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Pre-order Love & Lemons Simple Feel Good Food!

Thank you SO MUCH for your enthusiasm about our cookbook announcement a couple weeks ago! We are so excited to share this NEW book with you. Love & Le...
31-01-2023 21:52

Lentil Pasta

Ok, pasta lovers, you need this lentil pasta recipe in your winter rotation! It’s budget-friendly, easy to make, and comforting in the way that only...
25-01-2023 21:49

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you’re wondering how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, Jack’s your guy. He makes one so often that we have a dedicated grilled cheese pan in o...
19-01-2023 21:48

How to Fry An Egg

Cooking a perfect fried egg is easy…but it’s also easy to mess up. A fried egg might stick to the pan, it might come out closer to over-hard than ...
18-01-2023 21:52

Sauted Spinach

When you do sauted spinach right, it tastes so good that you want to eat it straight out of the skillet. The leaves are tender, silky, and bright wit...
17-01-2023 21:54

Sushi Bowl

When I feel like eating sushi but I don’t feel like makingsushi, I make this sushi bowl recipe instead. It’s easy to put together (no rolling req...
17-01-2023 21:54

Big News! Our New Cookbook!

Hey friends, exciting news! We wrote a new cookbook! Love & Lemons: Simple Feel-Good Food comes out this spring on April 25, and it’s now available ...
17-01-2023 21:54

Kale Soup

This kale soup recipe is exactly what I’m craving these days: comfort food + tons of veggies, all rolled into one. Its creamy broth (which, by the w...
17-01-2023 21:54

Spicy Mayo

It would be hard to overstate how much I love spicy mayo. Maybe you can relate" It’s creamy, it’s zingy, it’s full of fiery spice. How could you...
17-01-2023 21:54

45 Christmas Breakfast Ideas

All our best Christmas breakfast ideas, all in one place! In case you’re still figuring out your menu for the holiday morning (don’t worry, I’m ...
31-12-2022 21:46

50 Easy Appetizer Recipes

All our best appetizers, all in one place! If you’re hosting a party this week or looking for a dish to bring to one, I promise–these easy appetiz...
31-12-2022 21:46

Coffee Cake

This coffee cake recipe is based on my grandmother’s. Her classic coffee cake was one of my favorite treats when I was growing up. It was moist, ten...
31-12-2022 21:46

Old Fashioned Cocktail

You don’t need to go to a bar or a restaurant to enjoy an old fashioned. Nope, this classic whiskey cocktail is a cinch to make at home! In fact, it...
05-12-2022 21:48

Sauted Green Beans

If you need a last-minute side dish for the holiday, this sauted green beans recipe would be perfect. It calls for under 10 ingredients and cooks in ...
03-12-2022 21:49

How to Cook Wild Rice

Wild rice is one of my favorite whole grains to cook in the fall. Its chewy texture and nutty flavor make it a perfect partner for seasonal produce li...
03-12-2022 21:49

10 Kitchen Gifts for The Cook in Your Life

This post contains affiliate links. We may earn a commission when you make a purchase through links on our site. Hey friends! I hope you had a great T...
03-12-2022 21:49

Wild Rice Pilaf

This wild rice pilaf is a simple combination of some of my favorite fall ingredients. It starts with chewy, nutty wild rice. Then, I add caramelized r...
03-12-2022 21:49

Easy Pie Crust

If the prospect of making homemade pie dough intimidates you, you have to try this easy pie crust recipe. As a lover of basically every kind of pie, I...
17-11-2022 21:48

Apple Pie Filling

Once I started making this apple pie filling recipe, I knew I’d never fill an apple pie any other way. The apples come out with the perfect texture...
17-11-2022 21:48

Homemade Buffalo Sauce

Let’s talk buffalo sauce! This famous wing sauce is rich, tangy, and spicy. I recently tested out a homemade version for this buffalo cauliflower re...
04-11-2022 21:48

Behind the Scenes at Love & Lemons

Hey, happy Tuesday! We post a ton of recipes here, but it’s been a while since I’ve given you an update on our process behind the scenes at Love &...
24-10-2022 21:50


