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South Korea: Tteokbokki

What is tteokbokki" Stroll along any city center in Korea, and you?ll find plenty of pojangmacha and bunsikjip (street food stalls and snack bars) mak...
31-03-2020 21:59

South Korea: Dakgangjeong

Incredibly crispy, dakgangjeong (???) also called ganjeong chikin, is a crispy fried chicken dish glazed in a spicy sweet and sour sauce, that is very...
30-03-2020 22:03

South Korea: Odeng (Eomuk)

They are called eomuk (??) or odeng (??). They consist in chopped fish and seafood croquettes, that are deliciously fried and crispy. What is odeng" I...
28-03-2020 21:57

Argentina: Milanesa a la Napolitana

In Argentina, country of asados ??(grilled meats), meat is king. The locals are crazy about it, and are always looking for original and delicious ways...
25-03-2020 22:03

South Korea: Yukhoe

Yukhoe is a beef tartare from Korea. It is fresh, delicately seasoned, and one of the most popular hoe (?). What does yukhoe mean" Yukhoe (??) which l...
25-03-2020 22:03

India: Chicken Biryani

What is biryani" Biryani (???????) is a typical dish from the Indian subcontinent. It consists of basmati rice, spices and meats, eggs or vegetables. ...
25-03-2020 22:03

South Korea: Sundubu Jjigae (Soft Tofu Stew)

One of the most representative dishes of Korean cuisine is sundubu jjigae (??? ??), halfway between a thick soup and a juicy tofu stew. What does sund...
24-03-2020 21:55

South Korea: Garaetteok

What is garaetteok" Pronounced “gah-ree-dok”, garaetteok (???) are soft Korean rice cakes, made from steamed rice flour that’s kneaded or pounde...
23-03-2020 21:58

South Korea: Kimchi

Kimchi (??) or gimchi, the essence of Korean culture, is a traditional dish made from lacto-fermented vegetables with spices and herbs. It is the perf...
21-03-2020 21:57

North Korea: Japchae

Japchae or chapchae (??) is a very popular Korean dish consisting of dangmyeon (??), sweet potato noodles, which can be eaten cold or hot. What does j...
21-03-2020 21:57

South Korea: Mandu

Mandu are a very popular dish of Korean cuisine. These small dumplings are popular all over the world and are served in most Korean restaurants. There...
16-03-2020 21:57

France: Béchamel Sauce

A true classic of French gastronomy, Béchamel sauce can be used to prepare many dishes. This delicious and creamy white sauce is made rather quickly, ...
15-03-2020 21:58

Egypt: Salata Baladi

To the Egyptians, it is salata baladi (???? ??????), or salata arbya (???? ?????). They also call it Jerusalem salad. To the Israelis, it is Israeli s...
14-03-2020 21:56

South Korea: Kimchi Fried Rice

What is kimchi fried rice" Kimchi fried rice or kimchi-bokkeum-bap (?? ???) is a type of bokkeum-bap, that is, a fried and flavored rice dish popular ...
14-03-2020 21:56

Egypt: Dukkah

Let?s discover dukkah (???), duqqa, doa, or duah, a mix of roasted spices, seeds and dried fruits, coming from Egypt and very popular in the Middle Ea...
14-03-2020 21:56

Egypt: Beid Hamine

Beid hamine is a specialty of Sephardic Jewish cuisine. It is the same recipe for long simmered eggs, which can be found in the cuisines of the variou...
09-03-2020 21:58

South Korea: Sikhye

Sikhye is a traditional beverage very popular in South Korea. Also known as dansul or gamju, it is generally eaten as a dessert. It is a soft drink, s...
07-03-2020 22:08

South Korea: Bungeo-Ppang

What is bungeo-ppang" Traditionally a winter snack food on the streets of Korea, bungeo-ppang (???) is a fish-shaped pastry with a sweet filling.   Un...
07-03-2020 22:08

South Korea: Jajangmyeon

Jajangmyeon is a Chinese-inspired Korean specialty. It is a tasty noodle dish topped with a rich fermented soy sauce. Very appreciated in Korea, this ...
07-03-2020 22:08

Germany: Hamentaschen (Oznei Haman)

