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Onigiri Recipes, Method & Gadgets

Did you know that Onigiri is the best selling food in Japanese convenience stores" I guess it is because they are delicious, convenient and nutritious...
28-03-2020 21:19

Takoyaki Easy Home Recipe

So you’re wanting some iconic Osaka street food. Good news" You don’t need to go to Osaka to eat perfect Takoyaki! You can make it easily at home....
22-03-2020 21:18

Spam Musubi

A pair of pantry staple ingredients rice and spam make simple, no-fuss guilty pleasure comfort food “Spam Musubi”. You can make this popular Japan...
18-03-2020 21:18

Matcha Benefits – 50 + Recipes

Adding powerful matcha benefits to your everyday diet is easy and simple! Explore over fifty recipes for drinks, baking, cooking, and even for special...
14-03-2020 21:18

Homemade Ramen Broth Recipe – Rich Flavoured

Ramen broth is by far the most important part of a bowl of ramen noodle soup. Do you think making a restaurant-quality complex flavored ramen broth at...
08-03-2020 21:19

Simmered Kabocha Squash Recipe ???????

There is more to cooking a squash or pumpkin than simply throwing it in boiling water. Kabocha squash is best simmered to enhance its natural sweetnes...
04-03-2020 21:19

Basic icebox Butter Cookie Recipe?

Indulge yourself with icebox butter cookies. Explore easy butter cookie recipe with my 5 tips to achieve crumbly texture in your cookies. The post Bas...
22-02-2020 21:19

Pressed Sushi with Smoked Salmon ?????????????

Did you know the well known rolled sushi is not the only sushi" There is a variety of sushi that exist in Japan. As far as Sushi is concerned, pressed...
15-02-2020 21:19

Korokke – Japanese potato croquettes

Japanese Potato Croquettes, or ?Korokke? as they are called in Japanese, is a delicious fried food made from panko-crumbed mashed potato with carrot, ...
08-02-2020 21:20

Chashu: How to make melt in the mouth ramen pork

Ramen pork Chashu is the most popular ramen toppings along with ramen eggs! It is quite easy to make this succulent and tender Chashu at home. Althoug...
30-01-2020 21:19

Japanese hot cake mix

Packets of Japanese hotcake mix are convenient and delicious. But here is some great news for those of you who have been having difficulty accessing t...
26-01-2020 21:19

Shira ae ???(mashed tofu salad)

Shira ae (???) is my favorite traditional Japanese dish. When translated to English it means mashed tofu salad. If you don’t know this Japanese reci...
23-01-2020 21:20

Daifuku Mochi (???)

Daifuku ?? or Daifuku mochi (???) is a popular and delicious Japanese sweet. It is a small round mochi stuffed with a sweet anko filling. I am thrille...
12-01-2020 21:19

Goma ae – Japanese side dishes with sesame seeds

Goma ae ???? is the clever Japanese side dish dressed with sesame sauce. You will eat more vegetables with Goma ae because Goma ae draws out the veget...
08-01-2020 21:20

Ozoni – Japanese new year Mochi Soup

Ozoni ??? is Japanese New Year mochi soup. It is a traditional soup that Japanese people eat on New year’s days. Every household has their own speci...
04-01-2020 21:21

Osechi Ryori

Without eating Osechi Ryori, the traditional Japanese new year does not start. Japanese people cook up traditional foods and pack them into bento box-...
31-12-2019 21:20

Soba noodle recipe for New Year’s Eve

This Japanese soba noodle recipe is the soba noodle soup that Japanese slurp on New year’s eve. They call this traditional soba noodle recipe “Tos...
28-12-2019 21:20

Christmas Party Food : Christmas Temari Sushi

Christmas Temari sushi is perfect for Christmas party food. These cute little sushi balls put a fun little Japanese spin on your Christmas party food....
24-12-2019 21:19

Christmas Treats : Edible Pine Cones

It is the time of the year when you find pine cones everywhere! I love all Christmas treats, decorations and of course the festive atmosphere that Chr...
16-12-2019 21:20

Beyond Miso Soup : 15 Miso recipes & giveaway

Miso is one of the essential fermented condiments used in Japanese cooking. I have 15 delicious miso recipes that go way beyond miso soup on Chopstick...
13-12-2019 21:20

No bake Cheesecake Matcha Marble

Surprise your family and friends by making this matcha marbled no-bake cheesecake this holiday season. It is easier to make than the Japanese souffle ...
08-12-2019 21:20

