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Interview with Chef Mirciny Moliviatis

Chef Mirciny Moliviatis is 196 flavors’ culinary expert in Guatemalan cuisine. Tell us more about your knowledge and experience when it comes to Gua...
21-11-2021 21:40

Danish Butter Cookies

  Danish butter cookies are very popular in Denmark. These traditional cookies are also known as Danish cookies. They usually contain a lot of butter...
19-11-2021 21:39


Julekake is traditional Christmas bread that can be found on every table in Denmark during the Christmas season. It is sweet bread with raisins, candi...
18-11-2021 21:45

Wiener Schnitzel

What is Schnitzel" Schnitzel or Wiener Schnitzel is a traditional preparation originating from Vienna, the capital of Austria. Wiener schnitzel litera...
17-11-2021 21:38


Centuries old, mämmi is a Finnish dessert made from rye flour, powdered rye malt and sugar, and is flavored with orange zest and sometimes raisins. Fo...
29-10-2021 21:39

Rødgrød med Fløde

What is rødgrød med fløde" Rødgrød med fløde is a typical Danish dessert prepared with red fruit compote (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc...
28-10-2021 21:38


What is kishk" Kishk is a traditional Lebanese preparation made from yogurt and bulgur. It is naturally fermented and then dried and ground to a coars...
27-10-2021 21:36

Salsa de Tomate Frito

What is salsa de tomate frito" Salsa de tomate frito is one of the most popular culinary products in Spain, and essentially consists of frying tomatoe...
26-10-2021 21:47


What is mahalabia" Mahalabia (or muhallebi) is a very popular milk pudding in Lebanon and other countries in the Middle East. It is traditionally flav...
25-10-2021 21:38

Morocco : Baghrir

Afrique du Nord, et Maroc, en particulier n’est pas seulement connu pour sa cuisine raffinée, mais aussi pour ses desserts et pâtisseries. Aujourdâ€...
23-10-2021 21:36


A basic preparation in Mediterranean and Latin American cuisine, sofrito (Spanish), sofregit (Catalan), soffritto (Italian), refogado (Portuguese), ho...
22-10-2021 21:42

Fava Santorinis

What?s fava santorinis" Lathyrus clymenum is the name of fava santorinis, an ingredient used to prepare one of the most popular Greek dishes: fava san...
21-10-2021 21:39


Sfouf is a very popular Lebanese dessert cake. Like many Lebanese desserts, it is made with fine semolina. Also, this cake does not contain eggs. It i...
15-10-2021 21:40


What is Ashta" Ashta is a coagulated dairy product made from fresh milk heated and consumed as a dessert in the Middle East. It is often known as the ...
12-10-2021 21:43


What is gumbo" Gumbo, or gombo, is a stew that originated in New Orleans in the United States of America. It comes from a broad cultural mix which bor...
11-10-2021 21:39


What are ghraybeh" Ghraybeh (also called qurabiya, ghraybe, ghorayeba, ghoriba, ghribia, ghraïba, or ghriyyaba) are small butter (or clarified butter,...
04-10-2021 21:42


What is fatteh" Fatteh, also called fatta, fette, fetté or fattah (in Arabic ????) is a typical dish of the southern Levant. This preparation, althoug...
01-10-2021 21:42

Batata Harra

What is batata harra" Batata harra is a delicious spiced potato dish from Lebanon. It is found everywhere in the countries of the Middle East, such as...
30-09-2021 21:42


What is hashweh" Hashweh is a dish of ground lamb and rice from Lebanon. It is flavored with a subtle blend of spices. Dried fruits are added for crun...
24-09-2021 21:41

Féroce d’Avocat

Feroce d?avocat is a specialty from the French West Indies that is based on salt cod, avocado and cassava. It is also called Antillais guacamole. Cod,...
17-09-2021 21:39

Arroz con Pollo (Rice with Chicken)

