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Cook chestnuts Japanese way- Kuri Gohan

The air is cooler, the days are shorter, and seeing chestnuts on the grocery store shelves are hints that brought to my memory of cosy evening dinners...
16-05-2018 21:19

Konnyaku Steak with Shishito peppers

Konnyaku Steak is the best friend for any dieters. Sliced Konjac fried in a saucepan coated with garlic soy sauce butter is delicious, nutritious, fla...
12-05-2018 21:20

Chicken Katsu Curry

It’s hard not to fall for crispy and succulent chicken panko-crumbed katsu on top of plain Japanese short grain rice drizzled with delicious Japanes...
07-05-2018 21:20

Yomogi Dango (Japanese mugwort dango)

Yomogi, like matcha, is an ingredient added to bring a green colour to sweets in Japan to please the eye and add a tasty flavour. I got to hand-pick s...
04-05-2018 21:20

Japanese cucumber salad (Cucumber Sunomono)

Japanese cucumber salad known as “Kyuri no Sunomono” in Japanese is a very refreshing, light, and delicious side dish. It is healthy dish consisti...
29-04-2018 21:21

Japanese Clear Soup (Asari no suimono)

Besides seeing the cherry blossom trees in Japan, cooking Japanese clear soup with clams was a must do while we were visiting Japan this Spring. It is...
24-04-2018 21:20

Cold Matcha Zenzai

Zenzai is a traditional Japanese sweets that I grew up with. Usually it is made with sweet azuki bean soup but the beauty of paring it up with Matcha ...
19-04-2018 21:19

Kinpira Gobo braised burdock root

Kinpira Gobo is braised burdock root, sautéed, and then kind of steam pan fried in sake, mirin and soy sauce. It is a Japanese home cooking staple dis...
14-04-2018 21:22

Avocado Shrimp Deep Fried Gyoza

If you love Japanese food, you will love the Australian avocado and shrimp deep fried Gyoza. It?s addictive. In fact Gyoza is so popular, the name its...
05-04-2018 21:23

Daigakuimo Japanese sweet potato bite

Daigakuimo Imo is a healthy Japanese snack that both adult and children in Japan cannot resist. They are only made out of all-natural ingredients and ...
29-03-2018 21:24

Homemade Japanese Gyoza Wrappers

Have you ever thought about making your own homemade Japanese Gyoza wrappers" Well, it’s actually really easy and it only requires 3 ingredients. Yo...
27-03-2018 21:23


You can not leave Nagoya without trying Tenmusu! Dashi flavoured and  battered deep fried plump prawn filled Onigiri or Omusubi rice ball wrapped with...
23-03-2018 21:25

Shabu Shabu Cold Noodle Salad

This Shabu Shabu Cold Noodle Salad is a great combination of fresh Spring vegetables, Shabu Shabu pork, and cold udon noodle with delicious Japanese g...
20-03-2018 21:24

Rice Sandwich BLT Onigirazu

“Onigirazu”, which can be a bit hard to pronounce, is basically a rice sandwich. Unlike sushi that requires some special ingredients and a bit of ...
17-03-2018 21:24

How to wrap bento box

No more boring lunch box! I am going to share how to wrap bento box. Have you ever wondered how Japanese people wrap up bento boxes so neatly" Japanes...
07-03-2018 21:24

Japanese Miso Soup Basics

I am going to share the most iconic and classic Japanese dish, Miso soup this week. I always wanted to share how Japanese people actually make miso so...
01-03-2018 21:23

Salmon Soboro

Salmon Soboro is the food almost all Japanese households keep stocked in their fridge.  I certainly always had a jar of store bought Salmon Soboro whi...
23-02-2018 21:19

Japanese mochi ice cream

Getting hit by another heat wave in Brisbane called for Japanese mochi ice cream. Japanese mochi ice cream is any flavour of ice cream wrapped w...
17-02-2018 21:21

Taiyaki Japanese fish shaped waffle

I shared this Taiyaki recipe for the first time last year for The Children’s day celebration. Since I had some sweet azuki bean paste left ove...
13-02-2018 21:19

Tempura Donburi

My daughter came back from uni exchange and the first thing she wanted to eat was Tempura Donburi. She helped me to make 4 bowls of Tempura Donb...
05-02-2018 21:22


The hot and humid weather is definitely calling for the traditional Japanese cold dessert, Anmitsu! Anmitsu is a Japanese traditional cold sweet...
02-02-2018 21:20

Japanese Curry Rice

If you’ve ever had Japanese curry rice from a take-away sushi store or at a Japanese restaurant, you’ll know how incredibly delicious it is....
28-01-2018 21:22

Oyako Donburi (Chicken & Egg Rice bowl)

I can not believe that I have not shared such a staple Japanese dish, Oyako Donburi, before with my readers. It is the best timing though, I hav...
21-01-2018 21:19

Matcha Black Sesame Cookies?

I originally posted Matcha black sesame cookies in 2016. Cookies are not really a food that originated in Japan but I decided to put a Japanese ...
15-01-2018 21:19

How to make Miso

I am so glad that finally I can show you how to make miso from scratch. My mum never bought miso from the shops. We would always get it from my ...
09-01-2018 21:19


Amazake is my favourite traditional Japanese sweet drink. It always reminds of me the casual job I had at a shrine in Ise (the Japanese city I u...
04-01-2018 21:19

Sekihan – Azuki Bean Rice?

New Year is fast approaching so I thought it?s about time to start preparing what I?m going to cook on the day and I decided to make Sekihan. Ne...
31-12-2017 21:19

Datemaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette)

Christmas is just around the corner and when people are busy preparing for Christmas, I am busy preparing for New Year?s Feast ? Osechi? and can...
22-12-2017 21:19

Japanese Souffle Cheesecake

I am officially on school holidays now and I felt like baking ?Japanese soufflé cheesecake?.  I shared a recipe for mini Japanese baked cheeseca...
16-12-2017 21:18

How to make Dashi stock

You probably have wondered “What is dashi stock"” and ?How to make Dashi Stock? once before if you are Japanese food lover and have tried to...
07-12-2017 21:17

Japanese fried rice Yakimeshi

Japanese fried rice, known as “Yakimeshi” in Japan, is such a flavourful and delicious recipe that is super easy to make! It doesn’t requi...
04-12-2017 21:17
30-11-2017 21:18
30-11-2017 21:18
30-11-2017 21:18
30-11-2017 21:18
30-11-2017 21:18
30-11-2017 21:18
30-11-2017 21:18
30-11-2017 21:18
30-11-2017 21:18
30-11-2017 21:18

Black sesame seed Japanese steamed bun

Halloween is around the corner so I have joined with some fellow bloggers’ to explore black sesame seeds recipes for Halloween. I decided to g...
05-10-2017 22:14
03-10-2017 22:17
03-10-2017 22:17
03-10-2017 22:17
31-08-2017 22:16
23-08-2017 22:20
17-08-2017 22:21
08-08-2017 22:34
31-07-2017 22:17
28-07-2017 22:18
20-07-2017 22:14
11-07-2017 22:17
04-07-2017 22:21
30-06-2017 22:19
19-06-2017 18:48
19-06-2017 18:48
19-06-2017 18:48
19-06-2017 18:48
19-06-2017 18:48
19-06-2017 18:48

Miso Egg

19-06-2017 18:48
19-06-2017 18:48


19-06-2017 18:48
19-06-2017 18:48

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