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Bisi Bele Baath

A classic example of a one-pot meal in South Indian cuisine is Bisi Bele Baath. I call it a mash between a khichdi and sambar rice! There are many rec...
18-12-2017 21:52

1131 - Angel Number for good food!

Some places leave you word-strapped, either way. 1131 left me word strapped for all the right reasons though. Let\'s begin with the place - 1131 or E...
11-12-2017 21:34

Mexican Mint-Peanuts Pesto Pasta

           Mexican mint or Cuban oregano or Indian Borage or Karpooravalli ilai or Omam Ilai, many names for such an enchanting plant. Till now ...
26-10-2017 21:56

Brewklyn - brewing happiness!

           Where do I even begin about this place!" Brewklyn isn\'t the first micro-brewery I\'ve visited (and surely not the last), but this is...
25-10-2017 21:57

No food like home food

          No matter where you eat, from street food to fine dining, nothing beats home food at the end of the day, especially if it\'s mom\'s, or...
17-08-2017 22:01

Atte ka Halwa

Simple and easy to make dessert recipe using minimal ingredients...ATTE KA HALWA (Wheat flour halwa)Ingredients:Whole wheat flour - 1 cupSugar - 1 cup...
30-06-2017 22:02

Pindi - Pind da swaad

Pindi , a word that\'s synonymous with the villages of Punjab and frontier cuisine. Presently managed by the 3rd generation after Shri K.L Wadhwa, th...
30-06-2017 22:02

Sweet & spicy Mango Pickle (Aam chunda)

Enjoy the mango season while it lasts..SWEET & SPICY MANGO PICKLE (AAM CHUNDA)Ingredients :Raw Mango, grated - 3 cupsSugar - 2 cupsJeera - 1 tspMethi ...
05-05-2017 22:02

Jo khaane se kare pyaar!

Jo khaane se kare pyaar, woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar"!               Almost every Indian household has grown up using, cooking with and...
19-04-2017 21:55

Eggless Whole Wheat Cupcakes

One really doesnt need a reason to indulge in cupcakes. And trust me, they are soo easy to make. Once you get the basic measure right, there are endle...
12-04-2017 22:05

Thiruvadirai KaLi

          Just as with Karthigai, there are several stories that surround Thiruvadirai, also known as Thiruvadhira or Arudhra Darisanam. The day ...
10-01-2017 21:50

Green Pepper Pickle

          Fresh green peppercorns are the pre-dried form of the black peppers we use. These have a milder taste that hits the back of your tongue...
06-01-2017 21:50

Good fat is good

          I am a believer of balanced diet in every way. I aim to take the goodness of the foods we have and eat everything in balanced proportio...
18-12-2016 21:53

Pumpkin stew

A simple pumpkin stew for the days when you want to ..well, just keep it simple!PUMPKIN STEWIngredients :White Pumpkin/Petha - 250 gmsRed Pumpkin/Kadd...
13-12-2016 21:49

The Diabetic Food Trail - 2nd Edition

           The word diet in itself has to be one of the most miscontrued terms in the culinary dictionary. It\'s broadly defined as a particular...
17-11-2016 21:56

Remembering the forgotten food

          In this food-obsessed world, we all need a detox from time to time. Millets, often known as the poor man\'s rice, is making its presenc...
14-10-2016 21:53

Tomato-Onion Thokku

This is the recipe for a typical Andhra-style tomato thokku. It\'s optional to add onions, one can also use garlic if they prefer the flavour. For the...
15-09-2016 21:51

Paruppu Podi

          Paruppu Podi or Dhall powder is a common occurence in most Andhra and Tamil Nadu households and is an excellent rice mix. I have come a...
18-07-2016 21:49

Angaya Podi

        An age-old rice mix powder, Angaya powder is most often a hand-me down recipe that grandmothers, and their mothers used to make!! This pow...
18-07-2016 21:49

Oats-Choco Toffee (Chikki)

Another healthy recipe, that\'s a great snack on the move for young and old alike...CHOCO-OATS TOFFEEIngredients :Melted dark chocolate - 2 tbspsJagge...
16-06-2016 21:48

Oats Lauki Adai (pancake)

              When one starts exploring alternatives to refined ingredients, there are no dearth of options to suit your recipe. For me, it\'s...
15-06-2016 21:51

Mango Phirni

            The ninth and the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan has begun. For the theme of #RamadanSpecial, here\'s a sweet treat ...
06-06-2016 21:50

Thanks for the inspiration...