Roasted Sweet Potato – Yaki Imo

Slowly roasted sweet potato at low temperature is the most delicious and healthy snack that Japan offers. The subtle burnt sweet aroma coming from a s...
27-11-2019 21:24

Strawberry Shortcake cake – Japanese version

This strawberry shortcake cake is a Japanese take on the classic Strawberry shortcake recipe. Japanese strawberry shortcake is made from layers of flu...
25-11-2019 21:21

Beef Negimaki – Japanese Beef Roll Ups

Beef Negimaki is thinly sliced beef and blanched scallions (negi) rolled up together coated with flavourful special teriyaki sauce for a sophisticated...
20-11-2019 21:20

Thanksgiving desserts & Giveaway

Go beyond ordinary Thanksgiving desserts this year! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve teamed up with some of my favourite bloggers to bring you th...
16-11-2019 21:20

Dumpling Recipe – How to make the rose-shape

Here is a dumpling recipe like no other! Rose dumplings are not just delicious but also look stunning. Have you ever seen a prettier dumpling" They ar...
14-11-2019 21:21

Instant Miso Soup Bombs Recipe

This version of instant miso soup which is known as “Miso-Maru (miso round)” in Japan or “Miso bomb” in other countries. It is perfect for tho...
09-11-2019 21:20

Salted salmon (Shiozake/Shiojake)

Salted salmon is a popular Japanese breakfast and bento box staple menu. I miss this salted salmon but have never found it in supermarkets or fish mar...
03-11-2019 21:22

Panko bread crumbs (DIY)

Anything -Katsu Japanese fried foods are made with Panko breadcrumbs. Lighter, cripier and flakier Panko will bring ordinary breaded food into Japanes...
27-10-2019 21:20

Udon Noodles – the fun way to make it

Udon noodles are simply Japanese wheat noodles. They are readily available from supermarkets in dry form, and also from Asian or Japanese grocery stor...
23-09-2019 21:20

Strawberry Mochi (Ichigo Daifuku) ?????

Strawberry Mochi is a Japanese sweet and it is also known as Ichigo daifuku or strawberry daifuku. This eye-catching Japanese dessert is a cute strawb...
15-09-2019 21:22

Gyoza – Authentic Japanese recipe

Japan is not only heaven for Ramen and Sushi but also for Gyoza. In some parts of the world, they are also known as potstickers. Making these Japanese...
08-09-2019 21:23

How to make Miso – Easy recipe

Miso is one of the integral ingredients of Japanese cooking. It is a well-known fermented food world-wide and can be purchased from supermarkets. Thou...
31-08-2019 21:20

Karaage Japanese Fried Chicken

Karaage Chicken is delicious Japanese fried chicken made from a tasty soy sauce, sake, ginger, and garlic marinade then coated in potato starch and f...
24-08-2019 21:20

Shirataki Noodles -everything you want to know

Shirataki Noodles is a commonly used ingredient in Japanese cooking. It is very popular as the weight loss miracle noodle and also because it is Keto ...
22-08-2019 21:20

Onigiri Ultimate Guide

Onigiri is a name for rice balls in Japanese. Onigiri is simple, convenient and delicious lunch and snack to take. This is the ultimate and only Onigi...
17-08-2019 21:20

Mochi ice cream – how to make it at home

Mochi ice cream is gaining popularity worldwide. For those of you who don’t know what it is, think ice cream balls wrapped in a thin mochi dough. It...
10-08-2019 21:20

Red bean ice cream popsicle

Red bean ice cream popsicles, called “Azuki Bar” in Japan, are such a creamy and refreshing treat to eat in the hot summer months. They have a swe...
08-08-2019 21:20

Green Tea Ice Cream (?????)

Green Tea Ice Cream has become regular menu items for any Japanese restaurant here in Australia. Matcha ice cream is another name for it. Did you know...
03-08-2019 21:22

Okonomiyaki Authentic Recipe ?????