Arroz con pollo is a traditional Spanish recipe (very popular also in Latin America) prepared with rice, chicken (whole or in pieces), various vegetab...
15-09-2021 21:45

Mojo de Ajo

Mojo de ajo is a delicious garlic and olive oil sauce that is popular in Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean. This is a traditional garlic sauce with a tan...
13-09-2021 21:41

Martabak Manis

What is martabak manis" Martabak manis (or murtabak manis) is a thick and sweet pancake, an essential Indonesian street food. It is customary to gener...
21-07-2021 21:43

Buñuelos Colombianos

Among the immense variety of buñuelos, buñuelos colombianos (Colombian donuts), made with queso costeño (coastal cheese) and responding to all these p...
15-07-2021 21:54

Besitos de Coco

Besitos de Coco, or coquitos, made from coconut, papelón (panela) and spices, are among the Venezuelan Creole pastries whose recipe has been passed do...
14-07-2021 21:47


As featured in the movie Parasite, jjapaguri (also called ram-don in English) is a Korean dish prepared by combining two popular kinds of instant nood...
09-07-2021 21:50

Humitas En Chala

What are humitas" Traditionally from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, humitas is a dish of pre-Columbian origin prepared with corn, tomato...
08-07-2021 21:45

Pan Dulce

Pan dulce or pan de dulce, literally ?sweet bread,? is the generic name for a variety of Hispanic sweet baked goods. They are also known as tunjitas, ...
07-07-2021 21:45

Caraotas Negras

Caraotas negras, whether or not to accompany pabellón criollo, are a typical Venezuelan black bean dish, sometimes referred to as ?Venezuelan beans? o...
06-07-2021 21:46


Urap or urab is a salad of Javanese origin popular in Indonesia, composed of mixed cooked vegetables seasoned with coconut. Javanese cuisine is a regi...
30-06-2021 21:40


Cannoli (cannolo in the singular), often called cannoli siciliani, are pastries of Italian origin made from tube-shaped shells of fried dough stuffed ...
25-06-2021 21:41

Kroket Kentang Isi Ayam

Kroket, also known as kroket kentang isi ayam (which literally means ?potato croquettes stuffed with chicken?), is a traditional Indonesian appetizer ...
24-06-2021 21:42

Ayam Goreng

What is ayam goreng" Ayam goreng is a fried chicken dish that originated in Malaysia and Indonesia. Unlike other fried chicken recipes, ayam goreng is...
23-06-2021 21:48

Pastelitos Venezolanos

What are pastelitos" Pastelitos, pastelitos andinos, pastelitos venezolanos or pasteles de queso are small fried pastry turnovers with a filling made ...
18-06-2021 21:45

Arepa de Queso

Arepa is a pre-Columbian dish based on corn and filled with cheese, very popular in Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia and Panama (where it?s known as torti...
17-06-2021 21:43


What is guasacaca" Guasacaca, also known as wasakaka or huasacaca, is a traditional Venezuelan dip used as a side in different dishes such as barbecue...
15-06-2021 21:51


What is chicharrón" Chicharrón, or chicharrones in the plural, is a very popular dish throughout Latin America and Spain. This is a fresh pork belly c...
14-06-2021 21:45


A culinary heritage of the Native American Taino ethnic group, casabe is one of the oldest delicacies of the pre-Columbian diet. What is casabe" Casab...
12-06-2021 21:44


What are mustaccioli" Mustaccioli, or mustacciuoli, are soft, chewy Christmas cookies originally from Naples in Italy. These spiced cookies are a gast...
11-06-2021 21:43


Quesillo or quesillo venezolano is a very popular flan in Venezuela. This traditional Venezuelan dessert consists mainly of eggs, milk, condensed milk...
09-06-2021 21:44


Indonesian rempeyek are small crackers that come in several versions: teri (dried anchovies), rebon (small shrimp), ebi (dried shrimp), kacang (peanut...
05-06-2021 21:40

