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Japanese Rice – Everything You Need to Know

Is Japanese rice the same as sticky rice" What kind of rice is sushi rice" Is sushi rice the same as regular Japanese rice" It is not a surprise that ...
19-11-2018 21:20

Easy Fried Rice (Gluten Free) ????????

This classic Fried Rice recipe with ham, egg, and green onion is a delicious one-pan meal that you can whip up under 20 minutes. It’s bursting with ...
16-11-2018 21:20

Chicken Meatballs with Sweet and Sour Sauce ?????????????

So juicy, tender, and easy to make, this delicious Chicken Meatballs with Sweet and Sour Sauce makes a terrific weeknight meal for the whole family. W...
16-11-2018 21:20

Pear and Almond Tart ??????

Fancy it may look, this traditional French-style Pear Almond Tart or Pear Frangipane Tart is easier to make than you think. It’s a perfect fall dess...
14-11-2018 21:20

Perfect Sweet Tart Crust

With buttery, crumbly, crispy, cookie-like texture, this is my favorite Sweet Tart Crust (Pastry Crust) recipe. It goes well with any sweet filling of...
14-11-2018 21:20

Nozomi Project Christmas Ornaments Giveaway 2018 (Worldwide)

With the holiday inching closer, we’re excited to partner with Nozomi Project once again to host a worldwide giveaway. Enter to win their beautiful ...
13-11-2018 21:20

How to Build a Kitchen for Cooking Japanese Food – A B

Starting to build your kitchen for Japanese cooking" Here is my recommendation of the kitchen essentials. Are you living in a small apartment with li...
12-11-2018 21:19

‘5-Ingredient One-Pot Cookbook’ Giveaway (US Onl

With the holiday season on the horizon, the very best thing for busy cooks is quick, healthy, one-pot dinners for the family. Today I?ve partnered wit...
12-11-2018 21:19

Netflix Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories – Season 1 Recip

Are you ready to join us for an exciting cooking project" It’s about discovering Japanese comfort food through Midnight Diner: Tokyo Series, a Japan...
10-11-2018 21:21

Menchi Katsu Sandwich ????????

Japanese Menchi Katsu Sandwich is made with crunchy ground meat cutlet topped with thinly shredded cabbage and an irresistible homemade tartar sauce s...
07-11-2018 21:19

Tokyo Dome City Guide

Conveniently located next to Tokyo Dome in the heart of Tokyo, Tokyo Dome City is a thrilling amusement park with fun rides, delicious food, and plent...
05-11-2018 21:20

Japanese Beef Tendon Stew (Gyusuji Nikomi) ?????

Pressure cooked in savory Japanese seasonings, this Japanese Beef Tendon Stew (Gyusuji Nikomi) is incredibly flavorful and literally melts in your mou...
29-10-2018 21:19

Tokyo Kappabashi Kitchenware Town

How to Get to Kappabashi Click to enlarge map. Kappabashi is conveniently located between Ueno and Asakusa stations.  We arrived there by exiting Taw...
28-10-2018 21:20

10 Delicious Kabocha Squash Recipes To Make This Season

From comforting soup, healthy salad to velvety Japanese custard pudding, here are 10 kabocha squash recipes you want to make this fall! With pumpkins...
26-10-2018 21:22

All Purpose Miso Sauce ????

Use this All-Purpose Miso Sauce to make simple glazes, marinades, dressings, or dipping sauces. Add it to protein, vegetables, and pretty much everyth...
24-10-2018 21:20

Miso Chicken ?????????

Marinated in a homemade all-purpose miso sauce and pan-fried till crispy, this Miso Chicken is very moist, flavorful, and delicious. Serve over steame...
24-10-2018 21:20

Instant Pot Kabocha Flan ???????

Pressure Cooked in Instant Pot, this Kabocha Flan with caramel sauce has a silky smooth texture and rich custard flavor with a hint of sweet kabocha. ...
22-10-2018 21:19

Montreal – A Foodie’s Heaven

With over 5,000 restaurants and literally almost one on each corner, Montreal is one of the best travel destinations for foodies. Every time the fall...
21-10-2018 21:22

Chicken Shiso Gyoza with Yuzu Kosho & Ponzu Sauce ?????

Pan-fried Chicken Shiso Gyoza – a quick and easy version. Instead of folding pleats, just fold in half to speed up the process. Then pan-fry and ste...
19-10-2018 21:19

Innovative Kaiseki – Wakuriya Restaurant Review

Chef Katsuhiro Yamasaki at Wakuriya has been awarded 1 star by Michelin Guide many years running for its delicate and innovative kaiseki ryori. Locat...
17-10-2018 21:19

Japanese Sweet Potato ???????