What do you think of when you think about the happy Jewish holiday of Purim" Costumes, Esther megillah, gift baskets, but also and above all, these de...
05-03-2020 22:06

South Korea: Oi Muchim

What is oi muchim" Originally from Korea, oi muchim is the traditional spicy cucumber salad. It can be prepared from several varieties of cucumbers, b...
05-03-2020 22:06

Egypt: Shorbat Adas

For all those who wish to prepare a vegan, gluten-free and comforting meal, here is an excellent choice: red lentil soup, the Egyptian way, shorbat ad...
02-03-2020 22:01

South Korea: Dakgalbi

Dakgalbi is a South Korean culinary specialty made from pieces of chicken and vegetables sautéed in a spicy sauce. What is dakgalbi" Dak galbi or dakg...
29-02-2020 22:01

South Korea: Bossam

What is bossam" Bossam (??, ?) is a Korean dish made of boneless pork belly, that is boiled in a mixture of herbs. The pork is sliced ??into thin stri...
27-02-2020 21:58

South Korea: Gochujang

What is gochujang" Gochujang (???) is a very spicy Korean fermented condiment seasoned with red peppers. Its salty taste comes from meju, a fermented ...
27-02-2020 21:58

Egypt: Sahlab

Sahlab, salep or sohlob is a winter drink widely consumed in Egypt. This drink has a unique aroma linked to the orchid flour that is used to make it. ...
10-02-2020 22:02

Egypt: Ful Medames

What are ful medames" Ful medames (??? ?????), more simply called ful, are an Egyptian vegan breakfast made up of cooked fava beans flavored with lemo...
10-02-2020 22:02

Egypt: Mahshi

What is mahshi" Mahshi is a dish of vegetables stuffed with ground beef and rice, that are cooked in a tomato and cumin sauce. Most often, Lebanese su...
07-02-2020 21:56

Egypt: Koshari

What is koshari" Koshari (????) also called kushari or kosheri, is one of the most popular dishes in the land of the Pharaohs, a delicious vegan combi...
06-02-2020 22:00

Italy: Capicola (Coppa)

What is capicola" Capicola is a deli of Italian origin, it can be cooked in the oven or simply by salt and drying over time. When dried, it is called ...
06-02-2020 22:00

Morocco: Sardines Mariées (Married Sardines)

In the Moroccan dialect, they are called sardines m?joujine (??????? ?????????). Married sardines or sardines mariées can be fried or grilled. What ar...
06-02-2020 22:00

Egypt: Sobia

Refreshing and creamy, sobia is the favorite drink of the Egyptians during the sacred Ramadan celebrations. And it is easy to understand why. This del...
04-02-2020 21:57

New Zealand: Southland Cheese Roll

It is much more than a divine cheese sauce spread on a slice of bread. The Southland cheese roll, also nicknamed the Southland sushi or roll-up cheese...
03-02-2020 22:01

Egypt: Macaroni Béchamel

Egyptian macaroni bechamel is definitely one of those dishes that personifies comfort food through and through. Layered with a white sauce and ground ...
01-02-2020 21:55

Australia: Vegemite Toast

Vegemite is a dark brown and relatively salty spread made from yeast extract, mainly consumed in Australia and New Zealand. History of Vegemite It was...
29-01-2020 22:02

Egypt: Hawawshi

What is hawawshi" Hawawshi is a typical Egyptian sandwich. It consists of a pita bread, the popular bread from the Middle East, stuffed with a prepara...
26-01-2020 21:57

Australia: Tim Tam

Have you ever heard of Tim Tam" Let?s explore the magical world of one of Australia?s most iconic cookies, also famous in New Zealand, a delicious cho...
23-01-2020 22:00

Australia: Caramel Slice (Millionaire’s Shortbread)

A thick layer of delicious golden syrup caramel, sandwiched between a coconut shortbread base and mouthwatering chocolate, this is the recipe for the ...
18-01-2020 21:56

Australia: Damper

Australia has a traditional bread called damper, also known as bush bread, a delicious unleavened bread baked on hot coals or in the oven and that can...
18-01-2020 21:56

New Zealand: Hokey Pokey (Honeycomb Toffee)

