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4 Pukka Tea inspired biscuit recipes you need to try

AD Ok, I’ll say it. Pukka Tea is basically the only reason I manage to function on a daily basis. Some people are addicted to coffee, but I am most ...
19-04-2018 21:17

My A-Z of IBS

Seeing as it’s IBS Awareness Month 2018, I thought I’d share my A-Z of IBS. That way, I’d at least have 26 letters as a starting point to try an...
15-04-2018 21:17

My Really Raspberry Gluten Free Cheesecake Brownie Recipe (d

My gluten free cheesecake brownie recipe is so incredibly fudgy, gooey and it’s packed with fresh raspberries. What more could you want" It’s dair...
14-04-2018 21:19

My ‘Simple AF’ Prawn and Avocado Sushi Hand Roll

For me, lunch has always been something between two slices of gluten free bread. But today, we’re going against the grain (ha) and making prawn and ...
08-04-2018 21:21

10 reasons why I never tell people that I have IBS

It’s IBS Awareness Month 2018 throughout April, so I thought I’d chat through the 10 reasons why I never tell people that I have IBS. Of course, ...
07-04-2018 21:21

How to make perfect poached eggs every time

How do you like your eggs" Well, if you answered anything other than poached then I have no idea how you ended up here. You must be very lost. But whi...
06-04-2018 21:21

5 reasons we always carry LactoJoy lactase tablets

AD It’s a little ironic, but my boyfriend Mark is a massive dairy fan, despite being lactose intolerant. He always opts for lactose-free over dairy-...
03-04-2018 21:21

My ‘Eggstravagant’ Gluten Free Mini Egg Cheeseca

Ok, I said I was done with the Easter egg puns, but I lied. I promise I’ll make it up to you though with my gluten free mini egg cheesecake recipe! ...
26-03-2018 21:21

My ‘Eggsellent’ Gluten Free Creme Egg Brownies R

Are you sick of my Easter egg puns yet" Well, great news! My gluten free Creme Egg brownies recipe seemed like the perfect ‘eggscuse’ to throw in ...
23-03-2018 21:23

My ‘Eggstra Mile’ Gluten Free Mini Egg Rocky Roa

When it comes to Easter baking, there’s nothing better than a gluten free mini egg rocky road. But until dairy free mini eggs exist, Mark won’t be...
20-03-2018 21:22

My Gluten Free Beer Battered Fish and Chips Recipe (dairy fr

What if you could make awesome gluten free beer battered fish and chips in your own home" Forget fish Friday, it would be fish EVERY day for me! Makin...
20-03-2018 21:22

Where to eat, explore, etc. in Palma, Mallorca

So many of you asked about gluten free in Palma, so here’s my guide on where to eat, explore, stay and most importantly, how to get there. If you’...
14-03-2018 21:21

17 ways to spot a gluten free person on holiday

Being gluten free is tough enough as it is at home, let alone in a strange country. But despite not having a huge crossed grain symbol on your back, y...
09-03-2018 21:21

My ‘Three Tray’ Salmon and Roasted Vegetables Re

My three tray salmon and roasted vegetables recipe is my ultimate easy peasy weekday meal. Just bung it all in the oven and relax! It’s gluten free,...
19-02-2018 21:18

My Gooey Gluten Free Peanut Butter Brownie Recipe (dairy fre

My gluten free peanut butter brownie recipe is oh-so-gooey on the inside and totally nuts. A bit like me! It also happens to be dairy free and low FOD...
18-02-2018 21:18

My ‘3 Ways’ Sweet + Sticky Gluten Free Teriyaki

There’s a million ways that you can use my gluten free Teriyaki sauce recipe (well, it’s actually three if you’re counting) and it only takes a ...
15-02-2018 21:17

My Gluten Free and Vegan Blueberry Porridge Recipe (low FODM

Nothing gets me up and out of bed in the morning faster than the thought of my gluten free and vegan blueberry porridge recipe. Well, my alarm does an...
09-02-2018 21:19