Zeppole di San Giuseppe

Zeppole di San Giuseppe are Italian donut-type confections made from fried and lightly sweetened choux pastry filled with custard, on top of which is ...
03-06-2021 21:40


Perfect as an appetizer, grissini (grissino in the singular), are crispy breadsticks originally from Turin, which can be enjoyed on their own or accom...
02-06-2021 21:43

Beef and Broccoli

Beef and broccoli is a very popular dish in Chinese and American-Chinese cuisine. It consists of fine strips of beef, sautéed with crunchy broccoli an...
28-05-2021 21:46

Penne all’Arrabbiata (Penne Arrabbiata)

What is penne all?arrabbiata" Penne all’arrabbiata (or penne arrabbiata) is made with sugo all?arrabbiata, a spicy sauce of Italian cuisine, and a s...
25-05-2021 21:48

Latte Macchiato

Latte macchiato is a very popular hot drink in Italy that consists of successive layers of warm milk, espresso coffee, and milk froth. It has a charac...
24-05-2021 21:47


What is zlevanka" Zlevanka is a traditional cornbread from Northern Croatian regions of Zagorje, Me?imurje, and Podravina. It is a simple dish made of...
21-05-2021 21:44

Misir Wat

Misir wat is a stewed vegetarian dish from Ethiopia made with red lentils. This is a popular dish very rich in flavor thanks to the presence of spice...
20-05-2021 21:46


What is zabaione" A great Italian classic with many variations, zabaione (AKA zabaglione, zabajone, or in French, sabayon) is an Italian dessert that ...
19-05-2021 21:50


Kitcha is a traditional flatbread native to Ethiopia in East Africa. It is made from simple ingredients (flour, water and salt), and is cooked in a pa...
17-05-2021 21:50

Lasagne (Pasta Sheets)

What are lasagne" Lasagne are a specialty of Italian cuisine. These are fresh egg pasta sheets that are layered with alternating fillings. The pasta c...
14-05-2021 21:51

Tagliatelle Al Ragù (Spaghetti Bolognese)

What is tagliatelle al ragù" Tagliatelle al ragù (or tagliatelle al ragù alla Bolognese) is a very popular Italian dish that originates from the Emili...
13-05-2021 21:44


Ricotta is a fresh cheese from Italy that is used in many culinary preparations. It comes in the form of a white cheese with a grainy texture and a sm...
12-05-2021 21:46

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

  Spaghetti alla carbonara (or pasta alla carbonara) is a typical Italian dish made with spaghetti, eggs, cheese and guanciale (or pancetta). WHAT IS...
11-05-2021 21:45


What are ravioli" Ravioli are fresh, stuffed pasta cooked in water or in a consommé, and seasoned with sauce or melted butter. Both form and filling a...
08-05-2021 21:49


Mitmita (????) is a traditional powdered, red-orange spice blend that?s popular in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Composition and preparation of mitmita Mitmit...
27-04-2021 21:55


What is kitfo" Kitfo, sometimes also spelled ketfo, is an Ethiopian and Eritrean dish made with raw, ground beef, and flavored with mitmita, a local s...
21-04-2021 21:49


Ra?nji?i is a popular dish of the Balkans, especially of Croatia. These skewers are specific due to their interesting preparation process as the meat ...
16-04-2021 21:49


What is himbasha" Himbasha, hembasha, or h?mbasha (????) in Ethiopia, or ambasha in Eritrea (????), is a traditional flat bread for Christmas (Leddet)...
14-04-2021 21:48

Kik Alicha

Kik alicha is a traditional Ethiopian vegetarian dish made with red lentils, turmeric, and niter kibbeh. Communal eating, where friends and family sit...
12-04-2021 21:46


What is awaze"  Awaze is a very spicy sauce that is native to Ethiopia. It consists of berbere, a typical mixture of spices made from dried chilli, g...
10-04-2021 21:46

