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general-recipes - Recipes

general-recipes - Recipes

Ultimate Effy Jewelry Giveaway: Black Onyx Earrings

Happy Monday Steamy Kitchen! We hope that you enjoyed our thirty days of giveaways this past month. What better way to celebrate 30 full days of givea ...
25-10-2021 21:33

Carnivore Meal Plan Ideas

Have you been pondering over starting a carnivore diet" Well, your thinking days are over! Here, you’ll find a fitting carnivore meal plan ...
25-10-2021 21:33

Ultimate Effy Jewelry Giveaway: Silver Diamond Necklace

Happy happy Monday and happy fall season Steamy Kitchen! Today we are launching the Ultimate Sparkle Day Giveaways.  If you haven’t already learned ...
25-10-2021 21:33


What is mahalabia" Mahalabia (or muhallebi) is a very popular milk pudding in Lebanon and other countries in the Middle East. It is traditionally flav ...
25-10-2021 21:38

Eating With Acceptance

Can you believe it’s almost the end of October" ​We’re wrapping up Emotional Wellness Month with our last Mindful Eating Monday, and our final t ...
25-10-2021 21:33

Braised Kale with Caramelized Onions & Blue Cheese

Dreamy and slightly indulgent, braised kale with caramelized onions, walnuts, and blue cheese is particularly at home on the holiday table. The post B ...
25-10-2021 21:31

7- Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

When you feel your diet has gone off the rails, it?s always helpful to have a healthy guide. It?s why you need this clean-eating meal plan to revive y ...
25-10-2021 21:33

Ultimate Effy Jewelry Giveaway: Blue Chalcedony Ring

Hello and welcome to another special sparkly giveaway here on Steamy Kitchen! Today we will be launching three super sparkly Ultimate Effy Jewelry Giv ...
25-10-2021 21:33

Chipotle Ranch Dressing

What happens when chipotle sauce meets ranch dressing" This chipotle ranch dressing recipe! It’s a simple mashup of my go-to chipotle sauce and my v ...
24-10-2021 21:35

Spicy Pan Fried Shrimps with Vegetables

The following tasty quick dish was created with busy days in mind: it can be prepared in less than half an hour, yet it is healthy and nutritionally b ...
24-10-2021 21:53

Gluten Free Apple Crisp

Get ready for the best apple crisp of your life, and no it’s really not an exaggeration. This Gluten Free Apple Crisp is the the tastiest and best f ...
24-10-2021 22:05

Sunday Supper: Ultimate Classic Meatloaf

Hey, y’all! Thanks for joining me back here at Sunday Supper! Each week, this little space gives me a chance to visit with y’all and maybe shar ...
24-10-2021 21:36

Avocado Fries

I first started making these avocado fries last spring. But back then, I didn’t think of them as fries. Instead, I wanted to use them as a taco fill ...
24-10-2021 21:35

Roasted Golden Beets

When I see golden beets at the farmers market, I can never resist bringing them home. I love roasting them until they’re tender and juicy, with a tr ...
24-10-2021 21:35

Morocco : Baghrir

Afrique du Nord, et Maroc, en particulier n’est pas seulement connu pour sa cuisine raffinée, mais aussi pour ses desserts et pâtisseries. Aujourd†...
23-10-2021 21:36

Substitutes for Yukon Gold Potatoes

The Yukon Gold is undoubtedly the top contender in the spud family, and for a good reason. It combines the best qualities of its relatives to give a b ...
23-10-2021 21:31

Substitute for Cooking Spray

As fun as making our favorite recipes is, not everyone looks forward to cleaning up. And this process can be especially tasking when you have food stu ...
23-10-2021 21:31

Vegan Meal Plan

This vegan meal plan is perfect for starters and those looking to simplify their diets. And it’s a great way to include healthy plant-based food ...
23-10-2021 21:31

Substitute Salted Butter for Unsalted

For many recipes, precision is a crucial element in measuring ingredients. And some items like salt perform specific functions both in the flavor and ...
23-10-2021 21:31

Substitute for Porcini Mushrooms

Eating healthy requires combining proper ingredients for maximum nutrient supply. And porcini mushrooms are one of the best options for such purposes. ...
23-10-2021 21:31