Ok,maybe a copycat Chipotle sofritas recipe is a little past due around here (I think sofritas first came out in like, 2014""), but hey! It was worth...
24-10-2022 21:50

Instant Pot Pinto Beans

This Instant Pot pinto beans recipe has become my favorite way to cook pinto beans. It’s faster than simmering them on the stove (no soaking require...
24-10-2022 21:50

Farro Salad

I don’t think I’ll ever stop experimenting with new farro salad recipes. This chewy, nutty grain lends itself well to all sorts of ingredient comb...
24-10-2022 21:50

35 Best Soup Recipes

Soup season is here! There’s a lot to love about fall – beautiful weather, changing leaves, cozy baked goods, and hot drinks – but the soup reci...
24-10-2022 21:50

Acorn Squash Soup

I’ve had a stash of this acorn squash soup in my freezer for the last couple of weeks, ready and waiting for the type of cold fall day that necessit...
24-10-2022 21:50

Cinnamon Apples

Sweet, soft, and nicely spiced, these easy cinnamon apples taste like the inside of a warm apple pie. But unlike a pie, which requires hours of chilli...
21-09-2022 21:39

Overnight Oats Recipe

When someone asks me for an easy, healthy breakfast idea, this overnight oats recipe is the first thing I suggest. It’s perfect for busy mornings, a...
21-09-2022 21:39

Lentil Salad

This lentil salad recipe is helping me ease into a new lunch routine. After a summer filled with picnic leftovers and impromptu farmers market meals, ...
21-09-2022 21:39

Breakfast Sandwich

If you start your day with a breakfast sandwich that looks likethat(see above), you KNOW it’s going to be a good one. And the best part about it i...
21-09-2022 21:39

Cinnamon Apple Scones

This post is in partnership withJewel-Osco. Happy September! Fall may not officially start until the 22nd, but I’m already excited for warming sou...
11-09-2022 21:36

Roasted Zucchini

I’m finally coming around to roasted zucchini. You’d think, given how much I love pretty much all zucchini recipes, that I would have been a fan o...
11-09-2022 21:36

41 Healthy Lunch Ideas

Good healthy lunch ideas are like gold. In the middle of a busy work day, lunch is the longest break I take. It’s a time to reset, relax, and re-ene...
11-09-2022 21:36

Eggplant Caponata

These days, our neighborhood farmers market is basically like a caponata cooking kit. Mounds of eggplants, tomatoes, and multicolored peppers fill eve...
11-09-2022 21:36

Corn Chowder

It’s the perfect time of year to make corn chowder. Summer veggies like sweet corn and peppers still abound at the farmers market and grocery store,...
11-09-2022 21:36

Peach Salsa Halloumi Bowls

On Sunday, I wrote all about how Jack and I love grilling halloumi in the summer. I thought I’d follow up that post with an example of how we like t...
18-08-2022 21:45

Peach Salsa

When life gives you peaches, make peach salsa! Well, peach salsa and peach crisp and peach cobbler and peach salads and peach pizza and, and, and… I...
18-08-2022 21:45

Mezze Platter

If you ask me, a mezze platter is the perfect solution for feeding a crowd. This Middle Eastern tradition of serving a medley of appetizers and small ...
18-08-2022 21:45

Oven Roasted Eggplant

This roasted eggplant recipe is so tasty that you might find yourself devouring it straight off the baking sheet. Yes, eggplant skeptics – even you....
18-08-2022 21:45

Grilled Halloumi Cheese

If panzanella is my favorite summer dinner, then grilled halloumi cheese is unquestionably Jack’s. He doesn’t care how I serve it: in a summery gr...
18-08-2022 21:45


Herbs are arguably my favorite fresh ingredients, so it should come as no surprise that I love tabbouleh. Alternatively spelled tabouli or tabouleh, t...
18-08-2022 21:45

Carrot Muffins

These carrot muffins combine two of my favorite things: carrot cake and muffins! They’re exactly what I want to eat on a spring morning (or any morn...
17-04-2022 21:40

Baked Eggs

How cute are these baked eggs"! Lately, Jack and I have been making them for breakfast and the occasional dinner, and with Easter coming up this weeke...
14-04-2022 22:02