My ‘Close To Home’ Gluten Free Cordon Bleu Recip

AD I may not be in Paris at the mo, but at least I can recreate my favourites dishes now that I’m back home! What could be better than a gluten free...
30-01-2018 21:18

30 of the BEST places for gluten free in Paris 2018

Being gluten free in Paris wasn’t a great experience when I first went back in 2010. But in 2018, my mind was a little blown by the amount of gluten...
28-01-2018 21:19

My Basil Pesto Gluten Free and Vegan Buckwheat Galettes Reci

AD I know I seem like I only discovered buckwheat flour in 2018. But give my gluten free and vegan buckwheat galettes recipe a go and you will be hook...
25-01-2018 21:18

My 5 Tips: How To Pick An Awesome Airbnb Every Time.

So, when it comes to travel, I’m certainly no stranger to Airbnb. We’ve stayed in apartments in Brighton, Amsterdam, Paris and London and they’v...
22-01-2018 21:17

My 3 Ingredient Vegan Salted Caramel Recipe (low FODMAP, dai

My 3 ingredient vegan salted caramel recipe is so dangerously simple and incredibly quick to make in a hurry. Of course, it’s gluten free, dairy fre...
21-01-2018 21:17

My Chewy Gluten Free and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

My gluten free and vegan chocolate chip cookies recipe makes the most chewy, chocolatey cookies on Earth. Plus they’re low FODMAP and perfect for Ve...
19-01-2018 21:17

My Gluten Free and Vegan Spinach and Chickpea Curry Recipe (

My gluten free and vegan spinach and chickpea curry is perfect for Veganuary 2018! It’s a simple and quick meal that can be made in a hurry and it...
07-01-2018 21:17

My Gluten Free and Vegan Pulled Jackfruit Recipe (low FODMAP

There’s definitely no need to miss out on your fave foods during Veganuary. My gluten free and vegan pulled jackfruit recipe is the perfect super-su...
07-01-2018 21:17

My Gluten Free and Vegan Buckwheat Pancakes Recipe (low FODM

Yep, Veganuary is here! So how convenient that my gluten free and vegan buckwheat pancakes recipe is too… it’s almost as if it was planned (it was...
06-01-2018 21:17

5 changes I’m making for better mental wellbeing in 20

I’ve been debating over the last few days whether to do a post reflecting on 2017 or to instead think about the future, 2018. Of course I could have...
02-01-2018 21:17

Why I’ve Been Feeling So Unwell Recently

If you have followed my social media channels over the past month or so, you will know that I have been having a few health struggles beyond just my s...
31-12-2017 21:17

4 fancy yet simple gluten free canap ideas (dairy free 

It’s the perfect time of year to try my fancy (yet super-simple and quick) gluten free canap ideas. Believe it or not, all of them are dairy free a...
20-12-2017 21:18

Gluten Free at Zizzi: Testing the non-gluten and non-dairy m

Mark and I are always on the hunt for somewhere that caters for both of us, so we decided to dine out, dairy free and gluten free at Zizzi. One impor...
20-12-2017 21:18

My Ultimate Gluten Free Christmas Dinner Yorkshire Wrap Reci

You can thank/blame Mark for the creation of my gluten free Christmas dinner Yorkshire wrap recipe. He’s seen them before, but of course, they’re ...
18-12-2017 21:20

5 reasons I love my HelloFresh recipe box

AD I’ve been dying to try out one of HelloFresh‘s naturally gluten free recipe boxes. Fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and exciting new recipes de...
16-12-2017 21:16

My Gluten Free Southern Fried Chicken Goujons Recipe (dairy

AD Gluten free southern fried chicken goujons, anyone" They’re golden, a little spicy, with tender, juicy chicken hiding underneath. Plus, they’re...
13-12-2017 21:16

My Festive Gluten Free Trifle Recipe with Splenda

AD What would Christmas be without a trifle" Well, pretty disappointing if you’re wondering! Too many Christmas days have gone by where I’ve misse...
12-12-2017 21:17