Okonomiyaki is an iconic Japanese street food savoury pancake. Who would not like it" Loaded with heaps of shredded cabbage and scallions, topped with...
27-07-2019 21:20

Red Bean Paste (??) Homemade

Red bean paste is a sweet bean paste made from azuki beans. It is used as a filling for many Japanese sweets. It requires only 2 ingredients and is ea...
24-07-2019 21:20

Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen)

Hiyashi Chuka is Japanese cold ramen. It is a refreshing and delicious ramen noodle salad to eat during the hotter months. I am going to share my easy...
20-07-2019 21:20

Curry roux Japanese homemade

We usually make delicious Japanese curry rice from store-bought Japanese curry roux such as “Golden Curry”. This post is for people who love Japan...
13-07-2019 21:20

Pickled Daikon (Tsukemono)

This recipe for Pickled Daikon radish that I am sharing with you is the most delicious Daikon tsukemono that I have ever tasted. I am not exaggeratin...
10-07-2019 21:20

Sata Andagi (Okinawan doughnuts)

Sata Andagi (Okinawan Doughnuts) is dense doughnut with a delicious crispy outside that Japanese kids and adults love especially in Okinawa prefecture...
06-07-2019 21:20

Kokoro Giveaway (worldwide)

We are partnering with Kokoro Care Packages to giveaway One of their Nourishing Essentials Care Packages to 1 lucky winner. Inside the Care Package yo...
04-07-2019 21:20

Purin : Japanese Custard Pudding?

Japanese caramel custard pudding is called “Purin”. It is similar to the classic creme caramel or flan. Purin calls for only a few ingredients and...
29-06-2019 21:20

Inari Sushi recipe from my aunt Keiko

My auntie Keiko is my “go to person” when it comes to special recipes such as Inari Sushi. Everytime we go back to Japan, we visit my favorite unc...
22-06-2019 21:20

Tempura – how to cook crispy tempura ???

Tempura is another great example of a simple and sophisticated  Japanese dish. Plump and juicy prawns wrapped with super crispy batter, unique Japanes...
15-06-2019 21:20

Bratkartoffeln – How to cook German Fried Potato

Hearty, easy to make Bratkartoffeln German Fried Potato is another German dish that Japanese love and make often at home. You can cook Bratkartoffeln ...
13-06-2019 21:20

Yakitori – how to make ??? successfully at home

Don’t we all agree that Yakitori Chicken is irresistible and finger licking delicious" I love them. But have you thought that to recreate that addic...
08-06-2019 21:20

Baumkuchen ??????? – German Tree cake

Baumkuchen is a traditional German cake. The appearance of the cake resembles a tree’s growth rings. It is labour intensive cake if you make it in t...
01-06-2019 21:20

Furikake Rice Seasoning: how to reduce food waste

Furikake is a tasty seasoning that is sprinkled over steamed rice. Japanese children love this seasoning because it gives plain rice a delicious flavo...
29-05-2019 21:20

Omurice – How to cook this yummy Omelette Rice

Omurice is simply an egg omelette but with a ketchup flavoured chicken fried rice centre. The western world influenced some Japanese dishes. (Called Y...
26-05-2019 21:20

Egg drop soup – Kakitamajiru in Japanesse

Egg drop soup is Kakitamajiru in Japanese. It is a very simple clear soup with only a few main ingredients yet, is packed with Umami flavour and taste...
22-05-2019 21:21

Yaki Udon delicious Japanese stir fry Udon noodle

Yaki Udon is stir-fried Udon noodles. Unlike Yakisoba this stir-fried noodle sauce is based on soy sauce. It mixed with sesame seed oil, sugar, sake a...
18-05-2019 21:20

Gyudon Japanese Beef Bowls?

Gyudon is Japanese fast food. It is incredibly delicious and protein-packed Japanese beef bowl. Sweet soy sauce flavoured thinly sliced beef served on...
15-05-2019 21:20

Teriyaki Meatballs ??????????

I am going to share my recipe for irresistibly plump and juicy meatballs coated with finger-licking delicious homemade Teriyaki sauce! This is a super...
11-05-2019 21:20

Okara sauteed with Vegetables – Delish vegan dish

Okara, sauteed with vegetables is one of the staple Japanese side dishes. It is also called Unohana. This recipe is the ultimate Japanese nutritious v...
08-05-2019 21:20

Katsu Sando, how to make this Japanese sandwich

Have you heard of the “Katsu Sando” sandwich" In Japanese convenience stores, you will find a deep-fried panko crumbed pork cutlet sandwich. It is...
04-05-2019 21:20

Japanese Sandwich – How to make them

In this post, I will explain how to make a special Japanese sandwich. Well, two actually. These are my take on Japanese sandwiches that people in Los ...
28-04-2019 21:21

Okinawa Taco Rice ???????

