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How To Make A Raw Kelp Noodle Salad

This kelp noodle salad is inspired by my favourite side dish called cheonsachae salad that I ate at a Korean restaurant. It seemed easy to make so I t...
08-01-2023 22:39

Temari Sushi(??????

There are many types of sushi in Japan and one such type are these Temari sushi balls, known as Temarizushi in Japanese. This dainty and beautiful sus...
14-12-2022 22:38

10 Ramen Noodle Recipes

Here is Ramen Noodle Recipes Collection from Chopstick Chronicles. Making homemade ramen noodles from scratch from the broth to the noodles to the top...
01-12-2022 22:30

Easy Chicken Ham Recipe

Chicken ham, or ‘torihamu’ in Japanese, is a versatile ingredient made perfectly tender and delicious without the need for any fancy cooking equip...
15-10-2022 22:36

How to Make Japanese pumpkin Shaped bread

These adorable Japanese pumpkin bread rolls are made from kabocha squash and sweet potato paste wrapped with soft and fluffy Japanese milk bread. They...
29-09-2022 22:24

A Step By Step Guide To Making Sushi Rice

The perfect recipe for authentic sushi rice. Knowing how to make Japanese sushi rice is an essential base point to creating many other dishes like Cal...
17-09-2022 22:28

How To Make Barley Tea (With Step By Step Photos)

Barley tea has been a popular drink in many cultures for centuries. It is made from pearl barley or barley grain and has a pleasant, mellow nutty flav...
13-09-2022 22:20

Shoyu Ramen (??????) Recipe: An Easy Step By Step Guide

Shoyu ramen is a popular Japanese noodle soup. It consists of chewy soft ramen noodles served in a clear soy sauce and chicken based broth. This heart...
10-09-2022 22:28

Easy Matcha Recipes: Cold Matcha Zenzai

Cold Matcha Zenzai is one of the many matcha recipes you can make to enjoy Japanese style desserts at home! In this tasty dish, chilled matcha jelly i...
06-09-2022 22:53

Kombu Dashi ???? (Kelp Dashi)

Kombu dashi (昆布だし) is another key Japanese dashi stock. Its delicate and mellow flavour enhances the overall taste of any Japanese dish. This ...
14-08-2022 22:19

Easy Japanese Coffee Jelly ???????

Japanese coffee jelly is a tasty dessert that is easy to make with just a few simple ingredients. It found widespread popularity in Japan and is now a...
25-07-2022 22:27

Bento Lunch Box Guide:Tips for a perfect Japanese lunch box

Bento boxes are a fantastic lunch idea.  Nowadays they are popular outside of Japan too and are often filled with things like little sandwiches, chee...
14-07-2022 22:56

Authentic Japanese Ponzu Sauce Recipe

This homemade ponzu sauce recipe is a great addition to salads and fish dishes. And it’s very simple to make. Try it today! What is Ponzu Sauce" Pon...
04-07-2022 22:28

How To Make Kakeudon: A Simple And Delicious Recipe

Kakeudon is such a heartwarming and comforting staple in Japanese cuisine that I often make, especially when the weather is cooler. This seems like a ...
10-06-2022 22:29

Udon Noodles An Easy Step By Step Guide

A perfect recipe to cook with little kids at home: fun, simple and delicious. Just follow these simple steps with us. Udon noodles are a popular Japan...
02-06-2022 22:27

Black Sesame Ice Cream (Japanese Kurogoma)

One of the most popular ice cream flavors in Japan is black sesame. It’s not an intense dark black, but rather it has a deep rich black color with h...
27-05-2022 22:15

14 Popular Japanese Onigiri and Onigiri fillings

Onigiri are popular Japanese rice balls loved for their delicious taste, convenience, and affordability. These tasty rice balls are comparable to sand...
23-05-2022 22:41

Black Sesame Chahan

Nutty, earthy, and incredibly aromatic, black sesame chahan is a Japanese fried rice dish that is a delicious way to remake leftovers. Perfect for a q...
18-05-2022 22:17

Japanese Apple Jam ????? – An Easy To Follow Recipe

When visiting Japan in April I realised that Apple Jam is one of the local foods that overseas visitors praise most because of its subtle sweetness an...
14-05-2022 22:23

How to Make Perfect Teriyaki Glazed Salmon

Teriyaki glazed salmon is a delicious way to cook salmon, or any type of meat. If you’re new to this cooking method, keep reading to learn everythin...
10-05-2022 22:26

Dango Recipes You Can Make At Home

Dango is a traditional and popular Japanese sweet dumpling. It has a squishy and chewy texture like mochi but is made from rice flour rather than stea...
02-05-2022 22:21

The Secret to the Perfect Japanese Eggplant recipe – A

The secret to cooking the perfect Japanese eggplant lies in soaking the eggplants in subtly sweet flavoured dashi, but no one seems to tell you about ...
16-03-2022 22:11

How to Make Hanami Dango Dumplings : A Japanese dessert?