When fall season rolls in, this popular Japanese dessert “Sweet Potato” brings a nostalgic memory to many Japanese. Double baked in the oven, the ...
15-10-2018 21:19

Tokyo Ueno Travel Guide ??

Best known for Ueno Park, Ueno is the home to many of Japan?s National Museums.  Bring the family and spend the day to explore the area including Amey...
14-10-2018 21:19

12 Classic Japanese Recipes to Make This Fall

Celebrate Fall’s arrival with these 12 classic Japanese recipes, featuring seasonal ingredients, freshest seafood, and fall delicacy. In Japan, we ...
10-10-2018 21:20

Wanpaku Sandwich ???????

Meet the newest and hottest style of sandwich from Japan – Wanpaku Sandwich or Wanpaku Sando for short. Stuffed with colorful vegetables and layerin...
09-10-2018 21:19

Okra Ohitashi (Japanese Okra Salad) ????????

Okra Ohitashi is a simple, light, and flavorful Japanese side dish of blanched okras in a soy sauce-based marinade. Prepare it ahead of time, so you c...
05-10-2018 21:19

Akihabara Travel Guide ???

Once known as Electric Town, Akihabara is now a magnet for video games, anime, and manga hobbyists and many themed cafes. We often get asked by frien...
03-10-2018 21:19

Sara Udon (Crispy Noodles with Seafood) ??????

A Japanese take on the popular Chinese crispy noodles with saucy seafood and vegetables. Forget take-out and make this Nagasaki Sara Udon tonight inst...
01-10-2018 21:21

Steamed Vegetables with Miso Sesame Sauce ??????????

Healthy and full of flavor, this dashi-infused Steamed Vegetables with Miso Sesame Sauce is the quickest way to get vegetables on your plates.  Served...
27-09-2018 21:21

Oroshi Soba ?????

Quick and easy Japanese noodle recipe! Oroshi Soba is a refreshing chilled noodle dish served in a savory sauce and topped with grated daikon. Everyo...
25-09-2018 21:21

The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Guide ?????

Located next to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo was the former site of the grand Edo Castle, transformed today to the beautiful and serene East Gardens o...
24-09-2018 21:23

Matcha Vegan Panna Cotta ?????????????

Try this DELICIOUS and CREAMY Matcha Panna Cotta that’s VEGAN! It’s made with soy milk, kanten powder, sugar and matcha. Served on beautiful glass...
21-09-2018 21:21

Teriyaki Wings ????????

Cooked in one pot and finished up in the broiler to get the perfect char, these Teriyaki Wings are sticky and finger-licking delicious! They are unbel...
21-09-2018 21:21

Japanese Beer Guide

Traveled to Japan and overwhelmed by the number of beer choices"  Read this Japanese beer guide to get to know different beer types and flavors. When...
19-09-2018 21:23

8 Top Travel Tips for Your First Time Visit to Japan

Planning your first trip to Japan" You may have a running list of basic questions before you set foot in this fascinating country that feels so differ...
17-09-2018 21:20

What is Edamame and How Do You Cook It"

Lightly boiled and perfectly salted, edamame is the classic Japanese snack that is not only delicious to snack on but also packed with a nutritional p...
14-09-2018 21:19

Tokyo Ginza Travel Guide

In Tokyo, high-end shopping and exquisite dining are synonymous with Ginza.  Whether it’s to catch a Kabuki performance or browsing for unique gifts...
12-09-2018 21:20

10 Cookware & Tableware You Should Get from Japan

Not sure what cookware and tableware you should check out while visiting Japan"  Here are 10 things that are worth bringing back in your suitcase from...
09-09-2018 21:21

Pickled Tomatoes ???????

Marinated in dashi-infused vinegar, these Japanese-style Pickled Tomatoes make a refreshing side or appetizer to serve with your meal! Before the sum...
07-09-2018 21:21

Champon ???????

Loaded with various and colorful ingredients, Nagasaki Champon is a hearty and comforting noodle dish you can quickly put together! Originated in Chi...
06-09-2018 21:22

Pan-Fried Ginger Pork Belly from Kodoku no Gurume ???????

Featured in the popular Japanese drama “Kodoku no Gurume”, this Pan Fried Ginger Pork Belly is cooked in a savory soy sauce base with a hint of sw...
01-09-2018 22:01

Roppongi Travel Guide ???

Roppongi is one of the most vibrant areas in Tokyo.  Whether it’s dining or shopping, there are plenty of choices in Tokyo Midtown and Roppongi Hill...
29-08-2018 21:20

Miso Butter Salmon ?????????