Okinawa Taco Rice is the most iconic Okinawa dish. Basically, the meal consists of tasty white rice topped with delicious taco mince, lettuce, avocado...
23-04-2019 21:20

Korean citron tea Yuja Cha – or Yuzu Cha in Japan

Korean Citron Tea known as Yuja cha in Korean, is called Yuzu Cha in Japanese. It is a very popular tea drink in Japan. I am one of those who love Yuz...
20-04-2019 21:21

Hayashi Rice – from scratch ??????

Hayashi rice updated recipe from scratch using demi glace sauce! Hayashi rice is a popular western-style dish known as “Yoshoku” in Japan. In this...
17-04-2019 21:20

Demi Glace Sauce, Easy Shortcut with Instant Pot

Demi-Glace sauce is a classic French sauce.  Japanese cooking also uses this sauce in certain recipes. Surprising isn’t it"! Recipes such as Hayashi...
13-04-2019 21:21

Cook chestnuts the Japanese way- Kuri Gohan

The air is cooler, the days are shorter, and seeing chestnuts on the grocery store shelves are hints that brought to my memory of cosy evening dinners...
07-04-2019 21:20

Mitarashi Dango with silken Tofu

Mitarashi Dango is a variety of sweet Japanese dango dumplings. I guarantee you, that this mitarashi dango is as delicious as the one the famous Kamo ...
03-04-2019 21:21

Fried Shrimp, also known as “Ebi Fry” in Japanes

Fried shrimp, also known as “Ebi fry” in Japanese, is a popular deep fried shrimp! Plump and succulent shrimps are crumbed with panko (bread crumb...
29-03-2019 21:20

Japanese cooking book – Brand New for 2019

Hello! It has been so tough to keep this a secret for so long, but for the past year, we have been creating a Japanese cooking book! This is such huge...
24-03-2019 21:19

Tartar sauce, Simple recipe the Japanese way

Homemade tartar sauce with special Japanese ingredients is the best condiment for Ebi fry and many other fish dishes. I am going to share my special r...
23-03-2019 21:19

Poke Bowl – things you need to know for DIY

The healthy and delicious Japanese influenced Hawaiian dish, Poke Bowl, is taking the world by storm. It is a worldwide phenomenon. And no wonder beca...
17-03-2019 21:19

Edamame Hummus recipe made the Japanese way

Learn how to make easy Edamame Hummus. My recipe is super easy and ready in 15 minutes. Add a Japanese spin on traditional hummus by using Edamame soy...
13-03-2019 21:20

Popcorn chicken Karaage infusion

What if those crispy little bite-sized pieces of deep-fried chicken came with Karaage flavour!" It was a light bulb moment when I saw a KFC popcorn ch...
10-03-2019 21:20

Sablé decorated with Sakura Cherry blossoms

Why don’t we celebrate the “Hinamatsuri” girls day with French Sablé cookies decorated with Sakura cherry blossoms!"  Because Hinamatsuri is jus...
03-03-2019 21:19

15 minute Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl?

Teriyaki salmon rice bowl is also known as Teriyaki salmon donburi and is my go-to weekday delicious one-bowl meal. This is the perfect meal to cook w...
24-02-2019 21:19

Shoyu Ramen, the easiest recipe ??????

Have you ever thought about cooking Shoyu ramen at home" Or you have thought about it but give up even before you try because you thought it is too di...
17-02-2019 21:20

5 Essential Japanese seasonings and condiments

Japanese cuisine is famous for its simplicity.  There are only 5 essential Japanese seasonings and condiments. Japanese dishes generally use a mix of ...
11-02-2019 21:20

Ehoumaki – celebrating Setsubun

Ehoumaki is a special sushi roll that Japanese eat for celebrating Setsubun. It is at the beginning of Spring, on the third of February every year. I ...
02-02-2019 21:19

Nikujaga – Japanese Beef and Potatoes?????

Nikujaga is a delicious Japanese dish made primarily from two main ingredients: meat (“niku“) and potatoes (“jagaimo”). It is one of the stapl...
31-01-2019 21:20

Sushi Rolls, simple and classic – Futomaki ????