Shiro Wot

Popular during times of religious fasting, shiro wot is an Ethiopian-Eritrean stew. This vegetarian and high protein dish is made with chickpea flour,...
09-04-2021 21:50

Brandade de Morue (Whipped Salt Cod Spread)

Brandade de morue is a cod-based dish made from dried and salted cod. It is a specialty of the Roussillon, Languedoc and Provence regions of Occitania...
08-04-2021 21:47

Mincemeat Pie

What is mincemeat pie" The most common use of mincemeat is in a pie, which the English are particularly fond of. This tart, or rather this pie which i...
31-03-2021 21:47


When it comes to the Croatian region of Istria, fu?i are its most famous pasta. Even though they are mostly prepared in Istria, today, there are manuf...
26-03-2021 21:42

Interview with Chef Stefano Catenacci

Chef Stefano Catenacci is the Swedish culinary expert on 196 flavors. Stefano Catenacci is a Michelin-starred Swedish chef. In 1996, Chef Stefano beca...
20-03-2021 21:46

Ping Kai

Ping kai (???? ???) is the Lao version of grilled chicken. In Thailand it?s also called kai yang, gai yang (??? ????), kai ping (??? ????), gai ping, ...
19-03-2021 21:46

Lao Khao Soi

Lao khao soi is a delicious comforting soup originating in Southeast Asia. This soup, made from rice noodles and broth, is popular in Laos and norther...
18-03-2021 22:21


What is kataifi" Kataifi, kadaïf or kadaifi (in Greek: ?? (?) ?????, in Turkish: kadayif) is a very popular dessert in the Middle East, Turkey and Gre...
10-03-2021 21:47


Melomakarona (????????????, or melomakarono in the singular), are cookies soaked in honey syrup, and are typical of the Greek Christmas tradition (???...
09-03-2021 21:46


Koulourakia (???????????), singular koulouráki (??????????), are traditional Greek Easter cookies that are made on Holy Thursday to be eaten after Hol...
08-03-2021 21:46


What is pastitsio" One of Greece?s favorite meals, pastitsio (????????? pastítsio), is an oven-baked dish made from pasta, minced meat, and béchamel s...
05-03-2021 21:43


What is flammekueche" Flammekueche, also known as tarte flambée or flammenküche, is a traditional tart originating from Alsace in France. It is also f...
04-03-2021 21:41

Frappé Coffee

  Frappé coffee, Greek frappé, Nescafé frappé, or simply frappé (??????) is a cold drink of Greek origin, made from instant coffee, water, sugar and ...
03-03-2021 21:41


What are gougères" Gougères are a typical specialty of Burgundian cuisine. They consist of a salted choux pastry enriched with grated cheese, and bake...
02-03-2021 21:42


What is tartiflette" Tartiflette is an iconic French dish, and is typical of the Savoy region. It comes in the form of a gratin made from sautéed pota...
22-02-2021 21:45

Moroccan Mint Tea

Traditional in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania, and also in certain countries of the Near and Middle East, mint tea (in classical Arab...
19-02-2021 21:42

20 Most Popular Middle Eastern Recipes

Here are 20 of the most popular Middle Eastern recipes, organized by course: Appetizers 1. Borani 2. Imam Bay?ld? 3. Pide Soup 4. Fasoulia 5. Yayla Ço...
12-02-2021 21:42

20 Most Popular Mediterranean Recipes

Here are 20 of the most popular Mediterranean recipes, organized by course: Appetizers 1. Arancini al Burro 2. Capicola 3. Cheese Soufflé Soup 4. Açor...
10-02-2021 21:47


Biftekia, also known as ?Greek hamburger?, are very popular in Greece, although they differ slightly from American hamburger steaks. Biftekia are flav...
08-02-2021 21:42

India: Dal Makhani

Dal makhani is a typical vegetarian dish originating from Punjab and widespread in India. It is prepared from black lentils, red beans, tomato puree, ...
25-09-2020 21:43

