love kale chips" Try our spicy kale chips recipe for an extra kick of heat to our traditional baked kale chips. These are addicting!  Spicy Kale Chip...
21-01-2021 21:35

New Years Detox: Low Carb Zucchini Noodle Recipes

Healthy Zucchini Noodle Recipes It’s that time of year. Bellies are full and clothes are fitting just a bit tighter. We’re now craving fresh and ...
31-12-2020 21:36

Holiday Drinks and Appetizers

It’s definitely been and odd year and miss celebrating like we used to. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy ourselves at home with good dri...
31-12-2020 21:36

Movies at Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with Sausage

This spaghetti squash with sausage recipe is a classic and always a reader favorite. Enjoy! Spaghetti Squash and Sausage Recipe Films and Food. Oh, w...
29-12-2020 21:37

Baked Brie Dip w/ Sun-dried Tomatoes & Thyme

Our popular baked brie dip recipe has been a staple for so many parties and gatherings over the years. Since 2008 during it’s first publication, weâ...
27-12-2020 21:35

Creamy Potatoes Au Gratin Recipe & Video

Since 2009, this potatoes au gratin recipe has been a holiday favorite for so many of you. We’re sharing it again with you all along with a brand ...
24-12-2020 21:35

Three Cheese Mashed Potato Casserole

It’s always about mashed potatoes, we can totally vouch for that. Creamy, cheesy and wonderfully garlic infused our three cheese garlic mashed potat...
20-12-2020 21:35

Hearty Beef Stew in Slow Cooker or Instant Pot

The weather is perfect for this beef stew recipe. It’s been cold outside and when we mean cold, it’s down to the low 50’s. Some of you friends m...
11-12-2020 21:36

Favorite Gift Guide for Cooks and Eaters

Happy Holidays friends, hope you’re staying warm and enjoying every moment in the kitchen. Our test and home kitchens are loaded with favorite tool...
27-11-2020 21:36

Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Gratin

If I were to confess some of my guilty pleasures in life, then these brussels sprouts gratin photographs would convey much of what I’m already about...
17-11-2020 21:37

Savory Sweet Potato Soup for the Soul

With so many different types of sweet potatoes popping up at our markets, it’s time to indulge in this easy and savory sweet potato soup. The pa...
30-10-2020 21:38

Fig Bruschetta Recipe and Love of Fig Photos

Fig Bruschetta Recipe I vividly remember a conversation I had with a fellow food photographer/food blogger a few years ago about figs. Around this ti...
03-09-2020 21:37

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Savory Zucchini Bread with Cheddar from Joy of Cooking

Savory Zucchini Bread with Cheddar from Joy o...

Recipe for a savory zucchini cheddar bread adapted from Joy of Cooking. The post Savory Zucchini Bread with Cheddar from Joy of Cooking appeared first on Umami Girl - A food blog with mostly healthy, mostly vegetarian recipes.. -
Homemade Oreo Pie Crust

Homemade Oreo Pie Crust

This easy recipe creates the perfect Oreo pie crust for any pie – and it only calls for 2 ingredients! This 2 ingredient crust made from crushed Oreo Cookies is ready in less than 20 minutes and is the perfect crust for all kinds of... -
Soixante Quinze Gin Champagne Cocktail (French 75)

Soixante Quinze Gin Champagne Cocktail (Frenc...

It doesn\'t get more classic than a Soixante Quinze (French 75). This gin Champagne cocktail will transport you straight to Paris. The post Soixante Quinze Gin Champagne Cocktail (French 75) appeared first on Umami Girl. -
Thank You for entering the Celestron Portable Telescope Giveaway!

Thank You for entering the Celestron Portable...

Thank you for entering the giveaway! Come back tomorrow and enter again! Scroll below to find the bonus entries! –Jaden   The post Thank You for entering the Celestron Portable Telescope Giveaway! appeared first on Steamy Kitchen Recipes... -
Easy Oreo Chocolate Pie

Easy Oreo Chocolate Pie

This rich, creamy, fluffy Easy Chocolate Oreo Pie only calls for 5 ingredients and is the quick, easy dessert that your summer needs. If you’ve been hanging around these parts for any length of time, you know that I’m no stranger... -
HP Stream 14-inch Laptop Giveaway

HP Stream 14-inch Laptop Giveaway

HP Stream 14-inch Laptop, Intel Celeron N4000, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC, Windows 10 Home in S Mode (14-cb159nr, Jet Black) Laptop for work, school, and play: with office 365 and 1 TB of cloud storage. This device combines functionality,... -
Meat Sauce

Meat Sauce

For decades, this has been my go-to meat sauce for any kind of pasta, from lasagne to rigatoni and beyond. Simple and simply perfect. The post Meat Sauce appeared first on Umami Girl. -
Bistec de Palomilla

Bistec de Palomilla

Bistec de palomilla (butterfly steak) is a typical dish of Cuban gastronomy consisting of a churrasco of beef (or meat cut into bite-sized cubes), which is marinated in garlic, salt, pepper, and lime juice, and then fried in a pan with a little oil.... -
Protein Pudding

Protein Pudding

This thick chocolate protein pudding recipe is so silky, rich, creamy, and delicious, you’ll never believe it could possibly be so healthy! -

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