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Healthy Chocolate French Macarons

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Let’s be real, the only way to celebrate this day is with LOADS of chocolate, amirite"  ?  Whether you’re single or take...
14-02-2019 21:52

(Naturally Red) Red Velvet Biscotti

I don’t care if you’re married or single, in a long-distance relationship, a brand new relationship, or heck, if you’re dating yourself…  you ...
07-02-2019 21:56

Healthy Raspberry Lemon Hibiscus Marshmallows

This recipe for Raspberry Lemon Hibiscus Marshmallows yields the lightest, fluffiest, and most flavorful mallows you could ever dream of! They’re sw...
01-02-2019 21:54

Healthy Coconut Quinoa Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

There are two types of people:  people who go with the flow and do things on the fly, and people who are totally anal rigid and need to plan things. I...
31-01-2019 21:54

Healthy Vanilla Quinoa Cupcakes

I planned on baking my Apple Pie Blondies (idea courtesy of commenter miss Karin!) so I could cross it off my “Blondie Flavors To-Bake List” but c...
23-01-2019 21:55

Healthier Blood Orange Ice Cream

Blood oranges are in season!!  And what do you do when it’s 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside"  YA MAKE ICE CREAM, that’s what.  PS:  I love you Texas...
15-01-2019 21:56

160-calorie Blood Orange Ice Cream

Blood oranges are in season!!  And what do you do when it’s 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside"  YA MAKE ICE CREAM, that’s what.  PS:  I love you Texas...
14-01-2019 21:57

Healthy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Krispy Treats

These Healthy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Krispy Treats are rich, sweet, crunchy, and chewy.  They sure don’t taste refined sugar free, high protein...
06-01-2019 21:54

Healthy Peanut Butter Fudge

This Healthy Peanut Butter Fudge is just like regular fudge — super rich, uber decadent and tooth-achingly sweet — but it’s secretly healthy and...
31-12-2018 21:57

Kick-Starting 2019 with a GIVEAWAY and these Healthy Cookie

I’ve always been pretty good about sitting down and setting goals for the new year, but this year is a bit different.  This year has involved a lot ...
28-12-2018 21:54

Healthy Raw Vegan Peppermint Cheesecake

What’s ultra rich, uber creamy, and ultimately refreshing"  This perfectly pink Vegan Peppermint Cheesecake, of course! And to top things off, I’v...
20-12-2018 21:55

Healthy Pecan Pie

This Healthy Pecan Pie is so rich and decadent, every bite is pure joy — you’d never know it’s made without the corn syrup, white sugar, butter,...
18-12-2018 21:53

Healthier Chocolate Avocado Cake

When it comes to baking, the most common ingredients that come to mind include butter, sugar, and flour — whether you’re making cake or cookies or...
14-12-2018 21:54

Healthy Matcha Coconut Truffles

Matcha and coconut pair together as well as peanut butter and chocolate…  or apples and cinnamon…  or sprinkles on donuts.  The matcha is earthy a...
09-12-2018 21:57

Healthy Chocolate Fudge Sauce

What’s thick, rich, and chocolatey, and goes perfectly poured over ice cream**"  This Healthy Chocolate Fudge Sauce! **And maybe possibly even cake,...
05-12-2018 22:02

Fun In Austin, Texas — and a Day Trip to San Antonio!

HI!  How are you"  It’s been a minute since I last wrote about behind the blogging scenes and life in general, I just love, love, love sharing recip...
04-12-2018 21:55

Healthy Matcha Green Tea White Hot Chocolate

This Matcha Green Tea White Hot Chocolate will warm you up and satisfy your sweet tooth…  without the guilt!  With every sip you’ll seriously ask ...
26-11-2018 21:58

Healthy Red Velvet Cake Donuts

Red Velvet Cake + Donuts  =  Red Velvet Cake Donuts. . Red Velvet Cake Donuts + Desserts with Benefits  = HEALTHY Red Velvet Cake Donuts! . The hint o...
19-11-2018 21:59

Healthy Cinnamon Rolls

MAGIC — that’s what these Healthy Cinnamon Rolls are!  These pillowy treats are sweet, buttery and tender, you’d never know they’re all natura...
17-11-2018 21:59

Healthy Red Velvet Chia Seed Pudding

This Healthy Red Velvet Chia Seed Pudding recipe has got the flavor of red velvet cake along with all the healthfulness of chia pudding.  WIN-WIN! Itâ...
16-11-2018 22:00