Looking back on 7 years of being gluten free

AD How long have you been gluten free" (if you can still remember!) I’ve managed to rack up 7 years since I was 19, so I thought I’d share my expe...
11-12-2017 21:16

My Sage & Chive Low FODMAP Stuffing Recipe (gluten free

My sage and chive low FODMAP stuffing recipe is the answer to all your festive problems! Not only is it low FODMAP, but it’s gluten free and dairy f...
09-12-2017 21:16

My ‘Rise & Shine’ Gluten Free French Toast

AD Rise and shine! (sorry if you’re reading this at 9pm) If you’re looking for a little more adventure in the a.m, look no further than my gluten ...
08-12-2017 21:16

All I want for Christmas is the Co-op free from range

AD With Christmas fast-approaching, The Co-op has given us all an early present. It’s the Co-op free from range, of course! Christmas has definitely...
07-12-2017 21:16

3 gluten free party food ideas for your Christmas buffet

AD Here’s 3 gluten free party food ideas for your Christmas buffet! All of these recipes are super simple and can easily be made using Juvela‘s gl...
06-12-2017 21:16

Why I couldn’t live without Bay’s Kitchen food a

Keeping a food diary is essential if you’ve got digestive woes like I do. Luckily, the lovely folks at Bay’s Kitchen have created a beautiful food...
04-12-2017 21:15

3 ways to use up your leftover Christmas turkey (dairy free

I know, I know, turkey sandwiches are awesome, but why not mix it up a little bit this year" Here’s 3 adventurous leftover Christmas turkey recipes ...
03-12-2017 21:16

My Leftover Turkey and Bacon Mini Frittatas Recipe (dairy fr

What on Earth should you do with all that leftover turkey from Christmas day" Problem solved. My leftover turkey and bacon mini frittatas. This recipe...
03-12-2017 21:16

My Leftover Turkey Gluten Free Christmas Pizza Recipe (dairy

Still not sure what to do with all that leftover turkey meat from Christmas" Here’s another good shout: my leftover turkey gluten free Christmas piz...
03-12-2017 21:16

My Leftover Gluten Free Turkey Curry Recipe (dairy free 

I love leftovers! My gluten free turkey curry recipe was made for using up all your leftovers after the madness of Christmas day. It’s dairy free an...
28-11-2017 19:21

17 struggles of being the only gluten free person in your ho

Being the only gluten free person in your household is tough. Apart from being outnumbered, there’s also gluten everywhere. It’s pretty much impos...
23-11-2017 22:22

My go-to gluten free beer: CELIA Organic and CELIA Dark

AD The world of gluten free beer seems to be ever expanding, so I thought I’d introduce you to two of my personal heroes. CELIA Organic and CELIA Da...
20-11-2017 22:24

My Fudgy Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe (dairy free &#

My gluten free chocolate brownie recipe is here to restore your faith in the much maligned gluten free brownie! And I’m going to do it totally dairy...
15-11-2017 22:21

My Homemade Gluten Free Smoked Haddock Fishcakes (dairy free

AD My gluten free smoked haddock fishcakes are easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy (well, there is a wedge of lemon there!) and of course, dairy free and low FOD...
14-11-2017 22:24

My Daringly Gluten Free Chocolate O’s Cheesecake Recip

AD Why is my no-bake, gluten free Chocolate O’s cheesecake recipe so daring" Well, because it has real dairy in it of course! (get it" Daringly dair...
12-11-2017 22:21

My 5 Coeli-hacks – Tips on surviving being gluten free

AD In 2010, after tons of tests, my Doctor told me that I should probably avoid eating gluten. I didn’t know anyone else who followed a gluten free ...
07-11-2017 19:41

25 gluten free mince pies you need this Christmas

How early is too early for gluten free mince pies" Well, considering they’re all already in the supermarkets and online, clearly it isn’t too earl...
07-11-2017 19:41