What is hokey pokey" Hokey pokey are small, crunchy pieces of caramel in the shape of a honeycomb. They are actually also called honeycomb toffee. The...
14-01-2020 21:57

New Zealand: Kumara Chips (Sweet Potato Fries)

Over there, in New Zealand, these sweet potatoes, known as kumara, are one of the basic ingredients used in many recipes, including kumara chips, aka ...
11-01-2020 21:55

Australia: Pikelet

Here is a classic and easy pikelet recipe. A pikelet is a variant of pancake, a typical Australian and New Zealand treat that is often served for brea...
11-01-2020 21:55

New Zealand: Louise Cake

The Louise cake, or lady?s caprice is a cake from New Zealand. The Louise cake consists of a layer of shortcake crust, raspberry jam and crispy coconu...
11-01-2020 21:55

New Zealand: Afghan Biscuit

Are you looking for a recipe for crunchy and delicious chocolate cookies" Let’s discover these little Afghan biscuits, that are originally from New ...
09-01-2020 21:58

Australia: Halal Snack Pack

When seeking late night snacks, this Australian creation, called Halal Snack Pack is more than a feed for punters seeking late-night ballast: it’s a...
04-01-2020 22:01

Australia: Neenish Tart

The neenish tart, the colorful sweet little tart, is one of the basic desserts of Australia, also widely consumed in New Zealand. What is a neenish ta...
03-01-2020 21:56

New Zealand: Melting Moments

With their good comforting buttery taste, melting moments are ideal treats for the festive Christmas atmosphere or throughout the year at tea time. Or...
02-01-2020 22:05

India: Mango Lassi

Let’s discover mango lassi (mango lassi), this traditional Indian drink made with yogurt (dahi) and mango, also used in Ayurvedic medicine to purify...
26-12-2019 21:56

Austria: Croissant

Who would have thought that" The croissant, the staple of French breakfasts, comes from Vienna, Austria. Let’s talk about the European journey of a ...
24-12-2019 21:53

New Zealand: Bacon and Egg Pie

What is bacon and egg pie" Bacon and egg pie is a typical savory pie from New Zealand. It consists of two discs of puff pastry mainly containing bacon...
23-12-2019 22:01

France: Cheese Soufflé

Golden, airy and fluffy like a cloud, here is the undisputed king of all soufflés: the cheese soufflé, a true purely French artistic performance. What...
20-12-2019 22:00

France: Omelette Norvégienne (Baked Alaska)

Omelette norvégienne (Norwegian omelette), more commonly known as baked Alaska in the United States, is neither an omelette nor Norwegian but a tradit...
20-12-2019 22:00

Scotland: Dundee Cake

Let’s discover this delicious Dundee cake recipe, the Scottish Christmas Cake, one of the most popular sweet Christmas recipes in Scotland and throu...
17-12-2019 22:03

Iraq: Baharat

Nature allowed each of us to taste an infinite variety of flavors, a promise of powerful or delicate aromas: spices. In Arabic, they are called bah?r?...
14-12-2019 22:00

Japan: Ozoni

Ozoni or zoni (? ?) is a special soup made with mochi (rice cake) traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day in Japan. What is the etymology of zoni (ozo...
05-12-2019 21:54

Japan: Sashimi

What is the name of the Japanese dish of raw fish cut into rather thin slices" Sashimi (??) of course! What is sashimi" Let’s start by saying that s...
05-12-2019 21:54

Japan: Oyakodon

Serve together egg and hen in a bowl of rice with a divinely seasoned broth and you will have a version of one of the most traditional Japanese called...
05-12-2019 21:54

Japan: Sunomono (Kiyuri Namasu)

Kyuri no sunomono (? ?) or kiyuri namasu is a variety of namasu prepared with cucumbers. Namasu is a Japanese dish made of raw vegetables, finely slic...
01-12-2019 21:59

Japan: Tempura

What is tempura" Tempura is an assortment of fritters that has been very popular in Japan since the 17th century. This fritter has the distinction of ...
28-11-2019 21:52

Japan: Omurice

When a western omelette meets a typical Japanese fried rice, this gives the omurice! Find out why this tasty dish is so popular on Japanese family tab...
23-11-2019 21:55