Looking for a new way to serve up the versatile, Omega-rich salmon" Try this tender and succulent Miso Butter Salmon pan-fried in a delicious savory s...
29-08-2018 21:20

Tokyo City View and Mori Art Museum at Mori Tower

At the top of Mori Tower, you can enjoy the best panoramic view from Tokyo City View and seasonal curated exhibitions at the Mori Art Museum.  We wil...
28-08-2018 21:19

Kushikatsu (Kushiage) ???????

A hugely popular Osaka street food, Kushikatsu (Kushiage) are skewered meat and veggies that are breaded with panko and deep fried to golden crisp. Di...
26-08-2018 21:20

Japan Cultural Guide: 20 Things You Should Know Before Visit

Here we share some essential etiquettes, customs, and cultural and civic practices in Japan to prepare you for your adventure. With a distinctive jux...
24-08-2018 21:20

Ultimate Guide for Driving in Japan

Driving in Japan offers some conveniences over public transportation. Here are some tips and information on how to rent a car and drive in Japan. Whe...
20-08-2018 21:20

Menchi Katsu (Ground Meat Cutlet) ?????

Have you tried hamburger that is both extra crunchy and juicy"  One of the popular yoshoku foods (western style Japanese food) in Japan, these Menchi ...
17-08-2018 21:20

How To Make Japanese Curry Roux ?????????

Learn how to make Japanese Curry Roux from scratch. Only 5 ingredients! This easy recipe will have you cook up many delicious pots of Japanese curry. ...
16-08-2018 21:19

Harajuku and Omotesando Travel Guide ??????

Join us on this Harajuku and Omotesando Travel Guide as we tour the headquarter of Japan’s youth culture in Harajuku and flagship stores of global f...
12-08-2018 22:01

Shibuya Travel Guide ??

Any visit to Tokyo wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Shibuya.  Join us in this Shibuya Travel Guide as we cross the Shibuya Scramble to visit...
12-08-2018 21:20

Black Sesame Dan Dan Noodles ??????

Black Sesame Dan Dan Noodles (??????) 2 ways: Cold & Hot. Kurogoma Tan Tan Men is a Japanese take on Dan Dan Noodles, the classic Sichuan noodle dish....
08-08-2018 21:21

Harajuku and Omotesando Travel Guide ?? ???

Join us on this Harajuku and Omotesando Travel Guide as we tour the headquarter of Japan’s youth culture in Harajuku and flagship stores of global f...
07-08-2018 21:23

What is the Difference Between Soba and Udon Noodles

What are your favorite Japanese noodles" Today we?ll take a look at two popular Japanese noodles – Soba and Udon Noodles – and learn more about ho...
04-08-2018 21:20

Gobo Salad (Japanese Burdock Root Salad) ??????

Crunchy burdock root and sweet carrot coated with creamy Japanese mayonnaise dressing, this Gobo Salad (Japanese Burdock Salad) is a popular side dish...
02-08-2018 21:20

Meiji Jingu Guide ????

One of the most popular destinations in Tokyo is Meiji Jingu (????), built to honor Emperor Meiji who modernized Japan and open its door to the west. ...
30-07-2018 21:20

Gyoza with Wings (Hanetsuki Gyoza) ??????

Gyoza with Wings (or Hanetsuki Gyoza) is a type of Japanese dumpling filled with juicy, savory ingredients that is pan-fried to crispy perfection. The...
28-07-2018 21:20

Cold Curry Udon ?????????

Cold Curry Udon is chilled udon soaked in curry soup, topped with sliced pork, boiled egg, sliced onion, julienned cucumber, mizuna leaves, tomatoes, ...
27-07-2018 21:20

Shinjuku Travel Guide

Take in bird’s-eye view from top of TMG, devour sweets and pizza at NEWoMan, and finish off the night with yakitori and drinks on Memory Lane in thi...
25-07-2018 21:23

Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen) with Sesame Miso Sauce

Chilled noodles soaked in a savory sesame miso sauce, Hiyashi Chuka is a popular cold ramen noodles enjoyed in the hot summer months.  Aren’t noodl...
23-07-2018 21:20

Sunomono (Japanese Cucumber Salad) ???

Need some cucumber inspiration" Try Sunomono or Japanese Cucumber Salad 4 ways! Marinated in vinegar, sugar, salt and soy sauce, this sweet & sour cuc...
22-07-2018 21:23

Tofu Salad with Sesame Ponzu Dressing ?????