Healthier Brigadeiros

Have you ever had Brigadeiros"  They’re not a very common dessert here in the US, but they’re very popular in Brazil.  Made from sweetened condens...
14-11-2018 22:00

Healthy Caramel Pumpkin Pudding

This 5-minute Healthy Caramel Pumpkin Pudding is sweet, creamy and packed full of pumpkin and caramel flavor. Best of all, it doesn’t require any co...
10-11-2018 22:03

Healthy Almond Joy Candy Fudge

Ohhhh yes.  Almond Joy Candy Fudge.  My heart just skipped a beat! Ohhhh yes. Wait, did I say that already" It appears I did, but you can’t blame me...
07-11-2018 21:59

Healthy Homemade Nutter Butters

Just as delicious as the store-bought kinds but made without the corn syrup and trans fats, these healthy Homemade Nutter Butters will blow your mind!...
05-11-2018 22:03

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This delicious and secretly HEALTHY Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is safe to eat raw! No eggs, no butter, no white flour, and no white sugar. Plus, itâ€...
03-11-2018 21:56

Healthy Homemade Graham Crackers

I made whole wheat graham crackers and then I made gluten-free graham crackers, so it was finally time to make vegan and gluten free graham crackers! ...
03-11-2018 21:56

Healthy Maple Pecan Krispy Treats

These easy, no-bake Maple Pecan Krispy Treats are chewy, crunchy, 100% delicious, and secretly healthy!  You’d never know they’re refined sugar fr...
01-11-2018 22:03

Healthy Apple Pie Cheesecake Bars

HEY HI HELLO.  I’m excited.  Can you tell I’m excited""  Why, you ask"  Because I finally get to post the recipe for these Healthy Apple Pie Chees...
29-10-2018 21:54

Healthy Pumpkin Spice French Macarons

It’s October and nearly November, so that means…  PUMPKIN EVERYTHAANNGGG! ?  I’ve been slow to roll out pumpkin recipes this Fall — I’ve onl...
25-10-2018 21:52

Healthy Pumpkin Pie Pops

Are you ready for the best recipe you’ll see this year""  I hope so, because today I’m bringing you these Pumpkin Pie Pops — where Pumpkin Pie m...
24-10-2018 21:57

Healthy Pumpkin Ice Cream

I have to admit, I have never really been a fan of pumpkin.  Or pumpkin pie spice.  Or pumpkin spice lattes.  I’m sure you’re looking at your scre...
23-10-2018 22:07

Healthy Homemade Crunch Bars

Growing up, I’ve always gravitated towards Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Bars or Snickers…  nothing else.  But the variety of candies passed out dur...
21-10-2018 21:55

Healthy Single-Serving Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal

Craving Pumpkin Pie but want something on the healthier side"  Make this healthy-without-the-healthy-taste Single-Serving Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal!  ...
19-10-2018 21:53

Healthy Black Velvet Overnight Dessert Oats

These Black Velvet Overnight Dessert Oats are smooth, creamy, hearty, filling, and best of all, sweet and chocolatey! I call this “Black Velvet” b...
16-10-2018 21:56

20 Healthy Peanut Butter Dessert Recipes

Fellow peanut butter lovers, rejoice!  These 20 Healthy Peanut Butter Dessert recipes will satisfy your every peanut butter craving, big or small, mod...
12-10-2018 21:55

Healthy Homemade Fig Bars

What’s got a chewy, cakey cookie crust and a soft, sweet, and figgy filling"  These Healthy Homemade Fig Bars of course, made with Truvia® Natural S...
09-10-2018 21:50

Healthy Chocolate Therapy Cake (To Celebrate My 26th Birthda

Chocolate Therapy Cakes tend to be, well, “therapeutic” in the sense that the cake will immerse you into a deep, food- and sugar-induced coma.  Th...
06-10-2018 21:55

21 Healthy Pink Desserts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

There’s more to October than the weather getting cooler, Halloween, and then the countdown to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  October is also Breast Ca...
01-10-2018 21:54

Healthy Black Velvet Chia Seed Pudding

This Healthy Black Velvet Chia Seed Pudding is lightly sweet, chocolatey, and filling, plus it’s got an amazing thick texture with a slight crunch i...
24-09-2018 21:57

Healthy Cake Batter Milkshake

I was craving cake all last week the other day but I wasn’t all into the idea of using the oven…  every time I use it the temperature in my apartm...
22-09-2018 21:51