Best Deviled Eggs

Fun fact about Jack: he doesn’t like deviled eggs. To me, this is crazy, because his mom happens to make some of the best deviled eggs on the planet...
14-04-2022 22:02

30 Best Carrot Recipes

When I spot a lush bunch of carrots at the farmers market or grocery store, I can hardly wait to bring them home and cook them. Out of all the veggie ...
07-04-2022 22:01

Garden Crisps with Herby White Bean Spread

This post is in partnership withLundberg Family Farms. Happy Friday! Is anyone else SO excited that it’s finally spring" Here in Chicago, the tempe...
07-04-2022 22:01

8 Healthy Pancake Recipes

On a weekend morning, I love starting my day with a stack of healthy pancakes. Pancakes, because it’s the weekend. And healthy (or healthy-ish), bec...
07-04-2022 22:01

25 Egg Recipes for Breakfast and Beyond

Jack and I always have a carton of eggs in our fridge. And if you eat eggs, there’s a good chance you do too. I mean, why not" They’re quick to pr...
07-04-2022 22:01

49 Best Healthy Snacks

If I don’t have a stockpile of healthy snacks on hand, I will, without fail, reach for a cookie at 3pm. Now, there’s nothing wrong with treating y...
07-04-2022 22:01

How to Use a Watermelon Radish

I love the moment when I first slice into a watermelon radish. From the outside, this root veggie looks so humble, its skin grubby and pale green. But...
07-04-2022 22:01

Pickled Asparagus

Right now, I have three jars of this quick pickled asparagus lined up in my fridge, which, for me, is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is tha...
07-04-2022 22:01

Lemony Swiss Chard Pasta

Did you catch Tuesday’s post" It was all about Swiss chard, one of my favorite leafy greens. After going on and on about how much I love working wit...
07-04-2022 22:01

Creamy Mushroom Polenta

I make this mushroom polenta recipe when I’m craving something comforting, but still light and fresh. For that reason, I think it’s perfect for th...
13-03-2022 21:37

Arugula Pesto

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that I love riffing on pesto. Vegan pesto, kale pesto, broccoli pesto… This arugula pesto ...
13-03-2022 21:37

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

These chocolate chip cookie bars are the kind of super simple, super delicious treat that we could all use more of in our lives. They have perfect puf...
13-03-2022 21:37

Sauteed Mushrooms

The next time you need a quick and easy veggie side dish, look no further than this sauted mushrooms recipe. It calls for 8 ingredients and cooks up ...
13-03-2022 21:37

Ultimate Loaded Nachos

If you’re watching the Super Bowl this weekend, you have to make this nachos recipe. If you’re not watching the Super Bowl this weekend, you still...
20-02-2022 21:38

Best Bean Dip

See that platter of bean dip up there" 5 minutes after we took this photo, the entire thing was gone. This bean dip is just so zesty, so tangy, so cre...
20-02-2022 21:38

17 Delicious Vegan Pasta Recipes

When I’m in the mood for comfort food (which, at this time of year, is like…all the time), one of these vegan pasta recipes always hits the spot. ...
20-02-2022 21:38

30 Best Super Bowl Food Ideas

The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend, so I thought I’d pop in today and share some of my best Super Bowl food ideas! They include everything you...
20-02-2022 21:38

25 Best Pizza Topping Ideas

It’s pizza night! Jack is already prepping the dough, and later, I’ll be in charge of the toppings. When it comes to pizza toppings, I certainly h...
20-02-2022 21:38

Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats

Am I the last person to discover the magic of Instant Pot steel-cut oats"! If you haven’t tried them yet, this is your PSA: these guys are hearty, w...
20-02-2022 21:38

10 Healthy Muffin Recipes

The next time you’re in the mood for an easy baking project, roll up your sleeves and try one of these healthy muffin recipes! They include a recipe...
23-01-2022 21:37

Air Fryer Broccoli

Every time I make this air fryer broccoli, I wish I’d doubled the recipe. It’s so simple, but something about the combination of the broccoli’s ...
23-01-2022 21:37