Substitute for Preserved Lemon

Moroccan recipes are renowned for their heavy tang use, so preserved lemons are regular in their list. And though they sound exotic, you can easily fi ...
23-10-2021 21:31

Substitute for Amaro Nonino

Cocktails are fun when you mix the right ingredients. And they?re even more fun when you get to try something exotic. When it comes to unique liqueurs ...
22-10-2021 21:34

How To Make a Relaxing Epsom Salt Scrub

This DIY salt scrub recipe is perfect for dry and damaged skin. This two-ingredient scrub contains skin-loving ingredients for soft skin! The post How ...
22-10-2021 21:38

Thank You for Entering the Ultimate Effy Jewelry Giveaway: S

Thank You for Entering the Ultimate Effy Jewelry Giveaway: Silver Diamond Necklace! Come back tomorrow for your chance to enter and win again. Give th ...
22-10-2021 21:35

Bacon Weave Blue Cheese Burgers with Caramelized Onions

Bacon weave blue cheese burgers are a dreamy way to level up burger night. The bacon and onions take a little while to make, but you can do both in ad ...
22-10-2021 21:33

Thank You for Entering the Ultimate Effy Jewelry Giveaway: B

Thank You for Entering the Ultimate Effy Jewelry Giveaway: Blue Chalcedony Ring! Visit Steamy Kitchen again tomorrow for your chance to enter and win ...
22-10-2021 21:35

Soup Series Wrap-Up

Alright, team. The time has come. It’s our Soup Series wrap-up! I am Minnesotan through and through, and when the weather turns, I make soup ...
22-10-2021 21:33


A basic preparation in Mediterranean and Latin American cuisine, sofrito (Spanish), sofregit (Catalan), soffritto (Italian), refogado (Portuguese), ho ...
22-10-2021 21:42

Winter Morning On-the-Go Bundle

Happy Friday Steamy Kitchen!  Did you miss our instant wins this past month"" We sure did.  Today we have a winter morning on-the-go bundle for you. ...
22-10-2021 21:35

Shiitake Mushroom Substitute

The culinary world has enjoyed the nutritional benefits of mushrooms for centuries. And they?ve been recognized as an excellent non-animal source of v ...
22-10-2021 21:34

Vegan Blue Cheese

This vegan blue cheese is tangy and rich with a deliciously mild flavor and creamy smooth texture. It’s super easy to make and divine served on toas ...
22-10-2021 21:42

Shortcut Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

There are recipe posts where I work really hard to educate. I share tips and tricks to help ensure the recipe turns out perfectly for you. I work ...
21-10-2021 21:38

Giouvetsi (Orzo Chicken Greek Style)

A one pot wonder where traditional Greek cooking meets easy comfort food! This delicious Greek style giouvetsi with chicken ticks a lot of boxes ...
21-10-2021 21:39

Substitutes for Pecorino Romano Cheese

Making gourmet dishes requires a wide variety of exotic ingredients. And Pecorino Romano cheese happens to be one of those types. Its unique propertie ...
21-10-2021 21:33

Substitute for Apple Pie Spice

Making pies and tarts is fun, especially when you?re fond of experimenting with flavors. But we all know that apple pie spice offers a taste blend tha ...
21-10-2021 21:33

Sausage Kale Potato Soup with White Beans

This hearty, nutrient-dense sausage, potato, and kale soup with navy beans does double duty as comfort food and an immune-boosting one-pot meal. It ma ...
21-10-2021 21:32

Substitute for Banana in Baking

Substitute for mashed banana in bakingBananas come from a flower, so they are also considered a berry. They are among the most popular fruits for eati ...
21-10-2021 21:33

Fava Santorinis

What?s fava santorinis" Lathyrus clymenum is the name of fava santorinis, an ingredient used to prepare one of the most popular Greek dishes: fava san ...
21-10-2021 21:39

Egg Substitute for Muffins

Are you making a batch of your favorite muffins but don?t have eggs at home" Well, you won?t be the first or last to be in such a bind. As avid d ...
21-10-2021 21:33