Healthy Gingerbread Overnight Dessert Oats

Healthy Gingerbread Overnight Dessert Oats!  Turn a boring bowl of oatmeal into a decadent breakfast treat with this super fun and festive recipe. It ...
17-09-2018 21:52

Healthy Homemade Cookies and Cream Candy Bars

Ready for the best chocolate bar to ever hit your tastebuds"  Yes"  Good.  Because today I’m bringing you these homemade Cookies and Cream Candy Bar...
14-09-2018 21:52

Healthy Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

These Healthy Pumpkin Swirl Brownies are comprised of an UBER fudgy brownie base studded with chocolate chips, and are topped with a rich, cinnamon-sp...
04-09-2018 21:55

Healthy Snickerdoodle Dip

Healthy Snickerdoodle Dip!  Yes, you read that correctly.  This sweet, cinnamon-spiced dessert dip is thick, creamy, simple, and delicious. Oh, and a ...
29-08-2018 21:53

My Trip to New York City ? a NYC Native Traveling with a NYC

New York City â€” whether you’ve visited the Big Apple before or not, “New York City” always brings something to mind.  Sex and the City, Law & ...
28-08-2018 21:52

Healthy Blueberry Lavender Chia Seed Pudding

This Blueberry Lavender Chia Seed Pudding makes for a great breakfast — it’s full of healthy ingredients such as chia seeds (high in omega-3 fatty...
25-08-2018 21:52

Healthy Chocolate Whoopie Pies

These Healthy Chocolate Whoopie Pies are so soft, light, and fluffy — a hybrid between cake and cookie — you’d never ever know they’re sugar f...
20-08-2018 21:52

Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti

This Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti is firm, crunchy, and not tooth-achingly sweet — just like all biscotti should be.  The only difference between thi...
16-08-2018 21:52

5-ingredient No-Churn Medicated Chocolate Olive Oil Ice Crea

Well, I did it.  I made the best friggin ice cream on the planet.  This Chocolate Olive Oil Ice Cream.  But not just any Chocolate Olive Oil Ice Cream...
09-08-2018 21:52

Healthy Coffee Cake Banana Bread

This Coffee Cake Banana Bread is both Coffee Cake and Banana Bread mixed into one!  It’s light and fluffy, yet moist and decadently rich.  Every sin...
06-08-2018 21:55

Healthy Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

What tastes like cheesecake, is infused with chocolate, and it totally dippable"  This Healthy Chocolate Cheesecake Dip, of course! It’s silky smoot...
02-08-2018 21:52

Healthy Red Velvet Overnight Dessert Oats

Have dessert for breakfast with these Healthy Red Velvet Overnight Dessert Oats!  Every spoonful is full of thick and hearty, sweet and chocolatey oat...
30-07-2018 21:54

Healthy Banana Protein Pancakes

These Healthy Banana Protein Pancakes are uber light, fluffy, and perfectly sweet.  One bite and you won’t be able to tell they’re gluten free, re...
26-07-2018 21:53

Healthy Samoas Smoothie

If you’re craving something full of caramel, coconut, and chocolate flavor, this Healthy Samoas Smoothie recipe is for you! Fellow Samoas addicts, l...
23-07-2018 21:55

Healthy Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

These Healthy Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies are so soft, chewy, and delicious (not to mention, easy to make!), you’d never know they’re refined sug...
19-07-2018 21:53

Healthy Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Parfaits

Looking for a beautiful and sophisticated dessert to display at your next get together to impress family and friends"  But are you also in the market ...
13-07-2018 21:54

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough DIY Protein Bars (with V

I’m really surprised that I’ve never gotten sick with Salmonella.  I used to eat raw cookie dough by the tub.  THE TUB.  Like, the 36oz tubs…  f...
08-07-2018 21:50

Healthy Key Lime Pie Dip

When you’re in the mood for Key Lime Pie but don’t have the time (or patience) to bake an entire pie and wait for it to cool (the worst part!), th...
02-07-2018 21:52

Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Overnight Dessert Oats

Y’all, these Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Overnight Dessert Oats.  I’m speechless.  It really does taste like a crumbled oatmeal raisin cookie dunked in ...
29-06-2018 21:56

Healthy Lemon Ricotta Cake

Sit back and imagine yourself a slice of the FLUFFIEST, lightest, and most delicious slice of refreshing, lemony cake…  that’s what this Lemon Ric...
25-06-2018 21:55

Healthy Whole Wheat Pancakes

No matter how early it is or how groggy I am or how little coffee I’ve had to drink, mornings will always be made better with PANCAKES.  Specificall...
21-06-2018 21:56