Japan: Melon Pan

Melon pan or melonpan is a Japanese specialty that consists of a classic brioche covered with a thin layer of cookie dough. This little Japanese brioc...
22-11-2019 21:57

Japan: Nikujaga

A staple in Japanese cooking, nikujaga is a delicious Japanese dish made primarily from two main ingredients: meat (niku) and potatoes (jagaimo). It i...
22-11-2019 21:57

Japan: Yakisoba

Yakisoba (Japanese: ???? [jaki?soba]), is a classic Japanese stir fry noodle dish with pork and vegetables, and it?s seasoned with a sweet & savory sa...
20-11-2019 21:56

Japan: Karaage (Tori No Karaage)

Karaage (? ?) are formidable and crunchy little bites of marinated and fried chicken. They are one of the greatest classic recipes of Japanese cuisine...
19-11-2019 21:53

Japan: Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is halfway between a pancake and an omelette. This traditional dish is a staple of Japanese cuisine. It is rare to find okonomiyaki in the...
19-11-2019 21:53

Japan: Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu is a Japanese dish made with fried pork cutlets and very crispy, served with a fruity sauce. This Japanese cuisine classic with a Western ins...
19-11-2019 21:53

Japan: Dashi

What is dashi" Dashi (?? in Japanese) is a broth obtained from konbu algae infused in water. Dried bonito flakes (katsuobushi) are added to further en...
14-11-2019 21:55

Japan: Yaki Udon

Yaki udon is a classic Japanese noodle dish and one of Japan?s most prized dishes. Unassuming in their simplicity, udon are some of the most popular n...
14-11-2019 21:55

Japan: Castella (Kasutera)

What is castella" Castella or kasutera (????) is an emblematic Japanese dessert originating from the city of Nagasaki but with older Portuguese origin...
14-11-2019 21:55

Japan: Japanese Curry

What is Japanese curry" Japanese curry or Japanese Kari (??? in Japanese) is part of the everyday diet of Japanese people. It is served with rice, udo...
14-11-2019 21:55

Japan: Mochi Ice Cream (Yukimi Daifuku)

It is a mochi, with a soft and silky outer layer containing a good amount of ice cream inside. Let’s discover this Japanese delicacy called mochi ic...
13-11-2019 21:56

Japan: Matcha Ice Cream (Green Tea Ice Cream)

Matcha tea, a green tea full of precious resources, is in the star ingredient today. Let’s discover together the favorite ice cream flavor of Japan ...
11-11-2019 22:00

Iraq: Samoon

Homemade bread is a simple and quick way to always have a good authentic ingredient on your table and ideal to accompany all types of dishes; let’s ...
29-10-2019 21:59

Iraq: Halawat Sha?riyya

The traditional Iraqi dessert halawat sha?riyya has been a part of Persian confectionary for a long time and consumed by many even nowadays. The simpl...
26-10-2019 21:56

Iraq: Harees (Jareesh or Harissa)

Typically eaten throughout Armenia, the Middle-East and even in India, this truly ancient meal made of meat and wheat was invented to feed a crowd. Ha...
26-10-2019 21:56

Iraq: Bah?r?t

Nature allowed each of us to taste an infinite variety of flavors, a promise of powerful or delicate aromas: spices. In Arabic, they are called bah?r?...
26-10-2019 21:56

Armenia: Lavash

Let’s discover lavash together, a delicious unleavened flatbread traditionally baked in a tandoor, common to many countries and regions such as Arme...
24-10-2019 21:57

Iraq: Turshi Shalgham (Pickled Turnip)

Turshi shalgham is a traditional Iraqi variety of pickles mainly made from pickled turnip and topped with cauliflower and beetroot. They are served as...
23-10-2019 21:54

Iraq: Zaatar

Zaatar (????) is a mix of aromatic herbs and spices that are crushed with a mortar, popular in Middle Eastern countries. What is the origin of the wor...
20-10-2019 21:56

Iraq: Sabich

Mentioning Iraq and Israel together immediately brings to mind sabich or sabih (????), the vegetarian sandwich that makes Tel-Aviv inhabitants go craz...
20-10-2019 21:56