This easy Japanese Tofu Salad with Sesame Ponzu Dressing is a refreshing salad with leafy greens, tofu, corn, wakame seaweed, and fragrant Japanese he...
20-07-2018 21:20

Matcha Souffle Pancake ??????????

Are you ready for the dreamiest pancake for your Sunday brunch" This perfectly scented Matcha Souffle Pancake (??????????) is calling.  It’s super a...
18-07-2018 21:21

Redding California Travel Guide

Redding is a perfect place to stay for visiting Lake Shasta, Mount Shasta, and Lassen Volcanic National Park.  Here are other sights we recommend to v...
16-07-2018 21:20

Simmered Taro (Satoimo no Nimono) ?????

Simmered Taro (Satoimo no Nimono) is a classic home cooked recipe that compliments the main dish in a typical Japanese meal. A humble yet wonderful wa...
13-07-2018 21:19

Lassen Volcanic National Park Travel Guide

The beautiful and serene Lassen Volcanic National Park is perfect for a day trip to enjoy the outdoors, row a boat on the beautiful Manzanita Lake and...
11-07-2018 21:19

Spicy Tuna ?????????

Often tucked in sushi rolls or served over rice bowl, this Spicy Tuna is a versatile recipe that you can make into a meal, appetizer, or canapés. With...
07-07-2018 21:19

Mount Shasta Travel Guide

Mount Shasta and surrounding area including McCloud River Falls and Lake Siskiyou offer nature lovers plenty of choices for outdoor activities. Over ...
05-07-2018 21:20

Crispy Tonkatsu Donburi ????????????

When you serve super crunchy & juicy Japanese pork cutlet over a bed of steamed rice and shredded cabbage, you get this Crispy Tonkatsu Donburi. A ric...
02-07-2018 21:20

Lake Shasta Caverns Travel Guide

There are many activities to do on Shasta Lake including the stunning Lake Shasta Caverns. These natural caves are enormous and filled with stalactite...
29-06-2018 21:21

Miso Pork and Eggplant Stir-Fry ?????????

Miso Pork and Eggplant Stir-Fry is a deliciously easy weeknight meal of tender pork and eggplant soaked in a savory miso sauce. Miso Pork and Eggplan...
28-06-2018 21:21

Japanese Dining Etiquette 101 ??????

Planning to visit Japan, or simply dining with Japanese friends"  Avoid an awkward experience and enjoy your meal by first reviewing this basic guide ...
23-06-2018 21:21

Simmered Kiriboshi Daikon ?????????

Simmered Kiriboshi Daikon, cooked to perfection in a broth of dashi, soy sauce and mirin, is a traditional Japanese dish made from daikon (radish) and...
22-06-2018 21:21

Okinawa Food ????

Okinawa has so many personalities and one of its distinct characters is Okinawa Food, including Okinawa Soba, Sata Andagi, Rafute, abundant seafood, a...
20-06-2018 21:21

Kimchi Gyoza Nabe (Hot Pot) ??????

Kimchi Gyoza Nabe is a Japanese hot pot filled with savory deliciousness, with succulent Japanese dumplings, spicy kimchi, and tender vegetables and m...
17-06-2018 21:23

Okinawa Soba ????

With chewy noodles, soaked in delicious pork and dashi broth, Okinawan Soba is a comfort and soul food to many Okinawans. This classic Okinawan noodle...
13-06-2018 21:21

Things to Do in Okinawa

From the sacred Seifa-Utaki to the underwater observatory at Busena Marine Park, there are many things to do in Okinawa during your visit. Our family...
12-06-2018 21:21

Journey to Okinawa (??) Travel Highlights – Tea Time w

In this episode of Tea Time with Nami, Nami shares the highlights of her family trip to Okinawa (??), the most southern island of Japan! This is my 7...
11-06-2018 22:11

Karaage Rice Bowl ???????

Crispy, juicy fried chicken served on a bed of tender rice, this Karaage Rice Bowl will be an instant hit with your family! The chicken is marinated i...
08-06-2018 21:20

Taco Rice ?????

Tex-Mex and Japanese – a surprisingly delicious fusion of cuisines.  It’s best represented by Okinawan Taco Rice, a simple mashup of taco fillings...
06-06-2018 21:21

Shuri Castle and Nakagusuku Castle – Okinawa Travel Gu

Okinawan’s rich history and culture are on full display at two of its most renowned world heritage sites, Shuri Castle and Nakagusuku Castle. Our f...
05-06-2018 21:20

Fresh Spring Rolls with Yakiniku ???????