            In an era where introducing oneself as a blogger, especially a food blogger either causes eyes to brighten or roll and look upwards,...
03-06-2016 21:49

Spicy Kofta Kadhi

When we speak of pulses, there\'s never a dearth of recipes in the Indian culinary repository. From savouries to the main course, the use of pulses is...
02-06-2016 21:50

Achaari Subz Pulao

               Be it a quiet weekend afternoon, guests for lunch or special dinner, this Achaari Subz Pulao is one of those ultimate One-pot m...
02-06-2016 21:50

Eggless Choco-Chip Cupcakes (Micro)

            Microwave Baking is a blessing for many in many terms of time, mainly. If you are a person who likes to use their Micro for...
02-06-2016 21:50

Coriander Pulao

         If you are running out of ideas and time for cooking rice but looking to make something spicy, this Pulao is for you!! CORIANDER PULAOI...
02-06-2016 21:50

Mixed Veg Spicy Manchurian Rolls

               Indians adapt well to almost any cuisine. With a twist of course!! We love our spices, and this spicy twist we give to any cuis...
02-06-2016 21:50

Mexican Style Pizza

                 Pizzas, like the Indian paratha, are versatile and full of possibilities. Be it the flour, crust, stuffing/toppings, we can ...
02-06-2016 21:50

Chocolate Cake with Jalebi Crust

                Love is in the air! Much heard, much said :) But my principle when it comes to food, as long as one can eat what makes them an...
02-06-2016 21:50

Masur Dailor Bor (Red Lentil Fritters)

            Exploring the flavours of #NorthEastCuisine for the 29th #FoodieMonday #Bloghop, I picked a popular Assamese dish - \'Masur Dailor b...
02-06-2016 21:50

Mixed Vegetable Tikka

              For a nation that takes its food and colours very seriously...Holi is one such festival; where there is a perfect combination of ...
02-06-2016 21:50

Strawberry Amaranth Halwa

                Nine days of Navratri, nine days of fasting or abstaining from certain foods. And not without a scientific reason! Seasonal ch...
02-06-2016 21:50

Banana Flower Usuli (Paruppu Usuli/Usili)

        BANANA FLOWER is filled with innumerable goodness factors. In fact words aren\'t enough to describe the uses and benefits of the Banana T...
02-06-2016 21:50

Eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes

                 True foodies love to be inspired by others\' culinary creations. I recall the time when exchanging recipes on paper, scourin...
02-06-2016 21:50

Quick fix Sambhar

          Sambhar, the perfect accompaniment for Idlis and dosas. But if you are in a rush and need to put together a sambhar for your family or ...
02-06-2016 21:50

Mirch-Cauliflower Kolhapuri

A famous dish from the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, the Veg Kolhapuri is made with a unique spice mix and vegetables cooked in an equally spicy g...
02-06-2016 21:50

Avakkai(Mango) Pickle

A typical South Indian Avakkai PickleAVAKKAI PICKLE (South Indian Mango Pickle)Ingredients : 12 Mangoes2 cups - Fresh ground Red Chili powder2 cups -...
02-06-2016 21:50

Breakfast with Jackfruit

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Health nowadays is not just a much clichťd, but also much abused term, as is \'Diet\'. There is so much more to a "healthy life...
02-06-2016 21:50

Bajra with curd

                 There is a growing interest and fondness for the use of millets and multi grains in our diet. Millets have been the backbone...
02-06-2016 21:50

Biryani & Beyond at Paradise

           A name that\'s synonymous with Biryani, Paradise has come a long way since its humble inception as a annexe to a movie theatre in Sec...
02-06-2016 21:50

Strawberry Thandai Lassi

           Indian food is amazingly well-designed and balanced to suit the changing seasons, and seasonal availability of vegetables as well. Wi...
02-06-2016 21:50

Multi-Grain Veg Wraps

              What would you typically do on a holiday when the weather\'s too good to be indoors"" You go on a picnic!! :) Little else gets on...
02-06-2016 21:50

Mixed Fruit Lemonade

With a riot of seasonal fruits around us, \'tis the time for Summer-special drinks..The more, the healthier! Here\'s a simple healthy drink to put tog...
02-06-2016 21:50

Besanwali bhindi

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Besanwali bhindi has quite a few culinary interpretations. It could be gram flour-coated okra crisp fried or sautťed, spices could vary...
02-06-2016 21:50

Panchratni Dal

              The classic Panchratni Dal - a gem of a dish with typically five lentils, combined with spices and served with rice or Indian bre...
02-06-2016 21:50

Cozy Den @Jerry's Den

              Some people have dreams, and some dreamers have visions. Sometimes in one magical moment, dreams and visions are met by opportuni...
02-06-2016 21:50

Strawberry-Mint Cheesecake (NoBake)

         It\'s always the right season for desserts. And right now, it\'s the right season for chilled desserts. I\'ve always wanted to try a No-...
02-06-2016 21:50

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Sweet and Sour Broccoli Salad

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