Healthy Snickers Smoothie

Are you craving a super decadent, thick, chocolatey, caramelly, peanut butter milkshake"  Maybe you weren’t before, but I’m sure you are now.  Don...
18-06-2018 21:56

Healthy Peanut Butter and Jelly Chia Seed Pudding

For a quick and easy grab-and-go breakfast, this Peanut Butter and Jelly Chia Seed Pudding has gotta be in your recipe arsenal. It’s got ALL the pea...
15-06-2018 21:56

Healthy Blueberry Cheesecake Dip

Craving Blueberry Cheesecake but don’t have the time (or patience) to bake an entire cheesecake"  Make this 5-minute Blueberry Cheesecake Dip!  Itâ€...
13-06-2018 21:55

Healthy Blueberry Bliss Krispy Treats

You’ll be shocked at how good these Blueberry Bliss Krispy Treats are — they’re crunchy, chewy, sweet, and fruity.  Every bite is 100% pure deli...
11-06-2018 22:00

Healthy Tiramisu Overnight Dessert Oats

Like Tiramisu but don?t want all the sugar, excess fat, and processed ingredients"  Make these Healthy Tiramisu Overnight Dessert Oats!  It might not ...
07-06-2018 21:52

Healthy Strawberry Protein Fluff

If you’re craving something sweet, filling, and delicious, you gotta make this 5-ingredient Strawberry Protein Fluff!  It’s like ice cream and whi...
04-06-2018 21:55

Healthy Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake Dip

When you’re craving cheesecake but don’t have hours and hours to spend baking, you make this 100-calorie Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake Dip!  It’s ...
31-05-2018 21:54

Healthy Matcha Green Tea Muddy Buddies (or Puppy Chow)

I’m pretty sure Muddy Buddies (or Puppy Chow, whatever you call it!) don’t come to mind when you’re thinking of a healthy snack idea…  but tha...
29-05-2018 21:54

Healthy Chocolate Banana Chia Seed Pudding

This Chocolate Banana Chia Seed Pudding recipe is perfectly sweet from the bananas, deliciously chocolatey from the cocoa, and surprisingly filling th...
27-05-2018 21:52

Healthy No-Bake Oatmeal Fudge Bars

You?ve gotta try this super easy Oatmeal Fudge Bars recipe!  It?s the perfect breakfast or midday treat to satisfy your sweet tooth — totally guilt-...
24-05-2018 21:52

Easy Vegan Sticky Buns

You’ll wow everyone with these soft and fluffy Sticky Buns!  They’re perfectly spiced with cinnamon and topped with sweet, caramel-pecan goodness....
21-05-2018 21:55

Healthy Matcha Green Tea Cookie Dough

Cookie dough lovers, behold — edible Matcha Cookie Dough!  It tastes just like cookie dough from the tub — indulgent, fudgy, sweet, and sinful —...
18-05-2018 21:59

Healthy Matcha Green Tea Energy Bites

These Matcha Green Tea Energy Bites are soft, fudgy, and sweet.  You’d never know they’re sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and keto-fri...
15-05-2018 21:55

Healthy Matcha Green Tea Nut Butter

Healthy Matcha Green Tea Nut Butter — combine earthy matcha with rich and buttery macadamia nuts and cashews, and voilŕ!  You’ve got yourself a de...
12-05-2018 21:52

Healthy Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal

This healthy Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal is soft, light, fluffy, and peanut buttery, yet packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and none of the...
10-05-2018 21:54

Dairy Free Strawberry Tart with Pastry Cream

This beautiful Strawberry Tart has a rich and flavorful pie crust, the creamiest, vanilla bean-infused Pastry Cream, and is topped off with sweet, fre...
07-05-2018 21:55

Healthy Blueberry Protein Fluff

What?s like a mixture between ice cream and whipped cream and a cloud"  This Blueberry Protein Fluff. THAT?S WHAT! People.  You NEED this Blueberry Fl...
04-05-2018 21:50

Healthy Chocolate Protein Frosting

Healthy Chocolate Frosting"!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Unlike storebought frostings and icings, this sweet and creamy, uber chocolatey dessert t...
02-05-2018 21:51

(How to Make Frosé) Easy Peach Melba Frosé

Mother’s Day is just a couple weeks away so it’s time to start thinking about ways to celebrate.  What does every mom want"  Chocolates, flowers, ...
30-04-2018 22:00