My Spooky Gluten Free Halloween Party Rings Recipe (dairy fr

Boo! Did I scare you" In all fairness, I think it’s pretty tough to make someone jump through the medium of writing. Well, at least my gluten free H...
07-11-2017 19:41

My Ouma’s Gluten Free Maple Pecan Pie Recipe (dairy fr

AD My gluten free maple pecan pie recipe is one that’s very close to my heart. Over the years, I’ve adapted it to be dairy free, so that even Mark...
07-11-2017 19:41

My Healthy Gluten Free Pho Noodle Pot For Weekly Meal Prep (

My gluten free Pho noodle pot is a weekly meal prep hero, making it a jarringly (get it" because it’s in a jar") good lunch on the go. It’s of cou...
07-11-2017 19:41

5 Low FODMAP Chicken Marinade Recipes For Weekly Meal Prep (

Here’s my 5 low FODMAP chicken marinade recipes that are 100% gluten free, dairy free and a lifesaver for weekly meal prep! As most of you with alle...
07-11-2017 19:41

My Classic Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe (dairy free and lo

This gluten free pumpkin pie recipe is my post-Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving favourite! But unlike most recipes, mine is dairy free and low FODMAP too. ...
07-11-2017 19:41

5 ways to keep your spuds fresh

AD Potato season is upon us! Sorry to sound dramatic, but spuds are about to get their yearly seasonal surge in popularity and that means two things. ...
07-11-2017 19:41
07-11-2017 19:41

Weekly Meal Prep Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Gl

Say howdy to my weekly meal prep recipes! Meal prep can be a massive lifesaver, time saver and if you’ve got allergies or intolerances, it’s absol...
07-11-2017 19:41

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21 Day Fix 4-Ingredient Feel Better Soup {Ins...

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Spicy Slow Cooker Rice Casserole with Green Chiles, Green Onions, and Cheese

Spicy Slow Cooker Rice Casserole with Green C...

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My Top Ten 21 Day Fix Recipes of 2016!

My Top Ten 21 Day Fix Recipes of 2016!

My Top Ten 21 Day Fix approved recipes of 2016! Hey guys!! Did you have the best-ever holiday"" Even though I was terribly sick leading up to Christmas, we managed to have a pretty wonderful, super-chill day that totally revolved around playing... -
no-bake peanut butter cookies (vegan + gluten-free)

no-bake peanut butter cookies (vegan + gluten...

The other day, while sitting at a coffee shop with a friend, she looked over to my laptop and saw that I was running through my subscription of food blogs on Feedly. I subscribe to many ? I think the number of blogs in the "Food" category on my... -
BBQ Baked Salmon

BBQ Baked Salmon

I’m a huge fan of salmon. Whether it is baked, grilled, or smoked, there is something about the texture and flavor that keeps me coming back for more. On a recent stop at my local grocery store, the butcher had asked if I checked out their salmon... -
Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins

These light and fluffy peanut butter and jelly muffins are everything you could ever want. Sweet, slightly salty peanut butter muffins stuffed with your favorite jam. Snacking just got a whole lot better. There was a time in my life when I could... -
Sweet and Spicy Korean-Style Cocktail Meatballs

Sweet and Spicy Korean-Style Cocktail Meatbal...

Game-day food, Superbowl snacks, finger food, whatever you want to call it, I like it all. Cocktail meatballshave been a party staple forever and it’s because they’re damn delicious. The classic version is made with grape jelly and... -
Vegan Key Lime Cupcakes

Vegan Key Lime Cupcakes

I’m in love with these vegan key lime cupcakes! They are perfectly flavored gorgeous little packages of deliciousness. I took a while to figure these out though! I wasn’t sure how much lime juice/lime zest to use. And then I wasn’t sure... -
My ‘Simple AF’ Prawn and Avocado Sushi Hand Rolls Recipe (gluten free, low FODMAP)

My ‘Simple AF’ Prawn and Avocado ...

For me, lunch has always been something between two slices of gluten free bread. But today, we’re going against the grain (ha) and making prawn and avocado sushi hand rolls! They’re gluten free, dairy free,… View Post -

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