Juicy Japanese BBQ meat with crunchy vegetables, wrapped in rice paper to seal in the deliciousness, these fresh spring rolls with Yakiniku make the b...
01-06-2018 21:20

Ocean Expo Park and Okinawa Ryukyu Village Travel Guide ????

Join us and admire at the surreal gigantic whale sharks and enjoy the dolphin show at Ocean Expo Park, then head over to Okinawa Ryukyu Village to par...
30-05-2018 21:19

Sata Andagi (Okinawan Doughnuts) ?????????

Only 3 ingredients to make a deliciously sweet Okinawan treat called Sata Andagi.  It’s a type of deep fried doughnut popular in Okinawa that is the...
30-05-2018 21:19

Miso Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice Balls) ????????

Sweet, savory miso sauce slathered on warm, fluffy rice balls, this Miso Yaki Onigiri is such a simple and humble dish, yet so deliciously comforting....
26-05-2018 21:19

Rafute (Okinawan Braised Pork Belly) ????

So juicy and tender, this classic Okinawan Braised Pork Belly dish called Rafute (????) is slow-cooked in Awamori (Okinawa distilled liquor), Okinawan...
24-05-2018 21:19

Okinawa World Travel Guide ????????

Join us at Okinawa World and explore the mysterious Gyokusendo Cave, tour the Kingdom Village, and posed with giant python at Habu Museum Park! Our f...
22-05-2018 21:20

Simmered Bamboo Shoots (Tosani)????????

Cooked in classic Japanese seasonings, Simmered Bamboo Shoots is a simple and elegant dish to enjoy during springtime when fresh bamboo shoots are in ...
19-05-2018 21:19

How To Slice Meat Thinly

Japanese cooking requires thinly sliced meat for many recipes. Here’s how to slice meat thinly for delicious Japanese dishes like Sukiyaki, Okonomiy...
17-05-2018 21:19

Things to do around Kanab, Utah (The Wave Lottery, Wire Pass

When you visit Zion or Bryce Canyon National Park, there are other interesting spots to check out in Southwest Utah and Arizona worthy of a stop.  Her...
15-05-2018 21:19

Japanese Souffle Pancake ????????

Super airy and fluffy, this Souffle Pancake (????????) is like eating cottony clouds, but even better with homemade whipped cream and fresh berries! ...
12-05-2018 21:20

Orange Chiffon Cake ????????????

Airy, bouncy, and lightly sweet, Orange Chiffon Cake is an elegant pastry with a warm, citrusy aroma from orange zest and a hint of cardamom.  This so...
10-05-2018 21:20

Lower Antelope Canyon – The Photo Tour

Join us on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour as we travel through the narrow passageway carved into the sandstone by wind and water. Our family took a...
08-05-2018 21:20

Teriyaki Tofu ??????

Crispy on the bite, yet delicately soft, this pan-fried Teriyaki Tofu is incredibly flavorful! Enjoy this Japanese dish as an appetizer, or even as th...
05-05-2018 21:20

Yoshoku: The Japanese Adaptation of Western Cuisine

What is Yoshoku" What is the history behind this Western-influenced Japanese cuisine" Let us discover the world of this East meets West cuisine today ...
04-05-2018 21:20

Bryce Canyon National Park Travel Guide

Join us on Bryce Canyon National Park Travel Guide as we took in the awe-inspiring views of Bryce Canyon Amphitheater, hiked the switchbacks on Navajo...
01-05-2018 21:21

Avocado & Negitoro Donburi  ?????????

Avocado & Negitoro Don is a delicious Japanese tuna rice bowl, rich in protein and healthy fats.  It’s a quick, no-nonsense recipe to prepare and en...
27-04-2018 21:22

Miso Ginger Pork ????????

With umami-rich miso, savory soy sauce, spicy ginger, and a hint of sweet mirin, Miso Ginger Pork is a perfect mix of delicious Japanese flavors. Serv...
26-04-2018 21:20

Zion National Park Travel Guide

Just us on Zion National Park Travel Guide as we explored the majestic rock formation carved by the Virgin River, took in the breathtaking view from t...
23-04-2018 21:21

Japanese Sweet Potato Pie ?????????

Crispy and flaky, with a smooth, silky filling, Japanese Sweet Potato Pie is my all-time favorite Japanese pastry.  Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee ...
20-04-2018 21:20

Sansai Gohan (Rice with Mountain Vegetables) ????

Sansai Gohan is a mixed rice dish filled with fresh, tender, fragrant mountain vegetables. Welcome the arrival of spring by enjoying a bowl of lightly...
18-04-2018 21:23

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Hummingbird Cake Recipe

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