Vegan Chunky Monkey Pull Apart Bread

What’s got bananas, chocolate, and peanut butter, and is both super easy to make and eat" Chunky Monkey Pull Apart Bread!  A loaf made of layers of ...
26-04-2018 21:50

Funfetti French Macarons (To Celebrate My 7th Blogiversary &

Today is a huge, HUGE day.  April 20th, 2018 marks the day of my blog’s 7th birthday!!  Holy sh*t, holy sh*t, holy sh*t, have I seriously been blogg...
20-04-2018 21:52

4-ingredient No-Churn Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream (made in a b

This Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream is the best of the best.  Literally, THE BESTEST OF THE BEST ICE CREAMS KNOWN TO MANKIND. (Yes, all caps were most defi...
18-04-2018 22:00

Homemade Cosmic Brownies

Did Cosmic Brownies play as big of a role in your childhood as they did in mine"  Embarrassingly enough, I’ve gotta admit that in middle school I we...
16-04-2018 21:51

Healthy Marbled Matcha Green Tea Banana Bread

Ever heard of Matcha Green Tea Banana Bread"  Probably not, but lemme tell ya, it’s one of the greatest things I have shoved in my face in a long ti...
13-04-2018 21:53

Healthy Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

These Cheesecake Swirl Brownies are THE fudgiest, most dense, and chocolatey brownies that will ever meet your face…  oh, and they’re gluten free,...
11-04-2018 21:56

Healthy Cake Batter Overnight Dessert Oats

These Cake Batter Overnight Dessert Oats have all the flavor of cake, just in a healthier package.  This easy overnight oats recipe is sweet and uber ...
09-04-2018 21:55

Healthy Matcha Green Tea Coconut Macaroons

Good morning from MACAROON LAND!!  These Healthy Matcha Green Tea Coconut Macaroons are heaven.  They’ve got the perfect balance of matcha + coconut...
07-04-2018 21:53

Vegan Orange Sweet Rolls

These Orange Sweet Rolls are so soft, sweet, and fluffy, you’d never know they’re low fat, dairy free, and vegan with no sugar added! Thanks to Im...
05-04-2018 21:56

Healthy Low Carb Coconut Flour Pancakes

These Healthy Low Carb Coconut Flour Pancakes are THE best way to start your day. One bite and you’ll wonder how these Paleo Pancakes are sugar free...
02-04-2018 22:01

Healthy Cake Batter Energy Bites

These 5-ingredient Cake Batter Energy Bites have got all the flavor of vanilla cake without the added sugar, butter, oil, and eggs.  Yep, these easy, ...
30-03-2018 21:55

Healthy Cake Batter Nut Butter

This Healthy Cake Batter Nut Butter is where cake batter meets nut butter — it’s deliciously sweet and buttery, yet dense, thick, and spreadable. ...
28-03-2018 21:58

Vegan Hot Cross Buns Cinnamon Rolls

What are Hot Cross Buns" Hot Cross Buns look a bit like dinner rolls — they’re round, soft, and fluffy — but they’re slightly sweet and spiced...
26-03-2018 21:57

Healthy Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread

Just when you thought Banana Bread couldn’t get any better, THIS comes along:  Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread!  Made healthy, sugar free, high prote...
23-03-2018 21:58

Healthy Banana Bread No Bake Energy Bites (+ Video!)

What’s got Banana Bread flavor in a bite-sized package"  These Banana Bread No Bake Energy Bites, I tell ya! These Banana Bread-flavored orbs of del...
21-03-2018 21:58

Healthy Banana Bread Overnight Dessert Oats

These Banana Bread Overnight Dessert Oats have all the flavor of Banana Bread but in oatmeal form, and without the butter, oil, and sugar! This thick,...
19-03-2018 21:59

Mini Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate Pies

Indulge in earthy matcha and sweet white chocolate in these delicious Mini Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate Pies! Inside the mini “cups” of light ...
16-03-2018 21:55

Healthy Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate

If you like matcha and if you like white chocolate, combine the two and make this Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate! It’s earthy from the matcha yet ...
15-03-2018 21:58

14 Healthy Pie Recipes to Celebrate Pi Day (3/14)

There’s nothing better than a slice of heaven, carried to you by a sweet and salty graham or shortbread or animal cracker crust, topped with a scoop...
14-03-2018 21:57

Dairy Free S’mores Pie

GUYS!  HI!  HI HI HI HI HI!  I have something very important to say…  S’mores Pie.  Yes, I said it.  I made a S’MORES PIE. I almost sprained my ...
12-03-2018 21:56

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