Iraq: Amba

If you are familiar with Iraqi, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, you will undoubtedly know amba (in Arabic: ????; in Hebrew: ????), a delicious mang...
19-10-2019 21:56

Iraq: Quzi

Quzi (Arabic: ????), also called qoozi or ghozi or al-quzi or al qawzi is one of the most popular dishes of Iraq, the Persian Gulf and Turkey. It is p...
17-10-2019 22:00

Iraq: Manti

What are manti" Manti are stuffed pasta from Turkey but are also very popular in Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Bosnia or even among the Uighurs, a ...
16-10-2019 21:51

Iraq: Znoud El-Sit

What are znoud el-sit" Znoud el-sit could be translated to “lady’s upper arms”. They are rolls of phyllo dough, stuffed with milk cream then fri...
16-10-2019 21:51

Iraq: Marqat Fasolia

Tender lamb pieces, swimming in a flavorful sauce made of white beans and tomatoes : this is marqat fasolia, a traditional Iraqi recipe. This generous...
12-10-2019 21:52

Iraq: Kahi

If you don’t know the national Iraqi breakfast yet, kahi should be a nice surprise to you. It is a delicious dessert made with filo pastry that is m...
12-10-2019 21:52

Iraq: Dibis

Dibis is a date syrup consumed in Iraq and most of the Middle East. It is a very nutritious natural sweetener. Iraqis use it in several culinary prepa...
12-10-2019 21:52

Serbia: Poga?a

It is called poga?a in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, po?aça in Albania and in Turkey, pogace in Romania, pogácsa in Hungary, pagá?e in Slovakia, pohag...
06-10-2019 21:58

Iraq: Khubz Tannour

Today, we take off to the land of Iraq with this new recipe for khubz tannour, a traditional flat bread, popular throughout the Middle East. What is k...
06-10-2019 21:58

Iraq: Luqmat al-Qadi (Lokma)

Lokma or luqmat al-qadi, as some Arabs call it, is one of those desserts that are made across the Middle East. Most people?s interest is instantly piq...
05-10-2019 21:55

Albania: Pite Me Mish (Byrek Me Mish)

If there is one recipe in the Albanian tradition, it is the recipe for pite me mish, also called byrek me mish, a delicious minced meat pie with filo ...
05-10-2019 21:55

Tunisia: Harissa Hloua (Aricha)

Harissa (aricha or harissa hloua) in Tunisia and the Egyptian city of Alexandria, basbousa in many Middle Eastern countries, kalb el louz in Algeria, ...
01-10-2019 21:54

Iraq: Shish Kebab

What is shish kebab" Shish kebab is one of the most emblematic dishes of Middle Eastern cuisine, found throughout the former Ottoman Empire and is hig...
01-10-2019 21:54

Iraq: Kleicha

In Iraq, in Christian and Muslim families alike, kleicha, a cookie made with dates and with a delicious cardamom flavor, can be found on every kitchen...
30-09-2019 21:57

Iraq: Labneh

Let’s go to the Middle East to learn more about one of the oldest and most popular recipes, labneh, labna, labni, lebni, or labani (Arabic: “????â...
29-09-2019 21:52

Turkey: Ashure (Noah’s Pudding)

Ashure or Noah’s pudding is a dessert of Turkish origin composed of cereals and dried fruits. It is a tradition served on the day of Achoura, the te...
29-09-2019 21:52

Iraq: Timman Bagilla

What is timman bagilla" Timman bagilla is a rice dish with fresh fava beans typical of Iraqi cuisine. It is served as a single dish or can be garnishe...
29-09-2019 21:52

Albania: Tavë Kosi

Imagine the scent of fresh garlic, tender pieces of lamb, lightly marinated in dried oregano, topped off with yogurt all baked in one dish! This Alban...
25-09-2019 21:53

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Kifli (Kifla or Kifle)

Kifli (kifla or kipferl), is a traditional pastry known across Central and Eastern Europe. Commonly known as kifli (meaning “twist” or “crescent...
24-09-2019 21:55

Croatia: Raznjici

Juicy meat cubes, threaded on skewers and grilled with vegetables are widely known in many cuisines. The Balkan region has its very own dish as well, ...
15-09-2019 21:54

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