Hanami dango are dumplings made to celebrate the arrival of spring in Japan. The dumplings are often served with green tea. This hanami dango recipe s...
07-03-2022 22:54

The Hybrid Japanese Sweets to Try Making at Home this Spring

In Japan, new flavors and creations are frequently added to Japanese sweets. There are many craze sweets that have come out in recent years. Anmitsu Y...
27-02-2022 22:15

Tonjiru, a Hearty & Delicious Soup with Pork and Miso

Tonjiru is a traditional Japanese soup made with pork, miso, and a variety of vegetables and spices. Learn how to make this delicious hearty soup at h...
03-02-2022 22:15

Onigirazu (?????)

Onigirazu is a Japanese dish that consists of rice, nori seaweed sheets, tonkatsu, teriyaki chicken or pork, and green salad leaves. It can be made us...
25-11-2021 22:16

How to Make Tasty Fried Cauliflower that looks and tastes li

This vegetarian Fried Cauliflower recipe takes its inspiration from the popular Japanese classic dish chicken Karaage.  Cauliflower marinated in soy ...
09-11-2021 22:21

Kuromame (Sweetened Black Beans ??)

Kuromame is an authentic Japanese dish that can be made at home. It’s traditionally eaten for the new year (Osechi Ryori), but you can eat it any ti...
02-11-2021 22:19

How-to Make Pickled Daikon – A Recipe with Yuzu ????

Let’s make super easy Japanese pickled Daikon together.  You will not need a jar or container only the ingredients. Prepare the ingredients and mix...
06-10-2021 22:10

Tensoba (Tempura Soba Recipe)

Tensoba (Tempura Soba) is a tasty Japanese noodle dish made from soba noodles and tempura – served both hot and cold. It’s a deliciously comfortin...
23-09-2021 22:18

Sweet Potato Granola Cake

Simple and incredibly delicious, this soft and fluffy sweet potato granola cake is filled with mini sweet potato bites and crunchy granola. This delic...
16-09-2021 22:14

The Best Japanese Teriyaki Chicken

Have you ever tried chicken teriyaki" If not, then this blog post is for you! Japanese teriyaki chicken is a dish that originates from Japan and it’...
14-09-2021 22:10

Red Shiso Juice (With Perilla Leaves)

Did you know that shiso is a Japanese herb with a distinctive flavor and scent" It’s typically used as an ingredient in many dishes, such as tempura...
04-09-2021 22:14

10 Easy Japanese Recipes That You Can Make Now

Cooking Japanese food can seem like a daunting task at first with all the special ingredients, complex gadgets, and sophisticated cooking techniques b...
28-08-2021 22:22

Baked Japanese Cheesecake

Smooth, rich, and creamy (and deceptively easy to make), this recipe for mini Japanese cheesecakes is a tasty treat that’s easy to make and will im...
23-08-2021 22:20

Brown Rice & Quinoa Porridge

This brown rice and quinoa porridge is the best type of comfort food when it’s cold outside or when you just want something rich, warm, and sweet. T...
08-08-2021 22:11

Easy Crispy Japanese Tofu Steak

This crispy tofu steak recipe is super simple and makes tofu the star of the show! Learn how to make a savory, delightful vegan dinner with just a few...
03-08-2021 22:20

Shoyu Ramen (??????)

Learn how to make authentic shoyu ramen at home! This ramen noodle guide answers all your questions about shoyu and makes you a Japanese cooking pro i...
23-07-2021 22:22

How To Make The Perfect Ramen Egg

Are you making your own ramen at home but don’t know how to make the perfect soft-boiled egg to add" Use some of these helpful tips to make the perf...
17-07-2021 22:21

The Ultimate Guide To Furikake Rice Seasoning

Have you ever had a bowl of sushi rice that was seasoned deliciously with bonito flakes, nori, sake, and soy sauce and thought to yourself, “What is...
03-07-2021 22:22

Easy Asian Slaw With Sesame Soy Dressing

Looking for something light yet packed with a flavorful punch to serve to your guests" I highly recommend taking a peek at this recipe for Asian slaw!...
25-06-2021 22:18

Daikon (??) The Ultimate Guide to This Delicious Japanese Ra

When you peruse Japanese recipes, chances are you will discover a strange ingredient – the daikon radish. After you read this guide, this vegetable ...
19-06-2021 22:13

How To Make Sushi Rice (The Authentic Way)

Learning how to make sushi rice at home has never been easier! With a combination of water, konbu, rice, and my recipe for sushi vinegar, you’ll hav...
14-06-2021 22:22

Yuzu Marmalade (?????????

Let’s make delicious Yuzu marmalade together while yuzu fruits are in season in Australia. It takes a little time and effort, but carefully made yuz...
07-06-2021 22:18

Yuzu Fruits (??)

Yuzu will complement the flavour and visual presentation of dishes with just a small amount of juice or rind. It has a refreshing acidity, bittersweet...
21-05-2021 22:19

Castella Pudding Cake (???????)

Delicate and cute little Castella Pudding Cakes are the perfect hybrid of two Japanese sweets: castella sponge cake and custard pudding. The two sweet...
26-04-2021 22:29

How to Make Caramel Sauce (????????)

How to make Caramel Sauce for Japanese pudding is a frequently asked question here on Chopstick Chronicles. The recipe requires only two ingredients s...
18-04-2021 22:27

Zaru Soba ???? (Cold Soba Noodles)

Refreshingly cold and served with a light and tasty sauce, Zaru soba is the perfect go-to noodle dish for summer. It’s delicious, healthy, and so ea...
10-04-2021 22:23

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