Baked Parmesan Crusted Tilapia

This easy baked Parmesan crusted tilapia recipe features a flavorful Parmesan crust from only a few everyday ingredients. The perfect weeknight din ...
21-10-2021 21:33

Substitute for Dry Vermouth

As a food enthusiast, you come across exciting recipes that include unique ingredients. And some of these items are alcoholic. So, if you?re well-grou ...
20-10-2021 21:38

Substitute for Cinnamon Sticks

When dealing with dishes that call for cinnamon sticks, you tend to feel like it?s irreplaceable. And this worry comes with good reason, as this woody ...
20-10-2021 21:38

BBQ Jackfruit Pulled Pork

This BBQ jackfruit pulled pork is so amazing! The texture is so similar to meat even carnivores might be fooled. It’s quick and easy to make and the ...
20-10-2021 21:46

Substitute for Oaxaca Cheese

If you?re an avid follower of Mexican cuisine, then you must be familiar with Oaxaca cheese. But if you aren?t, then you?re in for a treat. As far as ...
20-10-2021 21:38

Substitute for Cubanelle Pepper

Peppers are an integral part of Italian and Caribbean cuisine, and when making recipes from such regions, you want to keep them as authentic as possib ...
20-10-2021 21:38

Buttery Vanilla Bundt Cake

This post is sponsored by Nordic Ware, a valued partner of The Vanilla Bean Blog. We’re also hosting a giveaway together on my Instagram channel for ...
20-10-2021 21:38

Sweet Paprika Substitute

Sweet Paprika is the sweeter variant of traditional Paprika that you may get in most grocery stores. The variant of Capsicum annum pepper is grounded ...
20-10-2021 21:38

Chicken Tortilla Soup

It’s hard to take a parade around Soup Town without a quick jaunt through everyone’s favorite smoky, scoopy, top-able chicken tortilla sou ...
20-10-2021 21:37

Substitute for Emmental Cheese

The best thing about cheese is there?s more than one for every situation. Whether you?re pairing it with red wine or melting it on biscuits, you?ll al ...
20-10-2021 21:38

How to Roast a Whole Pumpkin and Make Pumpkin Puree

Wondering how to roast a whole pumpkin" It\'s easy, once you choose the right pumpkin and follow a few simple tips. Here\'s how to do it and make home ...
19-10-2021 21:32

Best Garlic Roasted Carrots

No boring side dishes around here! These Best Garlic Roasted Carrots are just 3 ingredients and all flavor. It’s all about roasting these beauties a ...
19-10-2021 22:12

Gratitude + Glitz $250 Cash Prize!

Hello and welcome to our last and final day of 30 Days of Giveaways! It has been epic launching one giveaway every single day and we hope you enjoyed ...
19-10-2021 21:34

Perfect Baked Apples

Craving something sweet" These baked apples are a delightful dessert featuring seasonal fruit. They taste like an apple crisp but look much cuter. Th ...
19-10-2021 21:33

Easy Cake Mix Cookie Bars

These gooey, chewy, decently delicious cookie bars only call for 6 ingredients and no one will know they started with a box of cake mix! And even ...
19-10-2021 21:41


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Shiitake Mushroom Substitute

Shiitake Mushroom Substitute

The culinary world has enjoyed the nutritional benefits of mushrooms for centuries. And they?ve been recognized as an excellent non-animal source of vitamins and minerals. One of these mushrooms, the shiitake, has found tons of applications in... -
Best Kitchen Sink Mats for Double Sink

Best Kitchen Sink Mats for Double Sink

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Hummus Pasta

Hummus Pasta

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Thank You for Entering the Ultimate Effy Jewelry Sparkle Giveaway: Black Onyx Earrings

Thank You for Entering the Ultimate Effy Jewe...

Thank You for Entering the Ultimate Effy Jewelry Sparkle Giveaway: Black Onyx Earrings! Come back tomorrow for your chance to enter and win this giveaway again. Best of luck to you! -Jaden   The post Thank You for Entering the Ultimate Effy... -
Chai Oatmeal Cookies with Apple Cider Cream Cheese

Chai Oatmeal Cookies with Apple Cider Cream C...

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