El Salvador: Quesadilla Salvadoreña

Many people know the popular savory Mexican quesadilla, but the very different quesadilla salvadoreña is a delicious dessert, El Salvador‘s ultimate...
24-09-2020 21:40

Nigeria: Ginger Juice (Gnamakoudji)

Here is how to prepare a ginger juice in the pure West African tradition where it is also called gnamankoudji, gnamacoudji, nyamakuji or gnamakoudji, ...
31-08-2020 22:06

Nigeria: Palm Wine

Palm wine is an alcoholic, sweet and tasty beverage obtained from the sap of various species of palm trees, which are found in the tropics, various pa...
31-08-2020 22:06

United States: Hoecakes

Hoecakes, hoe cakes or johnnycakes are traditional pancakes that are very popular in the South of the United States and in New England. These are smal...
31-08-2020 22:06

Malaysia: Mee Goreng

Stir-fried noodles are a classic staple in Asian cuisine. In Malaysia and Indonesia, the favorite local noodle dish is called mee goreng. What is mee ...
31-08-2020 22:06

Italy: Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo, originally from Italy, has been a growing success in the United States, where the dish remains a true classic of Italian restauran...
31-08-2020 22:06

Malaysia: Apam Balik

Apam balik are thick and fluffy pancakes that are popular in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore. They are prepared from coconut milk. They are ...
31-08-2020 22:06

El Salvador: Charamuscas

Charamuscas are fruit, milk or other type of flavored soft drinks, that are poured into plastic bags of half a pound or the desired size for which the...
31-08-2020 22:06

Nigeria: Egusi Soup

What is egusi soup" Egusi soup is one of the most elaborate dishes in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. It is named after the key ingredient, eg...
31-08-2020 22:06

El Salvador: Elote Loco

Elote loco, literally “crazy corn” is a whole cob of cooked or grilled sweet corn, topped with mayonnaise, mustard, salsa negra (or salsa inglesa)...
31-08-2020 22:06

Ivory Coast: Attiéké

Nicknamed “Ivorian couscous”, attiéké also spelled acheke, is a side dish, ubiquitous on Ivorian tables but also in Benin, prepared with fermented...
03-08-2020 21:41

Netherlands: Hutspot

Hutspot is a dish made from mashed potatoes, carrots and onions that is one of the staples of traditional Dutch cuisine. What is the origin of hutspot...
31-07-2020 21:48

Gabon: Coconut Flan

What is coconut flan" Coconut flan (or flan de coco in French) is a traditional Gabonese dessert made from coconut milk, grated coconut, eggs, sugar a...
31-07-2020 21:48

Gabon: Oven-Baked Bananas

Oven-baked bananas are certainly one of the iconic dishes of Gabonese cuisine. Crispy and tasty, they are traditionally eaten with dessert, as an acco...
30-07-2020 21:38

Netherlands: Bitterballen

Crunchy on the outside, melting on the inside, bitterballen (singular: bitterbal) are typical Dutch snacks containing minced beef and/or veal. The rou...
28-07-2020 21:40

Netherlands: Poffertjes

Poffertjes, nicknamed “mini Dutch pancakes”, and also known as ?baby pancakes?, ?tiny pancakes? or ?puffers?, are one of the most important specia...
28-07-2020 21:40

Netherlands: Pannekoeken

Pannekoeken or pannenkoeken (pannekoek or pannenkoek in the singular form) are the famous Dutch pancakes, that even have a holiday dedicated to them c...
27-07-2020 21:43

Netherlands: Spekkoek

What is spekkoek" Spekkoek is a type of firm textured layer cake traditionally made from eggs, sugar, butter, and spices such as cinnamon, cloves, car...
25-07-2020 21:44

Netherlands: Oliebollen (Smoutballen)

What are oliebollen" Literally translated as “oil balls”, oliebollen are traditional Belgian and Dutch doughnuts made with flour, milk, eggs, yeas...
21-07-2020 21:42

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