How to Make Breadcrumbs

Wait! Don’t toss that stale bread on your counter. Use it to make homemade breadcrumbs instead! Up until recently, Jack and I rarely had stale bread...
23-01-2022 21:37

Tofu Broccoli Bowls with Carrot Ginger Dressing

If your lunch or dinner rotation is in need of a refresh, try adding these tofu broccoli bowls to the mix! They have a hearty base of brown rice, cris...
23-01-2022 21:37

Cauliflower Pasta

Where to start with this cauliflower pasta recipe"! Friends, this one’s a keeper. Caramelized roasted cauliflower mingles with ruffly pasta, capers,...
23-01-2022 21:37

Roasted Pecans

A few weeks ago, I made a double batch of these roasted pecans. I felt ridiculous when they all came out of the oven. We had jar after jar of roasted ...
03-01-2022 21:43

41 Christmas Breakfast Ideas

And just like that, it’s the week of Christmas! Are you ready for the holiday" I may be way behind on decorating (still working on putting up that t...
03-01-2022 21:43

60 Easy Dinner Ideas

Do you ever have nights when you just don’t know what to make for dinner" When you run through a mental list of easy dinner ideas, but nothing sound...
03-01-2022 21:43

25 Crowd-Pleasing Party Food Ideas

The best party food ideas are fun. Not too fussy, not too formal. Not bland or boring. They catch your eye and draw you in, making you think, “I wan...
03-01-2022 21:43

Homemade Waffle Recipe

Break out your waffle maker! It’s Sunday morning, the holidays are right around the corner, and, if I had to guess, I’d say you have all the ingre...
19-12-2021 21:37

Garlic Butter

What’s better than regular butter" Garlic butter! This spread is rich and, well, buttery, brimming with savory garlic flavor. It’s quick to stir t...
19-12-2021 21:37

Our 2021 Kitchen Gift Guide

Happy holidays, friends! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook (and that someone can totally be you!), you’re in th...
14-12-2021 21:40

15 Best Vegan Cookie Recipes

You don’t need eggs or butter to make delicious cookies, and these vegan cookie recipes are here to prove it. They include all the classics – pean...
14-12-2021 21:40

25 Best Dutch Oven Recipes

‘Tis the season of cozy soups, comforting stews…and holiday shopping. If you’re thinking about treating yourself or a loved one to a new piece o...
05-12-2021 21:41

Love & Lemons Cooking Club – December!

Our Cooking Club is a fun way to celebrate the Love & Lemons community of readers. The concept is super simple – each month, I choose a recipe. You ...
05-12-2021 21:41

Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Balsamic

I love all the colors in this roasted beet salad recipe. The vibrant greens, the red and golden beets, the pale pink shallot, and the dots of white ch...
19-11-2021 21:39

Green Beans Almondine

If you’re not one for green bean casserole, add this glossy green bean recipe to your Thanksgiving menu instead! It’s my twist on green beans almo...
19-11-2021 21:39

Balsamic Vinaigrette

If you keep a bottle of balsamic vinegar in your pantry, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be making your own balsamic vinaigrette at home. Really, ...
19-11-2021 21:39

Arugula Salad

There are few things I love more than a simple arugula salad. To his credit, Jack knows it. Not far from our house, there’s a little food market/san...
09-11-2021 21:42

Instant Pot Lentil Soup

This Instant Pot lentil soup recipe is what I make on nights when I wish that dinner could just cook itself. I’m not going to lie – you still have...
09-11-2021 21:42

The Love & Lemons Cooking Club – November!

Our Cooking Club is a fun way to celebrate the Love & Lemons community of readers. The concept is super simple – each month, I choose a recipe. You ...
09-11-2021 21:42

Butternut Squash Risotto

I love making this butternut squash risotto as much as I love eating it. Honestly! I know that risotto is famously tedious to prepare – add a little...
26-10-2021 21:46

Roasted Golden Beets

When I see golden beets at the farmers market, I can never resist bringing them home. I love roasting them until they’re tender and juicy, with a tr...
24-10-2021 21:35