Wouldn?t it be great if you could roll sushi easily without much effort" Sushi rolls are very cheap to make. You can make a sushi roll for A$1.50 ( am...
26-01-2019 21:20

Pickled Ginger – How to make sushi ginger “Gari&

Have you ever tried the soft pink pickled ginger that often accompanies sushi"  It comes in a little sachet when you buy sushi rolls or at sushi resta...
23-01-2019 21:20

Sushi Rice – How to make it perfectly

Sushi rice is the basic building block of many sushi variations. It is the hero ingredient of any sushi dish, and it will determine the quality of sus...
20-01-2019 21:19

Bento Menu – The Ultimate guide to Bento recipes

You would be wondering by now about a Bento Menu. So I am going to share the ultimate guide of Bento recipes. This is the only Bento resource you woul...
16-01-2019 21:20

Bento Box Ideas, useful tools and accessories

I am so excited to share Bento Box ideas, useful tools and accessories that Japanese people use. Choosing one beautiful Japanese Bento box makes my he...
12-01-2019 21:19

Obento- How to assemble Obento like Japanese do

Obento is NOT just a packed lunch. There is so much more to it. Obento addresses many aspects of food such as nutrition, taste, texture, preserve and ...
09-01-2019 21:19

Ozoni – Delicious Kansai Mochi Soup Recipe

Ozoni is a Japanese New Year’s specialty soup which contains Mochi rice cakes and vegetables. It is certainly a hearty and filling soup to get throu...
05-01-2019 21:22

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki – how to flip it all together&qu

Not only Japanese people, but everyone loves Hiroshima Okonomiyaki! The ingredients work so well together.  Yakisoba noodle, shredded cabbage, egg, te...
02-01-2019 21:19

Curry Udon, How to cook it perfectly

Curry Udon, what a combination! Japanese curry and Japanese noodle Udon. Two of the most loved Japanese foods together. Surely this is the ultimate Ja...
29-12-2018 21:19

Miso Eggplant-Nasu dengaku

Miso eggplant is a Vegan Japanese side dish. It is super easy to make and delicious. The best part of miso eggplant is that it has a delicious sweet m...
26-12-2018 21:19

Oden, Japanese one-pot dish

Oden is a hearty Japanese one-pot dish which is perfect for eating in cold weather. It has a variety of ingredients such as Daikon radish, Konnyaku, A...
23-12-2018 21:19

Christmas Sweets : Edible Pine Cones

I love all Christmas sweets, decorations and and of course the festive atmosphere that Christmas brings, just like many Japanese do even though they a...
19-12-2018 21:19

Gift wrapping – How to, the Japanese way

I would love to share my gift wrapping ideas to make your gifts stand out in this festive season. Because your loved ones deserve a beautiful present....
16-12-2018 21:20

Madeleines recipe with Matcha ???????

I love the aroma of freshly baked matcha madeleines, and how it fills my urban cottage home at this festive time of year. Baking with subtle matcha gr...
13-12-2018 21:19

Matcha Cookies – How to make checkerboard cookies

Matcha cookies subtle green, perfectly match the traditional colour of the festive season. I am going to share my secret to make the perfect checkerbo...
10-12-2018 21:20

Pinwheel Cookies with purple sweet potato powder

Pinwheel Cookies with purple sweet potato powder is on my home baked gift list for 2018 festive season. This is because the pinwheel created on this c...
05-12-2018 21:19

Chawanmushi : Umami packed Japanese savoury egg custard

Master the ultimate Japanese dish “Chawanmushi” today. Silky smooth savoury soft egg custard subtly and delicately flavoured, yet packed with Umam...
01-12-2018 21:19

Instant Pot Beef Stew, the super easy Japanese way

As a Japanese living abroad with a scorching hot summer ahead of us, I already miss those cosy nights eating Instant Pot Beef Stew in my little urban ...
25-11-2018 21:20

Agedashi Tofu – How to cook the best Japanese vegan

Agedashi Tofu is a delicious and completely vegan Japanese food. The tofu is first dusted with Katakuriko (potato starch) and then deep fried. Agedash...
18-11-2018 21:21

Fruit Sandwich, how to make this for a Christmas

Fruit Sandwich is one of the unique foods you only see in Japan. If you are looking for something different for Thanksgiving or Christmas, why not to ...
14-11-2018 21:20

Tsukune, How to cook the best Chicken Meatballs

Japanese New Year’s staple “Tsukune” never fails to satisfy your taste buds. They are scrumptiously plump chicken meatballs on skewers, coated w...
10-11-2018 21:21

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