Chipotle Ranch Dressing

What happens when chipotle sauce meets ranch dressing" This chipotle ranch dressing recipe! It’s a simple mashup of my go-to chipotle sauce and my v...
24-10-2021 21:35

Avocado Fries

I first started making these avocado fries last spring. But back then, I didn’t think of them as fries. Instead, I wanted to use them as a taco fill...
24-10-2021 21:35

Roasted Kabocha Squash

Last fall, my brother-in-law, Josh, made the most amazing roasted kabocha squash for Thanksgiving. He cut it into wedges and cooked it with the skin s...
18-10-2021 21:41

How to Make Vegetable Stock

The other day, I was making vegetable stock with veggie odds and ends I’d accumulated throughout the week. As I stood in the kitchen, savoring the d...
08-10-2021 21:37

The Love & Lemons Cooking Club – October!

Drumroll please! This month marks the one-year anniversary of our Cooking Club! We started the Cooking Club last fall to celebrate the Love & Lemons c...
08-10-2021 21:37

Apple Pie Spice

The other week, I mixed up a big batch of this apple pie spice to make my baked apple recipe. I purposely made more than I needed, figuring it’d be ...
08-10-2021 21:37

33 Best Soup Recipes

Soup season is here! There’s a lot to love about fall – beautiful weather, changing leaves, cozy baked goods, and hot drinks – but the soup reci...
08-10-2021 21:37

Blueberry Pancakes

Tell me, is there anything better than starting your day with a stack of homemade blueberry pancakes" After eating them almost every morning this week...
08-10-2021 21:37

Instant Pot Black Beans

These Instant Pot black beans did something that I didn’t think was possible – they changed my mind about the Instant Pot. After I made them…and...
08-10-2021 21:37

Air Fryer Onion Rings

If you’re looking to refresh your repertoire of game day snacks this fall, look no further: these air fryer onion rings are exactly what you need! T...
08-10-2021 21:37

12 Vegan Sandwiches to Pack for Lunch

If you eat a mostly plant-based diet, there’s a good chance you’ve had some sad vegan sandwiches. I know I have! Soggy lettuce. Soggy bread. Zero ...
19-09-2021 21:37

Jalapeo Cornbread

This jalapeo cornbread recipe is a spiced-up riff on my regular homemade cornbread. I always love cornbread, but lately, I’ve been especially smitt...
19-09-2021 21:37

60 Healthy Meal Prep Ideas

Is anyone else trying to get in a new meal prep routine this fall" Jack and I took some time off last week for an end-of-summer trip to Michigan. It w...
12-09-2021 21:39

Summer Fruit Tart

This fruit tart recipe could not be more delicious. Seriously! I’m in love with the creamy, tangy filling, the sweet and salty crust, and the jumble...
09-09-2021 21:39

Air Fryer Eggplant

If you like eggplant Parmesan, then you’ll be crazy for this air fryer eggplant recipe! I coat eggplant slices in a mixture of panko bread crumbs, a...
09-09-2021 21:39

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Fudgy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars.

Fudgy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars.

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Tapioca Flour vs Coconut Flour: The Ultimate Verdict

Tapioca Flour vs Coconut Flour: The Ultimate ...

Mmmmm, tapioca flour, the thing that makes those delightful little pearls in your bubble tea, and the ingredient that helps give Brazilian cheese bread its unique texture. Sound delicious" Or do you prefer crunchy, nutty flavors in your baked... -
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Crab Cake Sandwich

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Pina Colada Ice Cream

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$10 Sephora Gift Card Instant Win

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Coconut Pecan Caramel Butter Cake.

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Are Figs a Fruit, a Vegetable, or Something Else"

Are Figs a Fruit, a Vegetable, or Something E...

If you?ve ever eaten a fig, you probably assumed it was a fruit because it tastes sweet. A fig is generally considered a fruit in a culinary sense, but technically it doesn?t meet the botanical classification of a ?true fruit? as it?s technically an... -
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Crab Cake Benedict

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30 Minute Chocolate Chia Pudding

The awesome thing about this chocolate chia pudding is that you know you’re eating something super healthy. But while being ridiculously good for you it still manages to be insanely delicious. I’ve always had a thing for chia pudding, as... -

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